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Happy Friday Bandsters!

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Its Friday already. I am now almost 2 weeks post-op, or will be as of Tuesday. Its amazing how fast the time goes by when you aren't doing much of anything. I have my post-op checkup on Monday and am curious to see how I do. I'll be thrilled to get these stupid staples out!! My incisions are bothering me a lot but I'm sure its because they are actually healing. I'll also find out if I can move on to the mushies stage.


Originally I was planning on going back to work on Tuesday which would be exactly 2 weeks. I'm not sure now if I should take another week off. Part of me is worried about being on the mushies at work and how I'll do. I'm actually approved under my short-term disability to be out until 8/25 but its only 80% of my pay. Decisions Decisions lol


A close friend is having a big party/pig roast tomorrow. I sort of have to make an appearance but don't want to. There will be so much good food and drinks and I'll still be on liquids. I didn't tell her about my surgery so I know she'll be wondering why I'm not eating. I'll just have to wing it. I know she'll be mad if I don't go.


Not much else going on. I am antsy to get back to the gym and do more than just walking so hopefully I'll be cleared to go back soon.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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Congrats, I always put a little food on my plate and moved it around with my fork as I walked around and talked to people. No one will be watching you eat. Tell her how delicious everything is. If she says anything just say you have planned all your meals out and you needed to eat at home. She will respect you, that you are not pigging out. I never told any of my friends about my band either. Just hold something and sip slowly. I always hated parties. Now that I have lost over 110 pounds I cant wait to go to them. Food will not be an issue cuz you want to feel good and look great. This is the time to follow all the rules. I did not rush back to work. I enjoyed my four weeks off. I think it depends on the kind of job you have. No lifting you are healing from the inside out. This is the time to pamper yourself. I eat small to be small. It is so amazing how little food we really need to eat to keep our bodies running. Best wishes and have a great weekend too. imaluckydog

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