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Blurry Eyed After Surgery

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So Just want tell my experience with surgery. I have had few surgeries prior to being banded. So when I came out of surgery I was a little alarmed that my vision was blurry. At first it didn't concern me too much. I did have a lot of meds flowing around inside me. I was kept over night and my husband took home my purse with my reading glasses. I soon realized I couldn't read a thing without them. Before surgery I used my readers when I did a lot of reading and my eyes go tired. I could usually see if I held the object at arms lenght. But I got really scared that night in the hospital- I couldn't even see who was call on my cell phone. I couldn't text. I felt totally cut off until I got my glasses. Very frustrating.

But what was scarier was it didn't go away. My eyesight was blurry until Christmas eve.(6 days later) It slowly got better over the first week. My friend's husband is an anestisologist and she said that it is common effect. Also it can linger on for a few weeks. I felt better after knowing that, but still pretty wierd. Just want to let any of you know- I was pretty alarmed myself so hopefully knowing about in advance may make it easier if it happens to you. I had no other issues with surgery and everything when great. I doing very well I think. Happy New year.

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My vision also changed after surgery. I had to go get a new prescription. My eye dr said it is fairly common in lap band patients, but it usually happens down the road but for some reason it happened to me right away. Who would have thought improved vision would be a side effect of lap-band?

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I was worried too that my eyes had changed and was blurry when reading close up. I am a little more than a week post op and everything is back to normal. It is just the anesthesia.

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