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16 Days Until Surgery!



Well I have 16 days until my surgery date which is June 10, 2011! I am sooo excited but the anxiety freak inside my head still keeps freaking me out. I worry that something will happen and it will get pushed back or something! I don't even think its really hit me yet either. I am 22 years old and live in Houston, Texas. I started thinking about the lapband after i finished cosmetology school in June of 2010, but never thought of it as something that i would actually do. Trying to find a job in an industry that is all about beauty when you feel like an ugly fat cow is not easy. I have always been the girl with the pretty face, but I always took that as she has a pretty face but.... which doesnt make me feel any better about it. My whole life has been about obsessing over my weight. It has taken away so much from me. I would love to go to the river with all my friends and drink beer all day and get tan, but there is NO way in hell that i would EVER get in a bathing suit in front of them. I wont even lay out with my mother, who is the least judgemental person on the planet. I havent even told my friends that I am getting this surgery. The only people that know are my mom and dad, and one friend who is 15 years older than me. I don't know why I am so embarressed about it, but I am. I have always been like that when on diets, I never liked talking about them. My best friends to this day are still the same friends that I had in high school. I was always very popular and the fun girl to hang out with, which I think is why I am so uncomfortable telling my friends about this, because they all have the perfect bodies and gorgeous and just wouldn't understand. Everytime i hear one of them talking about going on a diet or need to work out I want to slap them and say you have NO idea what its like to NEED to go on a diet. This surgery really will change my life. There are so many things that I want to do that I can't do now because of being fat. I want to go out to eat without wondering if the booth is going to be super small, or if the chairs are going to have arms and I have to squeeze in it. or go outside and sweat to death in the Texas heat because I refuse to wear anything to show skin because im so modist because I'm fat. I know this is rambling on and going from one place to the other, but it feels good to just write it all out, even if noone reads it.


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I strongly disagree with you about telling people. I have found every one is so supportive and if you find some people sniping at you..well then you know who your friends are. I have even trumpeted on my FB page and all my farmville neighbors are pulling for me. Don't kid yourself about people not understanding. They will admire you for taking a stand on your health. Finally, when some hottie (in your mind) thinks she needs to go n a diet, don't get angry. They are entitled to have feelings about their appearance also. Anyway, in a year if u do all of it by the book, you will be one of those hotties too! REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Contact me if you need moral support because I can see you a litttle lost.

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Are you getting your surgery done at True Results in Houston. If so who is your Dr.? I can tell you from experience that the surgery is so easy. The part that is hard is walking around after the surgery. But beleive me it may be tough but just tell yourself this to shall pass. Walking helps relieve the gas pain. Everyday I felt a little better. If you have a reclining chair I would sleep in it for the first few nights because you will have frequent trips to the bathroom because of all the IV fluids. Drink those shakes they make all the difference. If you don't mind me asking what is your starting weight I started at 389 I am 1 month after surgery and I have lost 42 pounds including 13 pounds during my pre op diet. I weigh 349 today.

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I had the same worry about something getting in the way and my date getting changed, but then I actually got a call (was freaking out) 3 days before surgery and they moved my surgery UP by a day (from 4/6 to 4/5)!! So, dont worry, all will go as planned I'm sure. I also only told a few people and so far have only added a few more to the list of those who know since surgery. Its whatever you are comfortable with not what others think. For me, I think in the back of my mind, I was worried about it being another failure in the weight loss attempts and then what??!! Everyone does not need to know (at least not yet). But on the bright side, I am doing very well thus far. I have lost 26 lbs in 7 weeks, 35 overall since I started this process. I have pretty good restriction with ony 1.5 cc's in a 10 cc band....can't complain. Best of luck to you!!

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mick-thank you for your encouragement.

choselife-yes i am going to true results in houston! my doctor is dr hollis, i havent even met him yet though :(. my pre op appointment is June 1 and i think he was the doctor at the seminar which if so, he was nice. my patient advocate which i LOVE is cindy, she really has been so great for me and has made me feel a lot better about the whole process! did you go to true results, and if so who did you have? im a little over 300 right now. congrats on losing so much! it really encourages me to read all the success stories, i really hope i can follow in your footsteps!

hopefully-thank you that makes me feel better about it! congrats to your weight loss, thats so great!

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