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Week One: Updated My Facebook Page: Banded Bunny Exposed



Week One:

Hello all. I am one week post op from my Gastric Banding surgery. I had my band placed laproscopically last Monday. They kept me over night which was a surprise to me. I was planning on going home, but since my surgery got pushed to later in the day, I got to stay. It was the best thing to stay overnight. One more night without my three small children,snuggling me was actually a very good idea. Mommy was home from hospital by time thy got home from school and daycare. They were very excited. On the morning of my surgery I dropped into my daughter's class room to give her a kiss. As I was leaving I overheard her tell her second grade class," my mommy's having tummy surgery so she can can get healthy and play with me for the rest of my life." Sweet. Now a week later, I am doing really well. I feel really good. I’m not at all hungry. Recovering nicely, incisions almost healed. Still need to watch what I do. Careful not to bend at waist, no lifting for a couple weeks. Somehow these are hard things for me to remember. The sudden pain or soreness usually reminds me, along with Steve, my husband, who is always there to scold me and lift heavy things. hristmas day was the toughest day. I was really tired by the end of the day. I did too much. So took some pain meds and and went to sleep. Hardest thing for me is to actually get enough liquid down. Today I actually had to go to dentist and get a crown replaced so I really don't want to eat anything. Right now I’m on a total liquid diet for another week, then soft mushy food for a couple weeks until I can eat real food again by end of month. I have lost a total of 27 pounds starting from my liquid diet two weeks prior to surgery and continuing now. More importantly my blood pressure has been normal for the last week without my hypertension medication, I have more energy and my BMI has drop down 3% already. I am so excited to be starting this chapter of my life. I planned to have my surgery this week, since I am in nursing school and on break til beginning of Feb. That way i would have enough time to heal and figure things out before I had to start back at classes and clinicals. I am a little worried over the fills and the restriction or lack of it. Right now I don't feel any restriction.I try to make sure I sip. But I have glupped a time or two. It didn't hurt ot bother me. So I am a little worried that I my eat(or drink) more than i should before my first fill.

I am a little obsessed with my scale. I seem to hop on it every time I pass by it. Not the best idea. your weight changes through out the day and can be mental annoying when it jumps up a pound when you haven't eaten anything. So for all you newly banded, I knew it really cool to see your weight come off in the first week, it can also consume you. So try to weigh yourself once a day at most and at the same time. otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.


Facebook Updated:

So today I took a big mental step: I changed my facebook status and let everyone knew I had surgery. Many people have different thoughts on bariatric surgery, which is why I didn’t write about it at first. I was afraid what they may think of me. Maybe I was trying the "easy way" out- which we all knew this is not!

My classmates at nursing school knew, family friends, strangers. So why is it scary to put on facebook? Maybe it the high school reunion effect. You have all those "friends" from high school or college, a lifetime ago, you haven't seen in years,who you really didn't talk to much than maybe, but they knew you before you were heavy. Somehow, as they have been looking at your facebook pages over the last year or so they were see you as you were 25 years before and haven't noticed that you are 100 pounds heavier. So if you actually put it in writing -that you are obese they may have the rose cover glasses removed and see you for who you are today. Or was it more that I would be accoutable now to my facebook friends? I let the cat out of the bag. They would be watching for the results. I realized I was afraid of failing publicily. So the more I thought about the more a realized what an amazing person I am. I am proud of my life so far and my choice to have Gastric banding done. They want to watch me on my journery than I would be more likely to follow a truer road. I decided that letting my facebook friends know would help push me along and keep me honest. I had a similar plan for my nursing school success. I started posting my exam grades early on so that I have to do well, since everyone was expecting me to post my grade. It hurt having to post a B instead of an A sometimes. I soon realized that I going public made me try even harder. I did get all A's after I posted that one B. So now that this banded bunny is out there, lets see how well we can do together!


Recommended Comments

I also decided to post about my surgery. I even said that if you had anything negative to say, then keep it to yourself because I had to do what I thought was right for my health. I have had great support and I wanted to have even more people to be accountable too! Congrats on your surgery. Keep

us posted!

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Hey! I had my surgery on Tuesday. I also am worried about not drinking enough...I feel so full. I never drank alot before,so this also, is really a challenge for me. Best of wishes for a continued success. (:

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Jenlyn, Thanks for your post. I didn't post until after I had the surgery cause I didn't want to deal with negitive "advise", so wait til after. Happy New Year.

Sisedc, I so glad you wrote. It nice to knew someone going through the same timeline as you. I have a cup in the kitchen and everytime I go in I make myself take a few sips. Good luck.

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