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  1. I got my band March 2011 and have lost 106 pounds.Prior to surgery I can only recommend that you make sure you sample protein shakes and find one that you can like or can tolerate since you will most likely need them for a few weeks and to stock up on gax-x strips, liquid pain reliever and ice chips. My advice for afterward is to really listen to your Doctor and nutritionist. Make sure you get enough calories or you will go into starvation mode and will not loose any weight. I highly recommend you track your calories. I use fitness pal. I have the app on my phone, it is also available online.
  2. I got stuck Monday on sausage it was my worst episode ever..... My no no list: bread flour tortillas rice pasta apples bananas I tend to stay away from starches since they cause the most problems. I can eat steak, chicken, pork, and any seafood and love that I can still eat salads.
  3. I was banded 3/14/2011 and I have lost 56 pounds including the 10 I lost on pre-op diet.
  4. I drink a 16.9 ounce bottle of water 30 minutes before I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and I make sure I get another one in between lunch and dinner. I usually flavor my water with crystal light. I really like the ice tea with lemon.
  5. Hi, Anyone one here going thru Real Results in Atlanta Ga with Dr. Titus Duncan? If so what has your experience been like with them.
  6. My surgery was on Monday the 14th and I go back to work tomorrow Monday the 21st. I feel great, but I really dread going back to work. I think I have spring fever lol. I live Ga. and the last few days the weather has been amazing! I wish I had taken FMLA instead of vacation I could have probably squeezed at least another week out of it. Oh well! I am a little worried about the liquid diet that I am on. I have a desk job in a busy office and sometimes bathroom breaks are few and far between if you know what I mean (liquid in liquid out).
  7. Grammy271

    back to work Monday

    Thank you and wishing you much success with your band, family and classes!
  8. Grammy271

    back to work Monday

    Congrats on the weight loss and I feel your pain on the liquid diet. I have lost 15 pounds since my surgery. I am also dying to eat something with some texture. I am having a hard time with protien shakes I can not stand any I have tried and believe me I have tried so many in different flavors and still not one that I can say tastes good at this point I would settle for ok. Sorry the whining must be catching lol. Good luck with your journey and I wish you much success!
  9. Grammy271

    Weight Loss after Surgery

    I was banded on Monday the 14th and have lost 9lbs since my weigh in the morning of surgery. I am having a hard time telling when I am hungry. I am having to basically set a clock to eat. I don't want to go into starvation mode. I get 3 Protein shakes and 3 "meals" still on liquids.
  10. My surgery wasscheduled for Monday, March 14 at 10:30 am. My husband drove me to the surgery center and we arrived around 8:40am almost an hour early. Around 9:15 I was called back and was given a very trendy gown and non-slip sock and compression hose(had to have help with those). I was weighed and then took to a room and then vitals and iv started. Dr. came by then anesthesiologist came by and talked about what she would be doing and what to expect. Surgery was a little late, I walked into the operating room at 11:10 got on the table stretched my arms out my legs were put in the compression cuffs the anesthesiologist put meds in my IV and then I woke up in recovery around 1:45 and in pain from gas which seemed to have settled between my shoulder blades and around my heart. If a heart attack hurts worse I pray I never experience one. I was informed that they also fixed a hernia and surgery took longer than expected. I was given pain meds and ice chips. By 2pm I was up walking and going to the restroom them my IV was removed and was discharged. We were back home around 4:15. I will have to say that the care I received was probably the best I have had and I have had several surgeries in the past. They were very caring and attentative to my needs and concerns. If anyone in the Atlanta area is looking for a surgeon for lapband I highly recommend going thru Real Results on Peachtree Dunwooody Rd.
  11. I finally got my approval!!! I meet with the doctor tomorrow for my medical clearance and set my surgery date!! I am so happy I could shout! I was worried because I was denied last week but my doctor's office said they would take care of it and by granny they did. I am on my way to a healthier and happier me!
  12. Grammy271

    Insurance Approved

    Met with the doctor Wednesday and my surgery is scheduled for the 14th. Wow..I keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I can not believe it really going to happen. I must say that I really do not like the protien shakes for the pre-op and post-op diets but I will drink them and I will succeed at this. I am very determined to be healthy and look good when I get there.
  13. Grammy271

