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  1. So I was banded on wednesday the 13th. This is my 6th surgery so its not like I can't handle the pain of incisions. I awoke with EXTREME pain behind my breastbone. I initially chalked it up to gas pain. Until the dr came in. He said that I have a major blood vessel that runs the top of my stomach where normally it is on the bottom of peoples stomachs. So that made him place the band a little higher and caused irritation to my esophagus. He said the swelling would go down soon and I could get a little fluid down. 12 hours after surgery I was sent home. Thursday the 14th I couldn't get anything down without bawling. So he had me come back down for a barium swallow. It revealed that I was having non stop esophegeal spasms. Dr admitted me gave me iv fluids and morphene. Pain went down from an 8 to a 3 so he sent me home at noon on friday the 15th. Since then its been about 32 hours and I am in so much pain again. I have thrown up over 7 times including blood. I can barely take a teaspoon of water and keep that down. I've called the dr twice and th er doctor just keeps saying well your esophagus is irritated keep sipping on stuff. I'm SERIOUSLY scared. I'm weak. Dehydrated. And in a LOT of pain that no one will listen to me about. Any ideas to help me get thru until monday when I can c the bariatric surgeon. Please someone help me.
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    omg please help!!!

    The closest dr is my bariatric dr 45 minutes away. The next closest is over 2 hours. I live in the middle of no where south dakota.
  3. So I was just wondering how many others were getting banded on the 13th. 1 week from today....holy crap am I getting excited! :thumbup: I have to be at the hospital by 6:30am and it's an hour drive there so I'll have an early morning. Surgery is set for 8am. Anyone else getting banded on Wednesday?
  4. They say not to compare how much you lose on the pre-op diet against anyone else because everyone will lose weight at a different rate. I've had 5 surgeries before so I'm not so worried about that part of it. 4 of them however were on my stomach area so I'm VERY worried about scar tissue which I have a LOT of. Even the surgeon said, yes he can do it but I may end up with a few more incisions than the average person because of adhesions below the surface. I'm also having a tubal done at the same time so I for SURE will have 2 extra incisions from the OB doing that surgery for me. I figure get it all done while I'm under. :thumbup:
  5. Something very similar happened to me...January 1, 2010 began the new calendar year for our Health insurance through my husbands employer. They did NOT have any pre qualifiers other than a BMI over 36. So January 7th I met with the surgeon, they filed the paperwork and I was approved by the 14th. Only to find out that we couldn't do the surgery until February 2010. No big deal right. EXCEPT on January 25th my husbands employer sends home a letter that states effective February 1, 2010 they will be switching health insurance providers. So the surgeon re-filed with the new company and what do you know --you have to do the 6 month weigh loss program. (So I joined Weight Watchers because that was one of their approved programs.) Well 3 months into this I find out that because our Weight Watchers team leader is NOT a certified dietician it doesn't count. I have to do a program through the dr.'s office. Well luckily I had been going to the doctor monthly anyway for various items, thyroid checks and what not, that he had monthly weights on file. I kept going to weight watchers also. SO I had 6 months of a program PLUS the dr's visits. Sent it in and was approved in less than a week . I hope everything works out for you and that they don't change benefits. Getting Banded October 13th and refuse to believe it will really happen until I wake up from the surgery and am told it is DONE

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