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  1. mnmommy07

    March Madness Challenge

    Tanya - Checking in, 185.0 loss of 2.2 lbs.
  2. I've seen a cookbook out there somewhere that was made just for banders. It has all lapband friendly meals in it and I'm trying to find it. Anyone know of one?
  3. Yesterday and now today yet I've had alot of stabbing pain in my stomach above the port and kind of between the incision to the left hand side. It's kind of driving me nuts and it could totally not be band related. But the pain was bad enough last night it kept me awake and I couldn't lay on my left side. Anybody else ever have pains in your stomach like this? I'm hoping its just nothing. Thanks for the help!
  4. mnmommy07


    I dont have any pictures of mine but I can say not to put anything on them yet. You were just banded so yours need time to heal first. Your doctor will check them out when you go back for your post-op appt. I can say now though almost 5 months later, two have lightened up, the one where the port is is just ugly looking and the one on the left hand side is really red. Just the way my body took to them I guess. The one on the left still itches from time to time too. Hang in there, they will lighten up some for you.
  5. Hello! I myself seem to be doing okay. I have finally made it under 200 pounds which was a huge goal for me. I'm currently sitting at 198 lbs with 38 lbs to go to get to my goal weight. I find myself "jogging" in place in the house since I'm home with our twins all day long. That is something I couldn't do before for more than a couple minutes. Overall, I am happier and seem to be healthier than I've ever been before. Can't wait to hear others updates!
  6. mnmommy07

    The Scale moved today.....

    Congrats!!! Any loss is a reason to celebrate. Feel good about yourself! My scale is stuck on 198.2 now for a week
  7. Make sure you tell them, you'd rather tell the truth than to get really sick or something. But I think you're okay as long as you haven't been running a fever or currently have one. Best of luck with your surgery!!
  8. mnmommy07

    Banded August 27, 2010

    Congrats on the weight loss!! Keep it up!

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