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    all you need is love.
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    A junior at UNF looking to better herself physically,mentally and emotionally. I have been overweight my whole life and i'm just now starting my journey.
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    club promoter,student, surfed at my lowest weight and want to be able to do that again
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    jacksonville beach
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  1. emeraldinthesky

    Stitch in my side

    I was banded on 10/7 and I felt the same way for 2 weeks. It's gone now, but my doc told me it probably was a stitch and occasionally people get them after surgery.
  2. emeraldinthesky

    End of Year Challenge

    I would love too!!! I already lost 10 since being banded last week on October 7th.....I'm hoping to be at least 190 by New Years!!!! I will have two fills by then so here's to hoping!!!! Good Luck Everyone!!!
  3. emeraldinthesky

    Drinking from a straw?

    my doctor told me that it will take a lot more then burping to have a slip. He actually recommends using straws. He said burping will release the pressure in your chest.
  4. emeraldinthesky

    October 2010 Bandsters!!

    I just got banded on Thursday, and let me just say..... it's not what i expected. I'm not in that much pain, and its more of a gas pain then anything. I have two incisions, one in the belly button, the other is right below my clevage line. i dont know where my port is though. Good luck to everyone who is getting banded today!!
  5. I got banded yesterday October 7th!!! And i'm scared because there is minimal pain. It just feels like i did sit ups too fast. Did anyone else feel this way???
  6. emeraldinthesky

    Special K Protein Shake

    try sythac's Nectar protein drinks. They are delicious and have no carbs or sugar. It also comes in like 10 flavors!
  7. emeraldinthesky

    Any problems with oral Sex After Banding?

    oh come on girls. it's protein and its not THAT bad. I'm a proud swallower. But my bf so happened to look at this forum with me and needless to say hes feeling better about post op sex. hahahah
  8. emeraldinthesky

    October 2010 Bandsters!!

    I get banded on thursday!!!! i'm really excited.... it's almost surreal!!
  9. I'm 22 and my surgery is thursday!!! i'm really excited. Ive told all my close friends except the boy i like because i think he would be worried about me so i'm not. None of my sorority sisters know. Not even my big. I'm really excited that I would potentially be a sized 8/10 for my senior formal next fall wish me luck girls!!!
  10. emeraldinthesky

    What would you do?

    Definitely. Speaking from personal experience, I was a overweight child from the start. 5''5 and 230 in middle school throughout high school it just got worse.Diabetes,high blood pressure the whole thing. And finally at 22 years old, on this Thursday i am getting this surgery. I would have gave ANYTHING to have this surgery at 13 years old. It would have saved me from taking all this medicine, all my personal heartache when I was too at risk to do anything productive and too fat to wear the trendy. It would have saved me from bullies and being the fat fun girl. I know my life will be given a second chance on thursday, but for your son, he still has a shot for his first one. As long as he wants it, I think he should get it.
  11. I don't have to drink Optifast or Protein for 1/2 week(s) that goodness. I can eat anything EXCEPT things with carbs,sugars and starches and then 2 days before it is liquids only. My doctor is the 2nd doctor in America to perform a lap band surgery. Apparently, it takes only 2 days to shrink your liver down to the optimal size for surgery. Has anyone else heard of this? I'm so excited that my surgery is a week away. Can't wait for the first day of my new life.
  12. emeraldinthesky

    Bedding Hotties.

    kevin james is such a cutie lol
  13. emeraldinthesky

    Shoulda, Coulda and Woulda

    Question, I'm being banded next week (yay), and I'm thinking about dating life after lap band. Everyone says im already a very beautiful girl (their words, not mine, because I dont think this very much:sleep:) but how do you deal with being the "bro" to the "hottie" I'm also scared that the guys who dissed me are gonna be up my a$$ and try to get my attention and i'm afraid I wont know how to handle that:huh2:. HELP LADIES!!!!! THANKS.
  14. emeraldinthesky

    How long is the lap band process?

    Hello :biggrin: Ehhh. It depends on what type of insurance you have. I have Tricare Prime so it was fast. I had the seminar,evals and pre ops in late august and got approved in september, surgery is in a week. So it all depends. Look on your insurance providers website or call in. some people it take 2 months like me or up to a year. hope this helps. Cheers!
  15. emeraldinthesky

    October 2010 Bandsters!!

    Any ideas for a really good Protein shake? I'm shopping around and I was wondering if anyone else is too. And....anybody looking for a buddy? :thumbup: I get banded october 7th.

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