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  1. I have lost 50 pounds so far since 12/09/10. I have had 3 fills and going in this next Tuesday for my fourth. I can eat anything and everything. My question is should I be able to do this? I feel that I'm using a lot of will power too. I would appreciate hearing what the "Sweet Spot" feels to others. Thanks for any enlightenment you can share with me.
  2. GREAT RESPONSE !!! You nailed it on the head !!!!
  3. Linnielady

    Nothng has changed!

    It has taken us ALL years to get to the morbidly obese size that we find ourselves in. How can we expect to fix it in a New York minute. Yes, this truly is the hardest thing we ALL are going through, but didn't you recognize before taking this decisive,definitive step that this wasn't going to be "A PIECE OF CAKE"... No pun intended. I'm on my post op diet as we speak and my stomach sometimes hurts from hunger. Instead of looking at this as a negative I have chosen to take a more positive outlook and say " Hunger Pangs" !!! Yay for me. Then I go drink some more protein and it goes away. Protein has such satiety power. Protein is your friend forever, so LEAN on it. As someone told me just recently (Dave) Keep your eye on the prize.
  4. Well I finally will be banded this Thursday. Excited and a bit nervous. would love to get together with others on that same day. Hope I'm not the only one getting banded the day before Christmas Eve. I will be so glad to get on with the best part of my life. Hope to hear from others. Talk to you then. From Sunny Florida
  5. Linnielady

    Weight loss can be embarassing

    I was just banded on the 23rd of December. I laughed so loud that my husband asked me what was so funny. I can't wait for my pants to fall down now. Thanks for a great laugh, but I think you need to either wear a belt or go shopping. I vote for shopping, you'ver earned it my dear.
  6. Linnielady

    Taco Shells

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm having surgery tomorrow December 23rd. Have to be there at 5:30AM. Thank you for thinking of me and wishing me luck.
  7. My check in time is the same. UGH. I will be thinking of you. Good Luck and let me know how things went.
  8. I'm on day 11th day of a 2 week fast. It hasn't been easy at times but I have not cheated once and feel darn proud of it. I can hold my head up high and tell not only myself I didn't cheat but my doctor when he will ask me the day of surgery how have you done on the pre op diet. Just think how that will feel. And better than that just think how much easity the doctor will have during surgery. I want nothing but the best for myself and that's what I stay focused on. Last week at work there were luncheons that I didn't attend, breakfasts I didn't attend., Cookies and chocolate I didn't eat and believe me it was not easy. But that has all passed as this holiday will and we will all be better because we believed in ourselves and our journey to a better life. Hang in there and remember this too shall pass and the other side is well worth the effort. Merry Christmas to everyone and much success in 2011. My surgery is this Tuesday or Thursday and I'm nervous but excited for a newer, healthier, and certainly more sexier lady to come. From Florida With Love!!!
  9. Linnielady

    Gas Pain!?

    Great advice Oxy, I will take it to heart. My surgery is Tuesday and you are so right. I have lost many pounds too and found that portion control and exercise are the only key to success. Thank you for a great reply.
  10. I have done it right all the way. From my first meeting with the my doctor to today. Haven't cheating on the preop, went to 5 support meetings in 6 months, and completed all insurance requirements. Read zillions of positive posts on LBT and made some wonderful friends through this process. Right now my mind is about 99% on board. It's that last nerve that that won't stop bugging me. I need a few more positive inputs about lap-band and eating after surgery. I don't want to look like an albatross while out with friends. I'm not looking to ever continue my old eating habits in any way. I just want to fit in and not look strange. There are friends I adore but will probably never know about my surgery, I hate to say they sometimes tend to be negative and I just don't want to hear any of that. And of course the question that has haunted many of us right before surgery, Am I doing the right thing? I would LOVE YA FOREVER if you could send me a little support on these two things. :wub:
  11. Linnielady

    1st day of a 10 day pre-op

    I'm on day 4 of preop diet. Doing Optifast with sugar free jello, popsicles and fat free or low fat broth. Today seems to be the hardest. Haven't had any jello yet. Will have one today just to have a different texture in my mouth. Cheers to everyone during this somewhat difficult time. One day at a time. I really get that now. Bravo to us all !!!!!!!:thumbup:
  12. Linnielady

    Dec 23rd is the big day!

    Hi Becky, I'm scheduled for my lapband on the same day. Are you in your preop diet phase? I'm on day 4 today. Feeling more hungry today than I have. I hope this levels back a little. My doctor requires using Optifast for the 14 day preop. I feel like you do excited but nervous, which is normal. I have been on lapbandtalk since I decided to move forward in this journey, It is a endless pit of great information. It's been my bible for lap-band information. Try to stay away from the negative comments. They're out there but that not the norm responses you will find. Always those few apples in every bunch. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing,
  13. Thank you Firechic. I appreciate any info I can get.
  14. Linnielady

    What's for dinner tonight?

    That's exactly what I'm looking for Wren. Thanks for the imput.
  15. Linnielady

    Hi everyone

    Hi Kathy, my name is Linda and I seem to be at the same stage of the lapband process as you are. I also have an appointment tomorrow with the hospital coordinator to find out all the pre-op requirements I need to do that my insurance requires. I am very excited but also very nervous about having the surgery. Doing lots of research. It would be nice to go along together through this process. What do you think? Good luck tomorrow. Hope to hear from you soon. Linnielady

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