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  1. hi all, wondering if someone can help me, can someone give me some experience sleeve surgeons on the east coast NY, MA, CT, RI,NJ, ME, NH or anywhere arond there? I am a high risk revision patient, and I have been unable to find someone who has done more than a handful of sleeves and I really don't know the reputations of the couple I have found in NY? any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much for your help Mila
  2. Dr Jossart, For clarification a fundoplication would have to be reversed (taken down, or the correct terminology) before a sleeve could be performed? Is there any instance in which a fundoplication would not be reversed prior to a sleeve? Is this reversal a difficult process, (location, procedure etc) and requires a high level of revisionary skills in order to be successful? Thank you in advance for your time. Mila
  3. mila1013

    staples during sleeve surgery?

    mri and security via airport detect ferrous metal, the permanent staples used in the sleeve are titanium and would not set them off. (the port band is also titanium).....
  4. Becca, It sounds like you are in a bad place. Remember to stay strong in what you desire, cause no one walks in your shoes. I had the band for 8 years, it had to be removed due to late term complications. I am currently attempting to find someone who will take me as a revision patient as some of my complications are permanent and severe directly from the band. I am not sure of your issues as you didnt post them. You did say that you can't live with the pain of your band anymore....you should not have to suffer like that, whatever that is. I really had no choice the band had to be removed or more potential permanent damage would occur. No surgery is best for all, there are many things to take into consideration. There is a place for the band, sleeve, rny and ds, just not for everyone. get educated on all surgery types before you pick the next kind you want, make sure it is for you. Dont go to a dr that only does one or 2 of those as you will be swayed in that direction. Again I am waiting to be sleeved that is the revision from band I have picked, it is a personal choice and one that is best for me at this point in my life. Do you research ask questions and ask again, try to do the best you can for yourself. keep asking questions till you are comfortable.... Mila
  5. mila1013

    Back in the 80's

    congrats, you will be at goal in no time......
  6. mila1013

    8 hours from my sleeve!

    congrats!!! sounds like you pulled through with flying colors!!! you will continue to feel better everyday and within a short amount of time this will seem very far in the past.... Mila
  7. mila1013


    endoscope is easy, they knock you out so you won't remember anything. real easy, you may be tired that day that is about it.... Mila
  8. mila1013

    Finally Happening!!

    hi congrats on your surgery, (missed the post yesterday) please let us know how you are doing? who was your surgeon? and how long were you in the hospital? rest up and you are on the road to better health. Mila
  9. it is ok to have the feeling you have now, it is normal. you have been through a lot, you are in an emotional tornado, it will get better. you are not stupid you chose to take charge of your life, and do what you know is best to get healthy. we will never have all the answers, to what ifs, don't waste your time on what ifs, we know what we know now, you made the best decision on what you know now, you cant live your life by the fear of what can happen 5 years from now. just know now you did what is best, those feeling will get better, everyday it will get better, one step forward maybe 2 back, then 2 forward and 1 back. there will be a point that you will make a turning point.... you will get better and feel better....healing takes time and i don't mean physical....best wishes for a speedy recovery....physical and emotional... Mila
  10. mila1013

    Pre-op requirements

    this is really up to the surgeon and your specific policy, so no two people will have the same answer...
  11. mila1013

    Newbie with a question

    i am sure that if you "have no restriction" and you have horrible reflux you have megaesophogus and potentially dysmotility. what did the barium swallow state about your anatomy? was your surgeon present at the swallow? you should have your band completley deflated immediately as to not cause more esopohogeal complications. it is obvious that your band is too tight and your esophagus will pay the price. depending on what is going on in your anatomy -you will need a barium swallow and endosocope to prove this, for the insurance co. band removal is considered a "medical emergency" and pre approval is not necessary. now converting to a sleeve that is a different story that is a pre cert requirement. depending on your insurance policy they will deny the sleeve as investigational, appeal it always....good luck Mila
  12. mila1013

    band removed but no sleeve BUMMER

    i know it stinks and as a band to sleeve it is always a potential for removal and no sleeve. your surgeon is only doing what is best for you, a band to sleeve revision is a 5-10X higher leak rate and esophogeal leaks are very difficult to treat....take you time and heal in the meantime, the adhesions will "soften" somewhat over time, making the subsequent surgery better......it is for your safety. Mila
  13. mila1013

