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A New Journey



I just had my band placed on Thursday Dec. 22nd. I have never written in a blog before, so I figure this is a great time for new beginnings. I started my journey of getting the band on Oct. 23, 2011. At that time I weighed 273 lbs. I stared on the diet my dr gave me, and at the time of surgery, I weighed 251lbs. I am 5'3", so as you can imagine, this is something that I really needed to have done. I thought about having the surgery 3 years ago, but I do t think it was the right time for me. When I decided this time, everything seemed to fall into place and go so smoothly, it was almost surreal.

I now have my band and still thinking I'm going to wake up from the dream. Overall, I am feeling good. I do have some post op pain, but that's to be expected. I had the first 2 days of just clearliquids now this morning I'm trying a protein shake. It's sitting a little heavy, but I'm not feeling the intense hunger had this morning. I know there is no restriction I. The band yet, but I almost feel like there is. I'm sure it's just because of the swelling still, but it's a good feeling. I know this is the tool that's need to get to my goal. If you are just considering the band, this forum is a great help with people of all stages. It's been a great blessing to find this site. I will keep updating as I heal and share my experiences.


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thanks for your post. I realated to it all. I just had my band placed a week ago. I thought this was going to to harder at the holidays. I think for me, only being allowed liquids made getting thru Christmas holiday eaiser. cookie- not liquid. can't have. roll,pie, -not liquid. Can't have. I made a low fat pumpkin soup and ate that very slowly on christmas. I made turkey stock and had some of that today. I honestly didn't want anything else. not really hungry. My favorite protein powder treat is Click. Taste like a latte. comes in vanilla latte and mocha flavors.

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I didnt have a problem overeating over Christmas, which was a true blessing! I had 1 packet of Cream of Wheat (made thin) and I did eat 1 bite of a sugar free chocolate pudding pie (without the crust). I was more than satisfied. I am now 5 days post-op and really feeling great. I was not hungry last night, so I didnt eat dinner, well, that kind of backfired on me, I woke up at 2 am starving! I did wait until I got up at 5:15 to have a little breakfast, but I know better not to skip a meal again. I plan on having a vanilla yogurt for lunch and if I'm still hungry, I have a protein shake with my name on it as well :)

I stepped on the scale this morning, I'm down 4lbs since surgery. I am so happy!

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I went to the doctor on Wednesday Feb 1st to get my first fill. I was SO excited and ready to feel the restriction and see the scale start moving int he right direction. I get to my appointment and give the doctor my food chart for the 3 days prior (like I was instructed to do so he knows how much to fill), he gets everything ready to add 4cc's to my band. The doctor starts the procedure of filling my band, but its really painful. He is pushing, poking, having me do crunchies, all while fishing the needle around. I could feel him hitting the port, but felt more like a scratching feeling inside me (Very odd feeling, I must say), He continues this for a good 5-7 minutes. He tried from every angle to get into my port, all with no success. So, after the doctor is frustrated, I'm frustrated and sore, he tells me that he thinks my port flipped. He was obviously upset and told me that he started using a new port and this is the 2nd one in less than a month that has totally flipped and has had at least 3 that have partially flipped. Now, my doctor has done literally 1000's of Lap bands, so I totally trust that he did things correctly, but this new port is obviously flawed. So, I went in yesterday (Thursday) to get an x-ray to verify that the port has flipped. I am now waiting to hear back to when I can go in, have the doctor open me back up and flip the port over, give my fill, and sew me up again.

I was totally devastated and upset that this would happen to me. I know its not the doctors fault, but its so disheartening to have this happen, especially for my first fill.

Other than this little hiccup, I am feeling absolutely wonderful. I do still get a little burpy after I eat and my appetite is completely back to normal, but I know once i get some restriction I will be on the road to my weight loss journey once again. This hiccup will set me back a little in my exercise program, but I'm sure I can still do my walking and eliptical without too much worries. I just cant start my water Zumba class like I wanted to...yet.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story!! Wow! I admire your positive outlook on your situation! I had my first fill yesterday. I am at 4 cc.s and I have lost 20 pounds since I was banded on 12/30. I am doing very well. I need to work on eating smaller portions. I remember to eat small bites and chew well but I still have issues from the amount of food. I need to remember to measure my portions. My experience with my fill sent very well. The doctor was able to find my port and do my fill. I also had an upper gi. I didn't expect to have one of those done but I guess it was to make sure that the band was placed correctly and that I was able to pass my food through the band. I can't believe that your port had flipped! I had never heard of that happening before! That is crazy! I'm glad that your bump in the road hasn't set you back too much! Good for you! I hope things get taken care of quickly for you and that your progress hasn't been interrupted. Good luck!!!

Cori Jo

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I've seen that issue (ports flipping) mentioned several times, I don't remember that in any of the literature I was given when I first looked into the lapband, It IS a bump in the road, but you and the rest of us will all overcome and get over any hurdles!

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