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  1. Hey y’all! Still researching up to the time of my first scheduled consultation in March to make sure I choose the best option for me. I have settled on having the sleeve instead of the bypass, but came across Dr. Todd McCarty’s website and I’m intrigued! He technically does the VSG procedure, but it’s done in a different way. They either remove the excess stomach pouch through your esophagus or belly button. There are only 1 or 2 incisions, and it’s an outpatient surgery since they aren’t going through the abdominal wall. Much shorter recovery time, less invasive, and he doesn’t require a liquid diet prior to surgery! What’s not to love? I went ahead and made an appointment to meet with him in addition to my initial consultation with Dr. David Arnold. Had anyone else had the mini sleeve surgery with Dr. McCarty? I’d love your feedback!
  2. This is an older post, but always happy to connect with other mini Sleeve patients. 😊 Had mine May 15th 2018. I’m doing great also...down 30 lbs. Love Dr. McCarty and his entire staff!
  3. dreamangel1974

    Surgery tomorrow!!!!!

    The closer my surgery date gets, I’m experiencing all of these emotions as well. Praying all goes well! It will be worth it! [emoji173]️
  4. dreamangel1974

    I'm New...

    I have IBS, and I’m having VSG next month. My surgeon apparently doesn’t think it’s an issue.
  5. dreamangel1974

    Do a lot of people have hiatal hernias?

    My surgeon found mine during my EGD, and will repair it during my VSG. He said it’s a simple fix and only adds a few minutes to the VSG procedure. I think they are fairly common for those of us who are obese. I have had heart burn off and on, but had no idea I had one.
  6. dreamangel1974

    Any MAY sleevers???

    My VSG is scheduled for May 17th! Excited, but nervous. Glad to see that I’ll have some surgery buddies. [emoji4]
  7. Had my EGD this morning at the same hospital that I’m going to for my VSG, so I kinda used today as a practice run for my surgery. I was so anxious about even this minor procedure that I barely slept last night, but my surgeon and all of the surgical staff were amazing and put me at ease. Feeling so much better about my upcoming surgery, and looking forward to May 17th! [emoji4]
  8. I have Medicare because I’m currently on disability. The office folks are really helpful with getting your insurance requirements met.
  9. I live in Garland, and found an amazing surgeon...Dr. Todd McCarty at McCarty Weight Loss Center in Dallas. He does the sleeve with a minimally invasive method that requires only 2 incisions and has less recovery time. His office staff is very responsive and supportive as well. Very impressed so far! I’m still in the pre op stage, but had at least 3 separate people on here who had the sleeve done by him and said they had a great experience! [emoji4]
  10. Since I have always eaten a carb heavy diet...even while I was on WW, I’ve been making a list of higher protein foods and recipes that I like and will be able to eat after surgery. Finding some great options, including some pre prepped stuff at the grocery stores near me. (High protein packs with cubed deli meat and cheese for an occasional lunch on the go, chopped fresh fruit and veggies, trimmed lean meat etc. to make dinner prep easier, and even a packaged meal I could eat in a pinch on a busy night) Since I will be eating less food, I’m willing to pay a little more for convenience. One thing I definitely wanna try is mashed cauliflower to see if that could replace mashed potatoes for me.
  11. Hey y’all! I’m trying to plan ahead and find some things that I think will be my go to sources of nutrition post surgery. When I was on WW, I used to blend chocolate premier protein shakes with pb2 and ice to make it taste kinda like an actual milkshake. Not bad! After reading several posts about cold things hurting when you swallow after VSG, I’m concerned about having to ingest things at room temperature. I can drink water either way, but can’t tolerate the taste of a lukewarm protein shake! 🤢 Anyone try blending yours with ice after surgery? Did it hurt going down?
  12. dreamangel1974

    Sleeve Tomorrow!!

    Hope all goes well for you! [emoji4]
  13. I am on a bit of a high this evening after an amazing consultation with my preferred surgeon! So many things to be excited about! [emoji4] -My husband, who initially wasn’t on board with me having WLS, came with me to my appointment and is supporting me and respecting my choice to move forward with surgery ASAP! -I was thoroughly impressed with the office staff, who were very friendly and efficient, and helped calm my nerves. -Dr. McCarty answered my million and one questions very patiently, and believes I’m a good candidate for the mini sleeve procedure. I am moving forward with him, and canceling my other scheduled consultation! -I found out that my maximum out of pocket expenses for the entire WLS journey, including pre-op requirements will be less than $300! (Did a little jig on that one!) -My pre-op requirements aren’t as extensive as I thought they would be! (GI Test will be scheduled within the next 2 weeks, psych evaluation is scheduled for next Monday, and already had the first of three required visits with the in-house nutritionist today! The bottom line is that I could be scheduled for surgery as soon as the end of May! So excited! Interesting discovery...Found out today that after thinking my height was 5’ 6” for my entire adult life, I’m actually only 5’ 5”. 🤷‍♀️
  14. dreamangel1974

    First night at the hospital

    Congrats! [emoji4]
  15. Hey y’all! In preparation for my initial VSG consultation with Dr. McCarty on Monday, I’m making a list of questions to ask. I want to be thorough, and I’m afraid I’m gonna forget to ask something important! I’d love some input from those of you who have already been through it. TIA! [emoji4]
  16. For the first time in a long time, I have been feeling so hopeful about the possibility of having weight loss surgery after regaining weight I lost doing Weight Watchers. My husband completely deflated that hopeful bubble tonight when he told me that he won’t even discuss it. He basically thinks it’s taking the easy way out, and instead, wants me to try another diet with him. Anyone else who has encountered this obstacle and found a way to overcome it without wrecking your marriage?
  17. dreamangel1974

    Got a VSG date!!

