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  1. BlaqBeary

    My APRON ----UGHHHH!!!!

    Thank you.....Krys
  2. BlaqBeary

    My APRON ----UGHHHH!!!!

    I went to post-op today and my drains were taken out. Still swollen, Feeling even better today. Walked a lil faster, but took my time. Doctor says okay to exercise daily, but add on 5 minutes each day. Drink plenty of Water. No stitches were removed because their dissolvable. Krys
  3. BlaqBeary


    Try www.mastercleanse.com It really helps. I know someone who lost over a hundred pounds in about 10 months. Krys
  4. I was 250 the morning of the Panniculectomy procedure and came out of surgery 13lbs lights; two days ago. Krys
  5. BlaqBeary

    My APRON ----UGHHHH!!!!

    Awwww, thank you so much. Recovery is the bigger part of this procedure!!! But I'm taking it easy. Krys
  6. BlaqBeary

    My APRON ----UGHHHH!!!!

    Thank you...
  7. BlaqBeary

    My APRON ----UGHHHH!!!!

    Hi Kaiser covered it. No documentation was created. The qualification is the hanging skin. No rashes, did have itchiness just below naval, but it was developed by the eczema all of a sudden that popped up; cleared with ointment from dermatologist.
  8. BlaqBeary

    My APRON ----UGHHHH!!!!

    Hey Everyone!!!!! I made it through. Surgery was a success. I am 2 days post-op and feeling really good. Tired from the anesthesia and still swollen of course. Only having the Panniculectomy procedure, I am so surprised of how much flatter I am. Its exciting though. I was incisioned hip to hip and bottom of naval to the pubic hairline. I had no pain, but soreness I can feel with every movement. If you decide to have this surgery be sure to have someone with you. You will need it. Ohhh!!! And there was 13lbs of fat and skin taken. So along with the excitement I am also 13lbs lighter. Krys
  9. Hello Ladies There are so many conflicting responses to this particular subject. I am 2 days post-op from having a Panniculectomy (you can google). After bariatric surgery Kaiser will perform a Panniculectomy and Breast reduction for free. All your PCP has to do is send a referral to the Plastic surgery dept. I'm in So Cal/Downey and because I previously had a BR some years ago the same surgeon did my Panniculectomy. I am very happy with the result and am flatter than I thought I would be.
  10. BlaqBeary

    Co-Workers Talking About Me!

    I read most of the responses: I wouldn't indulge in conversation about my weightloss whether it came from me or not. Patient & doctor confidentiality is all I need. Whether FMLA or insurance claim form states the procedure(s) or not, where is the moral decency from HR if this is how information was leaked. As for the sake of talkers----------LET THEM. While 'Susie' is huddling and whispering in the corner to co-workers I hope they have enough room to listen to her jealous words. Keep doing what you for you. I have this same issue. And trust, it does not bother me one bit. It makes me stronger. Even more, I don't speak to these persons anyway; but glad I'm thought of. Boyyyy!!! I can't wait to go back to work in December from having the Panniculectomy. I see swollen tongues and ears already, lololol. Will keep you posted. Good losing to you all Krys
  11. BlaqBeary

    My APRON ----UGHHHH!!!!

    Hello all, I have been soooo busy. Since I last posted on forum I was hit by a car in the employee parking while walking. Been going to physical therapy twice a week. Update on Panniculectomy procedure. Monday, September 24th is Pre-op with surgeon and RN. Tuesday, October 2nd is surgery date. I am so very excited and nervous. I am preparing for everything post-op whether I feel it is necessary or not.I continue to eat Protein and drink plenty of fluids and Water. Eat a lot of salad with albacore tuna (only from Costco---the best ever). Weight has stayed the same for the last 6-8 months. Taking chewable Vitamins and Nature's Bounty (hair, skin and nails tablet---bought @ Costco). Grew my hair about 2 inches in 6 weeks and cleared skin from eczema. Mainly, just staying focused and having Faith. Hope you all are well and will keep you posted on Mondays Pre-op appointment.
  12. BlaqBeary

    So Cal Kaiser

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were you given any instructions?
  13. BlaqBeary


    I've been 1-1/2 yrs out before I tattooed (January) what I wanted. It starts the back half of my neck. Its about 3 inches in length and 7 inches wide (shoulder to shoulder). But I don't think it will change much.
  14. BlaqBeary

    Stage 2

    @Cudlyqt....I add strawberries to my strawberry protien powder (one scoop), two handfuls of ice. I also add less1/4 of half and half (thats just me)..I also add a banana. This is what I drink before I workout in the morning as well as it being my Breakfast...I drink half before workout and the rest after. Also, I forget you are just beginning and I am a year and half out. You may want to speak with your surgeon and/or his staff to see if your sleeve is able to handle it.
  15. BlaqBeary

    Stage 2

    How are you with Vitamins? Are you taking Iron and B-12?

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