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Fatigue and not eating enough

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Hello everyone 😊

I am a new member here, i did my VSG surgey on 27 Sep, 2020🥳

I am almost 4 months out of surgery 💪🏻

Just wanted to say sorry if you can’t understand what I am writing since English is not my first language 🙈

I am from Saudi Arabia btw ❤️

I wanted to get VSG for the past 2 years and read about about it, watched a lot of youtube videos for people’s journeys.

I read about everything that could happen after the surgery and I thought I was prepared

But starting this month I felt less motivated and more fatigued than before I don’t know why

I can not eat very well I get full just by eating 2 bites and I can only finish half of the meal

like if I cooked 1 egg (medium) I can only eat half maybe with 1 olive 🫒

if I have a toast with sliced turkey I can only eat 1/4 of it

yesterday my dinner was 4 pieces of Pasta with feta cheese and small chicken breast cubes and could only have 3 bites only by for ing myself to get the third bite

I don’t understand, why am I eating and drinking so little? And is it really little or the correct portion?

I can only drink up to 1200 ml which is around 4oz. I can not drink anymore than that

still working my way to drink more 🙈

and every time I eat or drink i get a feeling like a pinch in my sides 🤷🏻‍♀️

I feel lazy and unmotivated, I just want to lay in bed all day

anyone went through the same as me at the beginning of surgery?💔

I have anxiety and overthink everything so I don’t know if what I am going through is really bad or not 🙈

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Welcome & congrats on your surgery.

It used to take me three days to eat 2 scrambled eggs so don’t worry about your portion sizes at this stage. By six months I was almost able to eat a small egg. Still can’t do 2 eggs at 20 months.

My plan was strictly no bread, rice or Pasta cause it swells in your tummy & fills you before you can eat all your Protein. Plus they have very little nutritional value. My advice would be avoid the bread & pasta. Eat your protein first then any vegetables you can manage.

It’s very important to eat slowly. I still eat very slowly. I can take 30 to 60 minutes to eat a meal though my portion sizes are bigger now than they were when I was at your stage. If I eat more quickly my restriction kicks in & there’s no way I can eat any more of my meal.

My Fluid intake is still not great either (strange because I used to drink a lot of Water before surgery). I added water rich fruit as a snack which helped. Watermelon, orange slices, etc. I found it easier to drink tea than water some days. Also I found a good high protein drinking yoghurt which I’d drink over a couple of hours. Room temperature water is easier for me to drink too than cold water.

Good luck.

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It sounds like this amount you are eating is due to your restriction. That is how VSG works, it limits the amount you can eat but over time you will be able to eat more.

To stay hydrated, you will have to drink constantly. It will feel like a chore but it’s necessary. The fatigue you are feeling is possibly from mild dehydration (or Vitamin deficiencies - Are you prescribed Vitamins? )

Congratulations so far ❤️

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4oz fluids got me worried
But I double checked with Google calculate!
I think 1500 ml is 40 Fluid oz so thats much better
Food is tiny and slow at the start
Followup with your nutritionist
And try not to stress!!
Protein first should help ( im still 4 days pre op so this is from reading not actual practice)
Congrats on the surgery, take care

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