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New Year - New Amy

It was an exciting 2019.  After 20 years of considering WLS, I finally had my appointment with a surgeon in May when I weighed the heaviest that I ever have weighed at 230 pounds.  At my height of 5'1", this placed me at a BMI of 43.5. During my 6-month pre-op-required nutrition intervention, I got myself down to 205 pounds.  A 25-pound weight loss is not bad!  But, it is not something I haven't done before.  After all, I have been on a diet off-and-on since the age of 13. I am really good at losing weight, but I am even better at gaining it all back plus some every time I have any significant success.  I suspect I have lost close to 560 pounds in the past 33 years.  With all the ups and down of my weight, my metabolism is surely a mess. My gastric bypass surgery was December 11th. I am so thankful that it went smoothly and complication-free.  Yes, I had significant gas-related abdominal pain and, yes, I was sore and uncomfortable at my surgical sites for about 2 weeks, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.  Since my surgery three weeks ago, I have lost 16 pounds.  Of course, this is mostly due to my liquid-only diet during the first 2 weeks pre-op.  At 189 pounds, I now weigh close to the weight I was before my first son was conceived - a weight that I haven't weighed in 16 years!! As I get ready to watch the ball drop on 2020, I am so excited for all the weight that I will lose in the upcoming year.  I am even more excited to re-set my metabolism so that I can maintain my weight loss.  However, I am most excited to get healthy for perhaps the first time in my adult life.



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