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failure is not an option

Hello this is my first blog, first let me start off saying I am happy that I made the decision to have the sleeve. I had my life changing event on Feb 22, so that makes me 6weeks out. I lost 22 (310) pounds before the surgery, and another 18 (268) pounds since. I didn’t realize how much work it takes to really work the sleeve, I went in thinking this is my magic cure…and boy was I wrong !!! I have been on a stall two weeks now an it’s kind of frustrating, but it made me look at some of the things that I am doing!! I know for one, I have not been drinking enough water, before surgery water was my best friend after it just had such a nasty taste.. I have been getting my protein but I cut it in half because, I am eating more… I can get down about 3-4oz down per sitting before getting full. I have also been struggling with hunger…it’s like I am hungry all the time even after meals, and it drives me crazy sometimes. The way I dealing with the hunger, I started snacking (not good) now I am chewing gum and drinking water when I get these pangs. Eating 4tiny potions daily, and protein shake/smoothie (with strawberries, and ½ banana, and maybe a slice of pineapple and a scope of protein) Exercise I am working out three times a week about 45min, I am doing about 25min of cardio and 20min on weights. This week my goal is five times week, the two extra days I want to do cardio, I also switched up my routine I started riding the spin bike. I really had to check myself this week because I was starting to go back to some of my old ways…and it is way too early for that!!! I really want to maximize the opportunity…I have been a big girl all my life…and it’s hard to break old and bad habits…but this is something that I have to do a failure is not an option. I love this site…..I don’t mind sharing my struggles with people that actually understand what it is that I am going through.    



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