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People... UGH!



One of the strangest things happened to me today. I went to a yearly meeting with my agency; and I saw a co-worker. She walked up to me and said, “Hey girl how are you? I see you have lost a some weight you feeling okay?’. My first expression was wow the nerve of some people. If I was ill what would make her think I would discuss it with her?


My response to her was, “I am feeling great”.


I have only lost 38lbs. I could only wonder what she would have said if I have met my goal weight... SMDH




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She may be a silent hater, lol. And what if you were sick? She would be the one to run and tell the wrong info and get a nasty rumor started . PEOPLE!!:unsure:

Keep on smiling girl

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Considering I had a stroke a couple of years ago when I started to lose weight..then lost 130 lbs in 10 months...people really did not know how to approach me..on top of that due to difficulties caused by the stroke I had to leave my job after losing about 40 lbs...so a lot didn't see me while I lost the remaining 90 lbs! They were like "was it on purpose" ,"are you ok" , "you haven't been in the hospital have you?" So it has been a crazy time for me when I have ran into people I haven't seen. Many of them do not even recognize me and keep on walking right on by me!! LOL

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My goal was to lose 75-80 lbs. After losing 40 lbs I had an inlaw and a co-worker to hate. the inlaw said "you've lost weight, you're not sick are you?. The co-worker said "How much more do you want to lose? you cant afford to lose any more from behind.

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