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  1. You saw David then. I missed it. Mom is having surgery. What is your wife's name. I wonder if i know her. When was her surgery? How much has she lost? Lisa
  2. I'm really sorry u had trouble Kim. I hope you feel ether soon. Lisa
  3. I didn't throw up once and still haven't almost 6 mOnths out.
  4. After I started losing a lot of weight I was having those spells where I'd get light headed and almost faint. Turned out my bp was too low and they took me off my bp meds. Get it checked. Lisa
  5. SSF staff were amazing. There was one nurse who diTNT do much but other then that, great experience.
  6. My doctor, Dr David Le, said he checks for leaks when he's still operating. So I didn't have to do that test. Thank goodness. Keep up the good work Kim. Lisa
  7. That's good Kim. What I'm wondering is why you went to radiology in the first place? I never had to do that. I'm about to rip through my 100th stall. I can feel it. I was hoping for 159 by 6 month checkup but don't think that will happen. But I'm journaling again and doing Bootcamp so I really think I'll get through this stall. Some have asked me if it was worth it getting surgery for 56 lbs? Answer: yes!!!!! Nothing else has ever helped me get to this weight nor help rid me of high bp, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea. I'm working on my last 22 lbs. Those are the hard ones. I'm taking them 5 lbs at a time
  8. Good going Darlene. Glad you ate doing so great. Lisa
  9. Neil I do have Facebook but I do not talk about my sleeve on facebook at all. I share an account with my 15 year old daughter. Her and I are very open about everything, but I do not talk publicly about my surgery. if it's a private group, that would be great. I'll email you my FB name.
  10. Neil I'm in petaluma and would live tocome to a support group there. Message me if and when you have one. I would love to talk to others in person about the surgery. I'm 5 months post op. Lisa
  11. Happy for you amber. Big pat on the back. 5 lb increments are perfect. I'm with you on that. Lisa
  12. What a great support group up there in Sacramento. Id like to go to one here near me or in Santa rosa. A friend of mine had a clothing swap party, I brought all my big clothes and got rid of them all. In return I got a cute coat, couple of skirts, and sweaters. Great idea, I thought.
  13. Yes they do. Perfect dose required by doctor..
  14. I don't eat celery but at 4 1/2 months out I ate popcorn. Didn't bother me, I just ate less of it.
  15. Isn't that a great feeling. I remember feeling a sense of claustrophobia right after surgery becuz I thought I'd never be able to eat again. But after healing, you can eat more. But the first two months everyone apologized becuz i couldn't eat much. Kinda drove me crazy. Now I'm getting tons of compliments on how I look and dealing with howtohandle that. I'm not great at receiving compliments. And I dont feel skinny. I still have 25 lbs tO goal. and I still have a "pot" from bellybutton down. Tomorrow I'm kicking it up another notch at Bootcamp. Trying to lose another 5 by 6 month meeting on July 14. .
  16. If anyone wants to buy some cinnamon chewable calcium from Bariatricadvantahe.com I have two huge new containers full. I now swallow calcium pills. These are calcium citrate. Chew one, 3 xs a day. 500 mg. 270 count (enough for three months). Paid $45.95 a container. You can have them for $20 apiece. If I need to ship them, a couple bucks for shipping.
  17. Glad you got through it Neil. Hooray. I used chewables for first three months. Now pills. Calcium pills seems to make menauseous if I don't eat something with them I'm do glad for the 6 month clas coming up. I need a boost. I lost a lb on vacation. Want tO be in 150s At 6 month Checkup. I have 5 to go.
  18. Trip was great. On our way home. I learned some new Dance moves and was cutting the rug with kids over half my age. Something I wouldn t have done 55 lbs ago. I was keeping up with them all. And wasnt tired or sweaty like before. Walked for days. Closed the park 6 out of 7 days. Anxious to jump on the scale in a day or two. Didn't eat a lot but still didn't eat the best. Hard when you are At Disneyland. I need to detox. Think I'll check into that. Maybe just shakes and broth for a couple of days Glad you are doing well. Call you when I get home. We r on the road.
  19. Have a good surgery Chef. Welcome to the losers club. Liaa
  20. I won't be there for themeeting. Bummer that would be awesome. I won't be home till Sunday. I still take prilosec for acid even though dr Le toldme I could go off of it. I stopped it for a while and felt the same as Lee. So I just take it. I don't mind. I no longer take bp meds, cholesterol meds, and I'm cured of my sleep apnea. it's a great trade off. Oh and sorry if TMI, but before I lost all this weight I would sweat so bad on a trip like this walking around Disneyland all day. But now I feel normal. No more sweating like a stuck hog. Yeah. Lisa
  21. Message me your number. I'll text you when I get back from Disneyland. Oh everyone. Went on an upside down roller coaster yesterday 54 lbs lighter then last time and I didn't die 5 months out from surgery. Woo hoo.
  22. Darlene I live in petaluma maybe we can meet one day. Lisa
  23. Glad it went good darga. Happy recovery and speedy weight loss to you. My doctor, Dr David Le, said he checked for leaks when I was still in surgery. No upper gi test. Guess they all do it differently. Happy vibes your way. Lisa