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  1. laurenmj

    Upcoming Endoscopy

    Sam might you have responded to the wrong post? No one mentioned surgery or a husbands party...
  2. I've had three kidney stones since getting my lapband and one was so large I had to have it surgically removed too. A lot of things can cause kidney stones...what we really need to be careful of is too much protein in your diet and dehydration. Check out this website it has some good info http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/kidney-stones/DS00282/DSECTION=causes
  3. laurenmj

    Texas Where You At???

    San Antonio banded Aug 2008
  4. laurenmj

    I Entered A Wls Contest But....

    Wow I think this is so cool! I was self pay, I wish I could have found an opportunity like this. Good luck! I voted for you!
  5. Jason, Has your wife seen a neurologist yet? After my banding I started having horrible episodes of passing out and after an EEG and brain MRI they found I was having seizures in my brain. They don't know if having the band and the huge changes to my body triggered it or if it was something that had been going on for a while and was progressively getting worse. I really think an EEG might give you some answers though if it's something neurological. Keep us posted.
  6. laurenmj

    Upcoming Endoscopy

    My PA told me to go back to liquids for about 3 days after she emptied my band then work my way back up to regular food. So I did my protein shakes and everything for 4 days just to be on the safe side then I moved on to soft foods like scrambled eggs and I'm on my second day of that. My endoscopy isn't until Wednesday so I don't know if I should stay on soft foods until then since I don't know what's wrong. I don't want to cause any more problems with my stomach. Of if it's fine to move one to solid food? Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. laurenmj

    Upcoming Endoscopy

    I've been having problems with throwing up for a long time now and I mention it to my PA all the time but they never seem too concerned about it. They've taken fluid out of my band and added it back in trying to find the right spot for me to feel better but I keep getting sick with most meals. I finally told them I wanted answers and they said they would schedule an endoscopy to see what could be wrong. They said the three most likely things could be that I have H Pylori in my stomach, I've developed ulcers, or worse possibility is my band could have eroded. They scheduled my endoscopy for a week out and said we needed to empty my band until then. They told me I had 5.5 cc in my 11 cc band but when they went to take the fluid oh they actually pulled out 7.5 cc. I asked them how I had 2 extra cc in my band that wasn't documented and they didn't have answers for me. I'm not feeling very confident in my doctors right now and I need answers.
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  9. laurenmj

    Lap Band Removal coming up

    my best friend saw a bariatric surgeon today and he told her that so many of his patients have been unhappy with the lapband and he wont even do it anymore. he strongly suggested to her to have the sleeve done when she told him about everything that i had been through. he said he's converted a lot of the band patients to the sleeve with great success and the patients are 110% happier with it. too bad the doctor is tricare (military doctor) lol.
  10. laurenmj

    Lap Band Removal coming up

    tiffanydione good luck with your removal and please, please keep us updated on your results!! i've struggled with my band almost from day 1 and i've honestly described it to my friends and family that i feel like i've had surgically induced bulimia. i've lost the weight and i absolutely love that fact but i cant stand the fact that i cant hold anything down. i've given serious thought to having it removed but i'm so scared of gaining the weight back. anyone else who has had a band removal and is maybe a few months out or further please post a status update and let us know how things are going! i'd really like to know what the potential is for sucess after the band.
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