    Band to Sleeve question

    this is a very difficult decision. i loved my band and would have kept the band if it was an option for me (severe complications) you really need to do your research, search pubmed for complications to both surgeries, take your complications and how long you had your band into consideration. keep researching and don't do anything till you have decided....good luck Mila
  14. mila1013

    Band to sleeve acid reflux?

    Shelli, this is a very real concern and something you need to speak to your surgeon about with band to sleeve. (i have the same problem) depending on the severity of your band reflux the sleeve could potentially be worse even with PPI keep doing research, ask your surgeon, consult a GI specialist, get a second opinion with a seasoned bariatric band to sleeve dr. talk to those patients that had gerd, reflux, hiatal hernias etc with band and who were revised and how the reflux is at 1-3 yrs post sleeve. Mila
  15. hey des, welcome and it is normal to be scared, etc before surgery, keep asking questions here you will feel at ease..... Mila
  16. i am so happy for you!!!! you are going to do great with the sleeve--oh my gosh it came so fast, can't wait till you get back and start recovering, rest up, have a nice drive back, drop a line when home.....
  17. mila1013

    Will this work for me?

    no surgery works for all, including the DS. the question you asked, well this really depends on many factors, first it is not as simple as will the sleeve work after the band? depedning on how long you had the band and depending on your complications the sleeve will not be a great choice (if you have megaesophagus and dysmotility) and you will struggle to lose any weight even if you did superb with the band. those 2 complications have the potential to permanently change the esophogeal arquitecte, making a restrictive procedure only, one that does not have a malabsorption attached, one that will not provide weight loss. after 8 years i had my band completley deflated and subsequently removed. it has been 7 months, the last barium swallow is still abnormal, potentially my anatomy is permanently damaged due to the band. keep in mind band complications increase linearly, and i had mine for some time. i am due to have a another barium swallow a week from today and an abdominal cat scan on the 27th. it seems patients like me can not get restriction with the sleeve due to the abnormal changes in the esophogus. it seems like you had the band for a short time, the long term complications (the band eroding is not considered a long term complication as it can happen any time and once healed the anatomy is normal) in question for the success of the sleeve are really not seen before 5+ years or so and almost always by 7 years. (permanent esophogeal injuries) hope that helps-good luck in your search....wishing all the success...
  18. mila1013

    Approved today!!!

    congrats on your approval!!
  19. hi sweetlover I am in the process of revising to a sleeve but i can answer your question. I had the lap band for about 8 years (lost it this year to severe complications) for me I wanted to eat less, I consumed an average of 750 cals a day (yes 750) i wanted something that would help me eat less, that is why I got the band, never once ever did I wish to eat more, not once. For me I was grateful to not have the constant "calling" to eat, those thoughts didn't consume me, they do now as I no longer have the band. Think about your weight, your volume of food, your relationship with food, etc that should help you, give you some peace in deciding... Mila
  20. ya Daisy I must have missed it too?
  21. Lynn, congrats on your surgery, before you knowit you will be coming home and recovering from surgery...be well Mila
  22. how great to have family that is supportive of you!!!
  23. great job you must feel great!!
  24. mila1013

    Hi All, Newbie here

    hi, welcome, you want to make sure you are as well nourished before surgery as possible including consuming good quality Protein, you can get this with chix, fish, etc and a multi-Vitamin, deficiencies in certain nutrients/vitamins will interfer with recovery, all surgery has the potential for complications, you have to weigh your pros and cons, you have to know your physical well being too, is there something that makes you a high risk for a certain surgery etc. what is worse, living with morbid obesity or the complications if they arise, that is the only question. no one can make this decision but you....
  25. mila1013

    4 Months Post Op

    congrats on your surgery and subsequent excellent weight loss, you will be at goal in no time...