    Real Results in Atlanta GA

    Congrats on your date. I have pre-op with Dr. Duncan on the 9th and surgery on the 14th of March. I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. This is really going to happen.
  14. Grammy271

    Real Results in Atlanta GA

    Thanks for the response. I just got my insurance approval and have an appointment tomorrow morning for medical clearance and to set my surgery date. Hoping to set date for the week of March 14th. I will say I have had a really good experience with Real Results so far. I have been working with them for a little over 6 months now thanks to my insurnace. Congrats on your success! I am looking forward to a healthier and happier me!
  15. I called my insurance company today to check the status on approval, totally shocked when the rep told me I was denied. I followed everything to the letter. 6 month physician supervised diet, nut. consult, psych eval, sleep study, ekg, stress test, upper gi, lab work, chest xray etc... They said I did not do 6 month physcian supervised diet. I called my doctors office and they did not have the denial back yet as the insurnace just decided yesterday. The doctors office said they will take care of it and get the paper work submitted that they needed for approval. I have a surgery clearance appointment on 03/02/11. I asked if I should cancel they said absolutely not. I have bc/bs alabama and I would like to hear from anyone who has bc/bs alabama and has been approved. I am not giving up, just a little discouraged right now. I know lap-band is right for me I have several health issues, and I really want to be healthier.
  16. Grammy271

    I'm Approved!!!

    Congrats. Who is your insurance carrier? My doctors office was suppose to have my stuff submitted by last Friday. I am hoping for a quick response for approval. I have bc/bs alabama.
  17. I am 5 months into my 6 month medically supervised diet and my 6th visit is Feb. 1. The time has gone by really fast, but I am ready for the change. I hope my insurance does not take too long on approval I would like to have surgery before March.
  18. I go for my fifth of six weigh loss visits (insurance mandatory) tomorrow, I also have a stress test scheduled which will be my last test then all I will have left before submitting to insurance company for approval is my last weight loss visit. I am hoping to have surgery in February.
  19. I had my pysch eval a couple of weeks ago and was asked How much weight I expected to loose in the first month, 3rd month, 6th month and 1 year. I weight 270 and my height is 5' 3". Just curious if anyone else had to answer this question and how they answered.
  20. I finally got the results on the sleep study I had on Sept. 21st. I have obstructive sleep apnea. I have to schedule second appointment for cpap. I am really dreading this because the sleep study was horrible for me. The study started around 10pm and I was still wide awake at 2am. I finally went to sleep for about an hour and was wide awake again. The bed was very uncomfortable, and there were a lot of traffic sounds from outside. Will they have to hook up all those wires again?
  21. When I started researching lapband surgery and found out I had to give up my diet pepsi I was scared that would be the one thing I could not do because I drank about a 6 pack or more a day. But I did, I had a 12 pack in the fridge and decided when they were gone I would not/could not buy any more. I cut back to 2 per day one when I got up in the morning and one with dinner. Then I went to just one when I got up and when they were gone when only took about 8 days I went cold turkey. That was almost 2 months ago. I am not a coffee drinker so not only did I beat the soda addiction I also beat the caffeine addiction. I drink water only now.
  22. Anyone have insurance with bc/bs alabama? If so I would like to know what they required for lap band surgery.
  23. Grammy271

    bc/bs al

    Thanks for the info. My insurance does cover lapband and I now know that I have to do 6 months supervised weight visits, nutrition consult, pysch consult, sleep study, lab work, stress test. Then submit for approval. Time to get started and looking forward to the journey.
  24. Hi, My name is Pam and I am 45 years old and my current weight is 271 lbs. I live in Georgia. My insurance requires me to do 6 months of weigh in visits with my doctor and several other hoops to jump thru. I had my second weigh in today and tonight I have to do sleep study. Tomorrow I do my psych evaluation. I am not sure what to expect with the psych evaluation. My estimated surgery date is Feb. or March. I am looking forward to a new me.
  25. Grammy271

    Just getting started!!

    I am going to Dr. Titus Duncan also. I have to do six months medically supervised weight loss before my ins. will approve lapband. I have 2 months down and 4 to go. I really like the staff at Dr. Duncan's office they have been great and very encouraging.

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