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  1. I know there's a special section for this, but it doesn't seem to be too popular so I'll give it a whirl here.. Anyone here to be banded in February besides me? My surgery date is February 15th. Feel free to add me on Facebook for support, etc. =] http://www.facebook.com/DakotaRaeBanded2012
  2. mrsmyers2010

    Protein Shakes Recommendations

    I used/use GNC's Lean shakes, they're the best tasting out of everything I tried. They have the powder but, I bought the premade bottled ones. It's only like $6 for a 4 pack I think or $14 for a 12 pack. They have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. IMO the strawberry is amazinggggg and the vanilla is pretty good too! They only have 170 calories, 2 gm sugar, and 25 gm protein! And they smell like a milkshake unlike the other things I tried Goodluck!
  3. I bought whey Protein dissolvable powder from GNC to mix into my foods but it is a lie, it is not dissolvable! Lol All it does is clump up and turns almost spongy when it hits any liquid And it's not tasteless either, that's another lie lol Did I buy the wrong thing or does anyone have any better suggestions?
  4. mrsmyers2010

    Am I Missing Anything?/recipes

    Holy cow that's crazy! I feel bad now for whining about my diet lol that sucks, goodluck to you!
  5. Not sure why but today after I signed all the official paperwork for my surgery and got my surgery time I started feeling really anxious. Now I'm completely doubting I can do this, I've been so optimistic and ready to get this done and now I'm nervous wreck! It's like I did a total 360. Hope this is normal and I get back to the attitude I need for this..
  6. Nope, never have before anyways. I was doing muscle milk lite but I thought it was really gross and it had too much sugar so I've now switched to GNC Lean shakes but no change, had the same trouble with muscle milk as I do now with the new shakes.
  7. I see that a lot people are going through the "what if, scared, doubting themselves" stage right now, including me and I'm thinking some before and after pics will greatly raise our spirits, if anyone wants to contribute, thanks!
  8. mrsmyers2010

    February Bandsters?

    lol I never thought about it that way. I guess it will be nice that by time it's all over with and I'm coming around the day will be almost over! I guess I was annoyed that a family member I work with is trying to make me come to work half a day since my surgery isn't until later, made me really want an early morning time, lol.
  9. mrsmyers2010

    Pretty, Pretty Please? B&a

    Yeah..there's like 3 or 4 from 2011..but ok
  10. mrsmyers2010

    February Bandsters?

    I wonder...found out my surgery time isn't until 1:00 PM!! That's making me kind of crazy, I expected it to be early in the morning Anyone else have this?
  11. Yeah...5 weeks and 2 days until I am banded and I am seriously losing it! This month is dragging by and I'm so ready to get on the 'bandwagon!' I've been feeling desperate the last couple of months as is! I'm kinda embarrassed to talk about this but my hunger is just out of control, I've been eating so healthy but it's just not enough and I still eat way too much. I literally cannot get into any of my clothes anymore I'm gaining weight so rapidly! I don't want to go buy new clothes knowing I'm *hopefully* going to lose the weight soon but I'm having to wear a body shaper just to squeeze into my clothes..and this thing is not comfortable! I wear scrubs to work and my pants have gotten so tight I had to break down and order some more, 1 size up. They're too big! I feel stuck and gross! Idk how to get through this month and and then some....
  12. mrsmyers2010

    February Bandsters?

    Awesome, only one day apart! Let us know how it goes..I'll be chewing my nails off by then anticipating the next day! lol
  13. mrsmyers2010

    All Scales Are Not Created Equal!

    I think I'll just take a trip to Walmart or Target and get a new scale. Surprisingly, my husband said he would get me the Withing scale! I told him it's too much for a 'scale' but he said whatever helps me stay motivated he doesn't mind splurging, if it's health related and keeps me on this earth with him longer, lol. Sweet boy....anyways it still seems outrageous to me! I just weighed myself 3 times in a row, 279 then 289 then 315?!?! I especially did not like that last # and it almost got it's self thrown out the window, haha...so I will definitely be getting a new one this weekend! Thanks for all y'alls suggestions
  14. @Violet...the only symptoms I have out of those you talked about is the clotting really bad (it's horrible! Fist size sometimes!) my OBGYN told me the clotting is caused by my lining shedding too fast and my body not having time to break everything down..I had a D&C lady year just so they could go in and see if they cold find anything wrong. Nothing but a cyst on my right ovary and very early stage minimal endometriosis what they called 'freckles'.. Mrsmyers2010
  15. My surgeon's nurses actually had told me they don't really care for the dieticians at their office but it was easier for me to go there because they already had my chart and history there. I think I will switch because the more I think about it the more flustered I get! I'm going to let my surgeon know for sure because i absolutely love him and his nurses and I don't want that girl to reflect on them in any way. @ icestorm (sorry I don't know to respond to one person's comments) I've had my thyroid checked several times and they always tell me it's 'normal' so idk..as far as female problems go, i have plenty of them. I supposedly don't have 'PCOS' but I do keep cysts from the size of golf balls-soft balls on my ovaries and I also do have weird hair growth (thick white hairs that grow randomly allover my body). When on birth control i stop having periods completely. When off of BC i have periods 2-3 times a month Currently I've been on a period since December 16th...my OBGYN can't figure out what to do anymore and pretty much told me he honestly thinks if i would get my weight off things would straighten themselves out.. I have a lot of health issues and pretty much every doctor automatically contributes it to my weight....so we will see soon enough!

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