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Just Ugg and Venting

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I'm not really asking for advice, I just need to rant somewhere. And my friends have heard enough of it. Don't have a therapy appoint for another couple weeks. So I came here. Had my 9 month (well, because of delays 10 month) check up today. Ever since February, I've felt rotten. The reflux has gotten better, but I'm still pretty much unable to eat much other than soft foods. Sometimes I can eat fish or tofu,but they usually cause pain. Sometimes terrible pain. I've also had a Migraine for 3 months now. Doc says that the food issues may be caused by a small hernia, and to fix that he'd need to convert to bypass. Which for a whole host of reasons I can't do. And he's not actually sure the hernia is causing it. So now I'm left to know that I did this horrible thing to myself to feel better and stave off future health issues - I really couldn't give two craps what I look like. Instead I feel like crap on a stick every day - and apparently that isn't going to change. I feel like I I made this huge decision that has made my life worse, and there just isn't anything I can do about it. I DREAM of veggies - especially nice, crisp raw veggies. My diet was so varied and healthy before - I ate mostly fish/veg, but a lot. And now 90% of my diet is dairy. Which I don't even like. It is just so hard to know I've made a decision to try to make my life better which made my life worse. THis is all compounded by the terrible Migraines. So, I'm just tired. And venting. But, he basically released me to not see him anymore if I get my bloodwork done by my GP. So there's that. And at least he didn't say that patronizing thing that most people say - "Well, but at least you lost all that weight, that has to feel good." No, no it doesn't.

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I'll work with my neuro on the Migraines. But on the stomach issues, it appears there isn't much I can do. So, I'll work with my therapist to figure out how to live with it.

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Oh my goodness I'm so sorry for what you are going through. That's just awful for so many reasons. I don't have any advice, just empathy.

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On 8/27/2019 at 6:02 PM, notmyname said:

reflux has gotten better - terrible Migraines.


man oh man - you've done so well - now this - glad you've gotten some relief (reflux etc)

but those Migraines - eeeeeek.

i hope you can work successfully with your PCP about your issues. Checking on blood work etc.

seeing a therapist, neurologist - good for you☺️

hope you get relief soon. Vent away, anytime - that is what we're all here for.

feel better -good luck


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      I think i just spent the entire morning plus a couple more hours on here.
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        Lol I know the feeling!

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      My life is WONDERFUL
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      Ok I had surgery on Jan 27 2020 so I am 3 weeks out and have lost 32 lbs  I wish I had this done sooner. Now just trying to figure out different things to eat so I am not eating the same thing over and over. I did order some stuff today from the Bariatric Store and that stuff should be here in time for my next phase. I have a goal of 50 lbs by the first of June hope that is attainable. Good luck to every one on this journey 
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        That wonderful. That's a lot of weight for such a short time.Hooray.

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        Congratulations on 32 pounds! That is great! Are you still on restricted foods? What are you eating now?

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