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  1. do you like cottage cheese? It has lots of Protein in it. I usually add a cup of dole tropical fruit to it. Also, they are bars that snackwells makes that have about 8 grams or protein for 140 calories. I also like egg salad. I can't really do bread so that is a bit harder on the run. I would suggest the greek yogurt with fruit but it you can't do, don't. Or try some turkey and cheese.
  2. Mine is couponing. I started doing what some might consider "extreme couponing." It doesn't take much money--only about 6 dollars a week for my papers. I do save money. I also started crocheting again. I need activites at night before bed because I always want to eat at that time. I would look into Gambling Addiction and try to get some help. I would hate to see you ruin your finances and relationships. It is hard. You just don't wake up from weight lost surgery cured of your food addiction. It is something I battle every day.
  3. Rachael

    Checking In

    It has been a little over year since I began my lap band surgery. As of today, I am down 53 lbs from a year ago. I was banded on 3/18/11 and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My energy level has sky rocketed and I feel so much better about my life and myself. Thanks so much for all your support through my (many) ups and downs!
  4. Absolutely, I went through the same thing at the same time. It totally sucks. I was on clear liquids for 10 days after surgery and thought I was going to die literally. I made it through and you will too. It is completely normal and the medicine from surgery is working it's way out of your body. Hang on, it will get much, much better. Lots of hugs!!
  5. Rachael

    Sex after WLS

    I would say I waited ten days. My husband was very careful. I have the mirena so I wasn't worried about getting pregnant.
  6. I weight myself every morning. It encourages and motivates me. I don't worry about a 1-2 fluctuations. I actually work harder that day to stay on track. Thanks,
  7. Rachael

    Pain with first fill?

    I have had two fills. The second being yesterday. I was a little sore but they inject numbing medicine before injecting the other needle. I think I was sore from moving around and picking up my 2 year old...he is about 30lbs and pure muscle...LOL. Don't worry, it is no big deal!
  8. I yawn and get a pain in my left shoulder if I over eat. I try to eat slowly and do measure out my food. I just had my second fill yesterday. I am hoping that I will have satiety for a longer amount of time. I try to eat until I am comfortable and not hungry anymore. It is hard to pitch the rest of the food...but I know I have to do that or be in pain.
  9. Rachael

    #2 After Surgery:)

    I made a new word to describe going to the bathroom after surgery...pee-oped. I wouldn't worry. You haven't been taking in anything solids so it may not happen for a few days.
  10. I had the same thing. I am about 3 months post op and have lost 40 lbs (28 since surgery). I am happy I did it. I wouldn't worry. He may just hold off on giving you a fill. I lost about 13lbs in my first 10 days and the weight lost has slowed down. I am losing about 2-3lbs a week. I like losing slow because it gives the skin a chance to tighten up and I have been exercising. I wouldn't worry--sounds like you are doing fantastic. My surgeon was from a center of excellence too and she got her training at John Hopkins.
  11. I have been banded for two months today and I feel great! I have lost about 27 pounds since surgery, have more energy, and just feel better about myself. I am able to exercise and eat smaller portions and I am not so obessed with food. Gotta learn to slow down my eating and not take big bites...but this whole thing is a learning process. so glad I did this for myself!!
  12. I have been banded for two months today and I feel great! I have lost about 27 pounds since surgery, have more energy, and just feel better about myself. I am able to exercise and eat smaller portions and I am not so obessed with food. Gotta learn to slow down my eating and not take big bites...but this whole thing is a learning process. so glad I did this for myself!!
  13. I think that I had a stomach bug last week. I was blaming it on me drinking a cup of coffee on Thursday morning (and eating a piece of pizza Wednesday night). I know not the best choices. Probably not going to have either for a long while. I hate to cut something completely out of my life but ultimately will do it if need be. My son came down with the same symptoms(vomiting -I didn't do that (would have if I could), sour, painful burning in stomach, and diarrhea) today. Poor little guy. Also, remind me to stay off of obesity help. I was on that website and saw so many negative posts concerning the band. It just scared me. I am desperate for this work. I am doing my best to follow the rules and am scheduled to have my first fill tomorrow. Okay, I feel better now! Thanks!
  14. I am 33 years old. I did this for my two boys...6 and 2 years old. I want to be around to see them graduate from high school and college, get married and have grand kids. My aunt died reality young (40s) and from obesity related illnesses. I have felt guilty the last month (I was banded 3/18/11) because I have had to rest and recover but I am already seeing a difference. I have more energy and I feel better about myself. I plan on getting outside more this summer. I live in Pennsylvania where the weather is insane (warm one day, cold and rainy the next). We dance to Michael Jackson's Experience on the Wii which is so much fun! I want to model healthy behaviors (relationships, food, faith, etc) for my children. I don't want them to turn to food for comfort as I did growing up and sometimes now.
  15. I cheated on day 8--I had a sugar free chocolate pudding. I was on clear liquids for 9 days and was so hungry. I immediately got back on the diet. I had 1 week clear liquids, 1 week full liquids, 1 week purreed food, and now I am on soft food. High protein. Feeling good.
  16. Rachael

