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June 29,2011

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I'm not sure how to write about my feelings today. I realized today that hubby is some of my problem. He is very supportive of my banding and my diet. And, bless him, he has lost 5 lbs since my surgery. So I guess my diet has changed his diet. He is still having hia fried pies and honey buns, just not as often. What I mean is that I think some of my inactivity is because of his inactivity. Take today for example. I thought he was going to go to a doctor's appointment and then to the bank. I had planned to go with him. Instead he said he didn't feel well, again, anfd had me reschedule his appointment. He makes me feel like I'd be a real heel if I left him alone. So instead I just went back to bed and went to sleep. The truth is that I really don't think he'd mind If I had somewhere to go. I'd just have to tell him all about it when I got back home. .You know, where I went, who I saw, what i did, what I said, what they said. I guess that's why I don't go. I don't want to play twenty questions when I get back. We live on his income and I feel like I have to ask him for money and things, even after 41 years. I know I should grow a pair but I can't seem to get past it. I know this blog seems to have nothing to do with banding but it does. Banding has made me more aware of my feelings and how they affect my eating (head hunger). And if I don't address my feelings, all the bands in the world will not help. The chat room helps too even if I don't talk much there. At least I am communicating with others. Tomorrow is another day. I think it will be better.

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I totally understand!! I guess we as women just have to force ourselves to be a little selfish even when it isn't to feel ok about having time for us or alone time. It is very frustrating I agree. Maybe now that you are aware of what you are feeling and at some point when you feel comfortable to talk to your husband and be honest with him. Good luck to you!

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Sounds to me you have a controlling husband and it might get bad when you start to loose more weight and people notice. You two better sit down and talk and make himi listen and then you listen to him. Talking in a marriage is the best. My husband has lost over 30 lbs in the past 6 months because he eats the same foods I eat but I still have cookies in the freezer for him when he gets a sweet tooth. He still weighs less that I do but I am catching up and he is always telling me how great I look and that makes me tingle all over to hear him say that. We had to do a lot to get our surgery and when you get a hey honey, you are looking good, it is all worth it. Make sure you tell your husband that you want that for him because you are doing this for yourself but also for him so he can be proud of you. Not saying he is not proud of you but all men like their woman not too fat and that was where I was ...............toooooooo fat. Good luck and please be open with him and make sure you share all your concerns with him.

From an old fart,


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