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  1. Just as anxious to drop these last 20 lbs as I was to lose the other 100!! Ugh, frustrated!

  2. Video taping at my gym tomorrow to become a certified kickboxing instructor. Nervous as all get out, but amazed at how far I have come and how different my life is 9 months after surgery!

  3. I got into the 150's today! Crazy! Weighed in at 159, seriously cannot believe I am seeing that number when mentally I am still over 200lbs.

  4. I have lost over 80 pounds. That just blows my mind and doesn't seem real. I still feel and see the fat girl most the time, but can physically do things I haven't been able to in a long time!

  5. Jogging 2 miles in a little under 23 minutes, feels pretty damn good, I have to admit. I've come a long way, need to focus on that rather then on how far I still have to go.

  6. Hooray! Finally a BMI of 29.9, just low enough to make me overweight instead of obese!! Haven't been that in a LONG time!

  7. Is this stall really over?!? Please, please please?!?!

  8. Really, REALLY, want to make my Halloween/Birthday challenge weight, but this on going 3 week stall has me really doubting that it is possible :(

  9. Very frustrated with how slow I am losing weight, but reminding myself to be thankful that I am in fact actually LOSING weight that I will never put back on and that I am still heading in the right direction!!! Just going to reevaluate my daily intake and see what I can change up to start losing more a little quicker!

  10. HEY! I am a Dr. Chaisson patient also!! Congrats on your new tiny tummy! Best of luck on this incredible journey!!

  11. WOW!!!! Got into the 170's today!!!! In total shock, didn't ever really think this day would come, but here I am at 178.4!!!!! Holy Moly!!!!

  12. Just about half way to goal, it is bittersweet. Glad to be half way, but little intimidated because of how far it is to go still. On another note, Day 3 of 5 Day pouch test, going pretty good, love being back on track and in control!

  13. Not exerting enough self-control. While my calorie intake is still tons less, I am snacking far too often and not on the best foods. Shows despite this great gift of sleeve, half the battle is still in your head. Least it is in mine anyway.

  14. Is is just me, or do other people get ads for Duncan Hines Brownies on the top and sides of their VSG page too?!? I think it's totally messed up if you ask me!!

  15. Lost almost 4 pounds this week, wanted a 7, but happy with my loss nonetheless. One pound at a time, I will win!!!

  16. So I didn't lose any weight this week :( but at least I didn't gain any. Plan on hitting a big number next week.

  17. Seriously HATE T.O.M!!! Makes me want to graze on everything in sight....feeling like such a failure right now :(

  18. If anyone is on Sparkpeople.com please add me -foxrider

  19. Holy.....Moley.....4 pounds away from having lost 50 pounds.....that astounds me. It seriously just hit me like a ton of bricks. And in only a little over two months. Ok, I'll say it - I love my sleeve!!!

  20. "I used to be obese. Once you've conquered obesity everything else is easy. Life literally moves in slow motion. I'm not saying I'm Superman but let me just put it this way, if I were shot in the head I'm pretty sure everything would be fine. I almost welcome it." Deangelo Vickers (The Office)

  21. Lost 3 and a half pounds this week, best Mother's Day present ever seeing that as I step on the scale this morning. Knowing I am becoming a better and healthier mother makes me smile :D

  22. Determined to get every ounce of the required 64 ounces of water in today!! So weird to have to force it down, I used to be a fish!

  23. 7 weeks post-op tomorrow! Weight loss is going great just wish I wasn't so nauseous from the protein drinks and vitamins all the time :(

  24. Really want to weigh, but I told myself I am only going on on Sundays so I just need to be patient. Just hope it goes down like I want it to!

  25. Ok, spending almost as much time on here as I do on Facebook! That's pretty bad! ;P

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