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Not enough protein and making you nauseous

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I was supposed to start full liquids yesterday but I was slacking, I didn’t get even 1/3 of my protein.. and all day I didn’t feel right. Kind of nauseous and queasy. I’m guessing it’s because I’m starting to get weak and NEED that Protein, but feeling that way made it even harder to stomach getting any down. Does that make sense? Did anyone else feel like this? Up until yesterday I felt great but I’m guessing my body is starting to need that protein. Any advice or hearing your story would be so appreciated!

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#1 priority is to get your Fluid in. #2 is Protein. We Arizona gals MUST get those fluids in every single day. It is too hard to catch up once we get even a little dehydrated. Try taking smaller sips more frequently. Water down the Protein Shakes if you think they feel too thick or too concentrated. Just because the schedule says you have to eat such and such by a certain week doesn't mean it will work for you perfectly. You have to listen to your body. Some weeks you have to back off certain foods a bit and then try again later. But water, water, water is the biggest priority.

Sometmes when my appetite is just not there, I try some Soup - like Progresso lentil or split pea. I can add Protein Powder to it, and the soft, more fluid texture seems to settle better.

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The you are right, must be why I. hear for make my own Soups, add Protein Powder and then ,Baby, We Rock!

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      1. GreenTealael

        Best of Luck

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      1. FluffyChix

        Yeah, I kinda do it when I see a new low. Then it fluctuates up and down up and down until I finally see a new low. Mine went down to 131 on Saturday but is now back to 133, lol. So I won't log it till I see 131 for a second time.

        I do my daily weight graph in My Fitness Pal. Much easier and it keeps a cool graph!!

      2. ms.sss

        Me too (sort of). I gifted myself a fancy-shmancy smart scale back in January and it wirelessly updates the data to Apple Health in my phone, which in turn automatically updates MFP (among other apps I have). Very hands off on my part. Updating BP was the only manual weight updating I was doing, which has stopped being fun and instead become a job, now that the weight goes up and down so much.

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        LOL the joys of maintenance! ;) NOT!

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        Like @FluffyChix I updated at every new low, consequently I'm now listed as my lowest weight. I should probably update it to where I've been maintaining, which is +3 lbs or so from that weight.

      5. FluffyChix

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      7 days post revision... I am wiped out! I forgot about the energy depletion stage 
      Logically I know there is some fat left for use... But not much
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        I put a call in this morning they will get back to me shortly.

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        I bet i will fight them if they say no 😂

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        Yes i can't wait to!

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        💜STAY STRONG💜

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