    messed up

    Good, I was worried. It was duh moment. I was halfway through and then realized what I did. I am uncomfortable but nothing bad. I will make sure not to do it again. I could blame it on my kids/husband and not paying close enough attention. Learning curve.
  17. Rachael


    that's awesome!! congrats!
  18. Rachael


    Wow, my doctor said absolutely no exercise besides walking for a month. I have two more weeks. Maybe I will go back to the gym tomorrow and just walk on the treadmill. It can't hurt....always gave me energy before.
  19. I think this is what my surgeon did to me. She said that she was gathering a small part of the under the band and that I would have more success. Not sure though. I will ask at my next check up.
  20. Rachael


    I was banded on 3/18/11, exactly two weeks ago today. I stil feel exhausted and have low energy at times (right now) but otherwise am feeling good! Rachael
  21. I was so hungry this morning that I ate a sugar free pudding. I feel like such a failure. I couldn't hold out two more days on clear liquids. I was banded on 3/18/11. Any advice would be appreciated. Right now, I want to get this band removed. Is it really worth it to be this miserable? I am not sure I can do it. Rachael
  22. I had my post op appointment today. Great news, I found out that the pain I have on the lower right side of my stomach is just from surgery...not any issue with the port. I was afraid of infection, etc. I was told to take Tylenol and use a heating pad. Also, I am now on full liquids. I had yogurt, slim milk and Campbell's Cream of Potato soup with slim milk (pureed in the blender).I also had a protein shake . The greatest thing is that I am already having a little restriction. I only ate about a cup of soup for dinner and was full. This is huge for me--before I could eat the entire can of soup, sandwich and cookies--. Going to start to follow the diet better tomorrow--adding the 2-3 protein shakes and water (64 ounces) tomorrow (did some but not as much today). I will also not add in another yogurt (instead of a protein shake) at 3 o'clock. I know talking about what I have eaten is boring. But it is so nice to not go to bed hungry and have a headache all day. I brought a cheap diet tracker book from Amazon. I love playing on the web but it is easier for me to write things down and I tend to remember them better. So, all in all, I want to keep my band for another day...haha. Thanks for all your support during my clear liquid torture!!! So glad to have found this site and hear from such supportive people! Rachael
  23. I would try canned chicken. It isn't bad. You could add a little lite mayo or cream cheese to it. I have a recipe called a chicken roll up. You pureed chicken and put onion and cream cheese in it. then, you put it inside a crescent roll. I would skip the crescent roll but the filling is good by itself. I also bought some frozen fish since you don't have to pureed it. Hope this helps! Rachael
  24. Rachael

    screwed up

    I will have to try those shakes. I have some Atkins and some Chocolate whey Protein from Walmart. Also got some Denise Richards I am going to try. I am so glad I have been given the green light on the Protein Shakes and full liquids. Thanks for the advice. Rachael
  25. Rachael

    Had to Buy New Jeans :)

    Congratulations!!! It must have felt wonderful!!!

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