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OH NO!!!!!

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I winded up in the ER because the second day after my fourth fill (given Friday, April 15th), I couldn't drink anything but an eight oz cup of coffee the entire day. Of course I didn't go to the ER until the third day. I cried like a big baby since I was poked like 20 times by doctors who couldn't get to my port since my port is flipped. My surgeon was no where to be found so it was either doctors trying to get to my port or being admitted in the hospital. Finally they found a doc that was able to get to my port. I cried so much since it hurt so bad being ejected so much and moving the need all around in there trying to get to my port. I was crying even more when I saw he took all the liquid out. I was not happy about that. Why did he have to take all the freaking liquid out instead of taking some of it out. My fault too since I did not keep a log of how much fluid I have in my band. Now I have to go back to my surgeon which is the one who normally gives me my fills and also understands my port and does it in one shot. I don't know if she will refill me up to the point that I was good which was my third fill or do it over little by little. I have an appointment to see her this Wednesday (April 20, 2011). I am hoping that she can just fill me right back up to the Third fill. I am already starting to fell the hunger. I am trying my best and started from the beginning and doing the liquids to maintain and not gain any weight. I just wanted to share with you all what I went through.





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That sounds horrible! Im so sorry. I went 3 days, also, when I had something stuck. I had no food or fluid for the full 3 days. I was throwing up my own saliva every 20 min. It was miserable. The doc told me not to go to the ER because they arent familiar with our bands and they will take all the fluid out. I waited until I could get an appointment. They took all the fluid out and then put most of it back in. I was able to eat a few hours later. Why and HOW did your port flip? Thats scary! When were you banded?

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Hey Kelly, I was banded November 4, 2010. I didn't know my port flipped until I went to see my surgeon for my first fill in December and she tried to fill me but the needle kept bending. She realized then that the port must have flipped. She even said she doesn't know how that happened that she was sure she had anchored it down. I'm assuming it flipped while I was sleeping since I like to sleep face down. My doctor thought about revision surgery but when was able to administer the fills; she decided I should only see her for the fills. She always gets it in one shot. I think now that maybe I should have that surgery in case of an emergency. I sure wish I would have waited to see her. I am not happy about all the fluid being taken out and I hope that she can put the fluid back in without having to start slowly again. I thought about waiting but my family insisted I go to the ER so that I won't get dehydrated.

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