    Congratulations! [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322]
  18. dreamangel1974

    Scared thinking of canceling surgery

    In addition to your fear, it sounds like you are wired to be a people pleaser like me! I totally understand where you’re coming from! My husband was dead set against me having any form of weight loss surgery when I first brought it up, and didn’t even want to discuss it. There are so many reasons for our loved ones to react negatively...fear, misinformation, etc. In my husband’s case, fear was definitely a factor, but after doing some digging, I found out that a kooky doctor that he follows religiously is against WLS and he was misinformed as well. Thankfully, my husband has since come around and is supporting me and my choice...even though he’d rather I lose weight through a more natural method. He is the only person that I felt I absolutely needed to be on board since it will affect our lifestyle in such a huge way, and I would like his support during each stage of this journey. I have carefully chosen who else I’m sharing this journey with, and have left out several family members because of the way I think they might react. I read the book Boundaries a couple of years ago, and it has led me to build healthier relationships overall. In addition, I have pulled away emotionally from those who refused to acknowledge and respect the boundaries that I set. It has truly been life changing for me, and perhaps could be for you as well. (Boundaries by Dr Henry Cloud) I do think it is important to have a healthy support system in place when we embark on a journey of this magnitude, but I would focus on quality rather that quantity of supporters. Perhaps you have a friend or two who would agree to be your support system if you choose to move forward with surgery in spite of your family’s resistance. Of course, this forum is a great place to find support as well. I wish you all the best, and hope you make the right decision for you. [emoji173]️
  19. I can totally relate to so many of these! At the top of my list is general improvement in health, less pain, and simply feeling better...not struggling to get out of bed and get moving every day. I’d love to be able to either take less meds or get off them entirely! In addition to that, I’m looking forward to being more active in general. Currently, I have to say no way too often, or cancel plans due to health issues flaring up. I have a couple of non health related things that I’m looking forward to as well. -Wearing boots (can’t even wear most wide width ones now due to large calves) -Enjoying clothes shopping and not hating how I look in everything I wear -Not hiding from the camera and cringing when someone posts a group photo on social media that makes me look like the Goodyear blimp! (Also, not having to hold my phone up high to take a selfie to minimize my double chin...lol) -Already did a separate post about seatbelt extenders on flights, but I’ll add to that not being self conscious and feeling humiliated in general when it comes to trying to fit in smaller spaces in public. (Booths in restaurants, theater seats, sports events etc.) I’m sure this list could go on and on, but these are some of my most important why’s.
  20. dreamangel1974

    Bad News / Good News

    The bad news first: I wasn’t feeling well yesterday during my flight home from Atlanta, and ended up going to the ER last night because I thought my symptoms were heart related. They kept me overnight and ran a full cardiac work up on me today. Apparently, everything looks normal, so they suggested my symptoms may have been GI related. Hoping it’s something simple that won’t interfere with my preferred sleeve surgery! The good news is that I got a head start on the pre surgery testing, so that’s one less hoop to jump through! [emoji4]
  21. Unfortunately, I’m not a flight attendant using this to do a preflight reminder presentation. I am packing for a trip, and taking this seatbelt extender that I purchased online to avoid the humiliation of having to ask for one. As a “person of size”, flying is one of the most humiliating and stressful experiences for me! I remember very vividly the first time that I just couldn’t get the seatbelt fastened, and was too embarrassed to ask for an extender. Thankfully, I had a window seat, so I draped the seatbelt over my lap and held my arm in a way that the flight attendant wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t fastened. Since I didn’t want to repeat that experience, I went online and found a pack of seatbelt extenders that would be compatible with each airline seatbelt type, and use one every time I fly. It’s always on the very top of my list of things to pack...next to my phone charger and medication. Now the challenge is to slip it quickly out of my purse while no one is watching and get it attached and fastened as quickly as possible so no one sees what I’m doing. I have to say that while my desire to have WLS at this stage in my life is mostly motivated by health issues, this would definitely rank very high on my list of weight loss advantages! Here’s hoping that this is the last trip that I take carrying this little secret. #thestruggleisreal
  22. Thanks for letting me know! Did he do the mini sleeve procedure on y’all? How much weight have you lost?
  23. dreamangel1974

    Dr. Nowzaradan is my hero

    I like him as well. Haven’t watched every episode, but honestly, watching that show is what helped get me past the indecisive stage of WLS consideration! I thought if those people can do it, I surely can with less weight to lose! Very inspirational! [emoji173]️
  24. dreamangel1974

    4 months post op pics

    Wow! You look great! Thanks for posting these pics. It is uncanny how much your presurgery body looks like mine! Now I know what I have to look forward to. [emoji4]