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1 year later..

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Wow, has it really been that long since I've blogged on here? I guess it has considering I took a 6 month hiatus when this site started becoming unstable, which is following the same trend again.


Here we are, just a few weeks shy of my 1 year bandaversery. My starting weight in this process was 287lbs. My lowest weight was 207lbs. Holy shit. I had high hopes to be in onederland right now, but bigger things are in store (no, not ME).


It seems our family is growing again. I am currently pregnant with baby #3 who will be making their appearance at the end of July. The decision to TTC wasnt hard. I had this surgery so I could have a healthier "thinner" pregnancy. My husband and I decided in October to start trying for our baby, and low and behold, 3.5 weeks later on his birthday, I got that positive pregnancy test.


Pregnancy and banding so far have been ok. I had to have fluid removed a few weeks ago because my band decided to get a death grip on my stomach. I was vomiting violently all of the time and was on the fast track to malnutrition, so I swalled my pride and I had 1.6 taken out. I feel so much better but the fact that I put 2lbs on in a week scares me. I worked so hard to get it off and it is already coming back THAT FAST. I know the #1 priority now is the health of Bean, so my loss will take a backseat.


I'll be exclusively breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months, so I know I can knock the weight off in no time. I'm gonna be an even sexier mama :D


So there we have it kids, here's my yearly blog update lol

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That is so awesome!! and as you said it your bean is the highest priority right now!!!! So many people are too afraid to gain weight but you really don't have to gain a ton! Keep using the tools you have already learned...it will be better for both of you and just think of the smoother delivery/recovery. Then as you said it breastfeeding does allow you to lose weight quicker!!!

Very cool news!!!!

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