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  1. I had my band in june and I have all the free fills for one year. I do agree with you that you will never see Dr. Atkinson after you have your surgery. The office people are fake friendly, but my favorite is Brian, he is always very kind and supportive.
  2. vegasvampire

    12/16/09 Heartburn Relief?

    This is about taking half a capsule....Take the capsule apart.... take a tiny piece of bread and stuff it into the open end.... then take the pill...it goes right down.....
  3. vegasvampire

    Pogo Anyone??

    Hi 2 all, I know its been awhile but I am a pogo player and want to find some pogo friends who are banded:lol:
  4. vegasvampire

    what was/ is your pre op diet?

    WOW... I did not have a pre-op diet... did not have to loose any weight..After I got approved I just had my surgery. Good luck I know you can do it...
  5. vegasvampire

    Has anyone used Care credit?

    Hi.... I used care credit for my surgery, $11,000...... No problems here.... good luck to you:thumbup:
  6. Please....... Please..... DONT GIVE UP!!!!! I feel the same as you do, it is so slow.......but we can do it... I would love to be your band buddy... I was banded 6-28-10 and have a lot to learn about this, we can do it!! I eat something, it gets stuck, I have pain.... I wait a little bit...... Why do I go back and eat some more???? do I want to do this to myself?? No.... I have been on this site just reading about what everyone is doing... I have learned so much. Its never to late, a new day brings new beginnings.:smile2:
  7. vegasvampire

    Speed Eater!!!

    I am having the same problem,,, 7 weeks for me now and I forget to chew, so for me I play a pogo game when I eat at home, I take a bite then play a hand or talk to a co-player, It has helped me alot! I also have a hard time with needing to drink, I dont, but it is hard.:cursing:
  8. vegasvampire

    Additional Online support

    I would like more information.... how do you get to the site? sounds like it would help me:wub:
  9. vegasvampire

    TMI a bad bad thing...

    I did the same thing... I got so scared I canceled my surgery.. I went back to the doc and asked more questions and felt better about it and then jumped in... I think if you have a good doctor and do what they tell you ...... you will do great I am so happy I got the band:rolleyes2: 7 wks for me and lost 18 lbs... I have a long way to go, and a lot to learn good luck to you I hope you make the right decision.
  10. Hi just wanted to say good luck... I was banded on June 28. It gets better every day.... I have only had 1 fill so far... you went to the right place... he is the best...
  11. vegasvampire

    100 lbs in 4 months

    WAY TO GO:thumbup: You should be very happy!! I hope I can do the same.:thumbup:
  12. vegasvampire

    Coke drinking poll

    Hi... my doc. said no carbonation!! I will agree with him, I had a gastic bypass 22 yrs ago, I drank diet coke all day every day... The opening to my intestines stretched and here I am just got banded in june... I stopped drinking it when I decided to have the band. I dont miss it at all......
  13. vegasvampire

    a few concerns of mine

    Hi..... I agree with you, the protein drinks...I can not and will not drink them!!!! but I did find Special K... it is K 2 O protein water mix... you mix it with your water it has 5 g of protein 30 calories no sugar... I get the pink lemonade add a slice of lemon and lime with ice it is so good. Its not as much protein as a protein drink but I eat chicken, tuna, cheese and eggs. And I am 6 weeks and had my first fill last monday, I am doing ok but I think I need more fills.... :party: and TIME.
  14. vegasvampire

    Cold feet?!?

    Hi, I know how you feel...:redface: I was set up for surgery June 3rd,2010 as the date got closer I got so scared... after reading about all the bad things that can go wrong, and my insurence will only pay $5000 and I have to pay $11,000. I got a care credit card and put the surgery on it, just so I could get it done. Then I started thinking... what if I pay all this money and it does not work? or What happens if it slips and I have to go have it taken out, my insurence wont pay, now I owe $16,000 more!!!! After I canceled my surgery I felt like it was the end of the world. I wanted it sooo bad. So I went back to the Doc. and went over everything again just to make sure I could understand what it is all about, he made me feel better about it, so I set the surgery for June 28th, The truth is I was scared to death, But I did it, no problems and everything went great, I am down 14 lbs and I am very happy I did it.....
  15. Hi, I was banded on june 28, I lost 13lbs the first 5 days and now nothing.... going for my first fill on Aug. 2. I also need a buddy. I feel like I am doing something wrong. Everyone says it takes time.... I hope so.

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