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  1. rthogode

    Accountability Group

    I am having a hard time getting my protein in I find that because the protein shakes have artificial sweeteners I can not drink them as it upsets my stomach not sure what else I can use help get my protein. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.
  2. I just went through that two three weeks ago I had to have all of it removed because I could not eat and I could not even drink a protein shake it was not fun. Once it was removed it felt much better but I can not wait to go back and have some put back because I do see where I am hungry more and I dont want to gain what I already lost.
  3. rthogode

    My son's chicken recipe - yumm

    Sounds really good I wish I could eat chicken but I think I will try it with another kind of meat.
  4. rthogode

    Do I need to be unfilled a little?

    I was banded March of 2010. It was the best decision I made I am glad I did it.
  5. rthogode

    Do I need to be unfilled a little?

    How long did it take you to get use to how you have to eat with the band? I mean did you have a hard time getting use to eating slow or chewing more? Because that is one of my issues I find that sometimes I still eat to fast, and dont chew my food enough. But a immediatley know why something does not go down. I am glad that I found this site because you have helped me a lot and gave me some good advice.
  6. rthogode

    Do I need to be unfilled a little?

    :thumbup:Thank you so much for the advice I will definitely try it because I need to do something. How long has it been since you had your surgery done? I had mine in March of this year so this is still new to me.
  7. rthogode

    Do I need to be unfilled a little?

    I dont think you are to tight because if you where you would not be able to get anything down not even liquid. As far as bread is concerned I have not been able to eat that either. Although I do try it once in a while because I have heard that one day it might not agree with you but the next day it might be better. I do have a problem with chicken that is one of the worst meats for me that gets stuck all the time. But again I do try it every once in a while to see if it has gotten any better. I had my surgery in March and am still gettng use to things. My last fill I had to get taken out because I could not even get liquids down they took all of what they put in out and now I find that I am a little more hungry and if I feel that way I either eat to fast and then I have food get stuck or I don't chew my food enough. I do have a question though does anyone have a problem eating green vegtables since they had their surgery? Because I have and I find because I can not eat them I have a hard time going to the bathroom. I have tried taking stuff to help me go but that does not always work and if I have not gone I have a hard time eating things tend to get stuck. I love vegetables and am not happy that I can not eat them but if anyone has any suggestions on how to cook them or what vegetables are better I would love to hear it.
  8. rthogode

    Band tightness

    Yes I felt that way for the first month but it does get better.
  9. rthogode

    Half-Way Through my Journey

    :rolleyes2:You do look great. I also was banded back in March 2010 and have now lost 58.1lbs and I have 28.9lbs more to lose. I was never much for full body pictures or any pictures for that matter before I had my surgery but I do have a few I can use. I now do not mind getting my picture taken because I feel good about the way I look. I agree please lets keep each other motivated.
  10. rthogode

    How can I tell???

    Glad to hear that everything is going good for you know. I can always tell if I eat to fast or have to big of bites because I will pretty much get sick right after I eat. There is definatly a lot to learn with having the band and every day is a new challenge. I had my surgery in March of 2010 and it has been great I have lost more weight then I ever thought I would in this short time. As of now I lost 58lbs and I am still losing.
  11. rthogode

    4th fill - too tight?

    :rolleyes2:It might be to tight. I had that problem only I had a hard time drinking a protein shacke also. I had to throw it up because that is the only way I felt better. Check with your doctor's and see what they say about what you have been experiencing.
  12. rthogode

    First step in the right direction

    This is a big decision and it is not another diet. It is a life long commitment this a way of life. You learn how to eat all over again but with smaller portions. I decided to have my surgery about a year ago and after going through all of the hopes my insurance company wanted me to go though I finally had my Lap Band Surgery in March of 2010. It was the best decision I ever made. I am still learning how much I can eat and what foods I can eat but it is well worth it. Good Luck to you.
  13. rthogode

    Calendar page full of appointments

    Good luck to you I hope everything works out for you.

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