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  1. I wish I had that type of thinking......I guess that's why I had surgery...because I didn't. lol
  2. take a while sometimes.(like a couple of weeks) TIA Sandra
  3. speck

    Middle GA?

    Hi, I live in Warner Robins. You are welcome to contact me with any questions. I'll send you a private message with my phone #. Sandra
  4. I have to be honest- I loathe exercise- HOWEVER- since 50% of you are doing something for at least 30 minutes- I can do that also!
  5. There's a couple of links you can click on above that will direct you to more information.
  6. I will probably be having surgery within the month for a gallstone. I'm a year out. I lost 45 months the first 4 months so that probably did it. (rapid weight loss) Not looking forward to it. Sandra
  7. speck

    100 2580 (Large)

    Great pictures and Great weight loss!!!! You look awesome- thanks for sharing.
  8. My dr. says absolutely no popcorn.
  9. I'm here to make myself accountable. I've been struggling for a couple of weeks but just this past week I've actually gained 3lbs. I'm 4 1/2 months out and have lost 48lbs so I am very happy with that. However, I see a bad habit forming again and thought I would come here first to get accountable. I also stopped by the Kroger this morning on my way in to work to buy the Special K Protein Water to help me with the hunger. I'm going to try to do liquids for a couple of days to detox from the sugar. As for my fills. I've had 3. I have 7 cc's in my Realize band. I fill good restriction for about 2 weeks and then after that, not much. (I go back February 10th) Thanks for listening. Sandra
  10. Yes it is!!! It's actually scary being a binge eater. The band is great but it still takes willpower on oneself.
  11. speck

    Feeling discouraged, depressed...etc.

    Guess what? I had my surgery on Sept. 10th and I have 7cc's in my Realize band. I know exactly what you are going through. Been going through it myself for the past 3-4 weeks. I can not wait to go to my next appt to discuss with my dr. I too, have been eating foods that I do not need to be eating.(ice cream) I too have thought- something must not be right. So you are not alone. We just have to re-group and follow the rules. I had to start with drinking my Water. Every one of the rules is important. We just have to get back to the rules. (and talk to our drs. and get approp. fills)
  12. Hi Tina, First of all, it's great that you came to the board for help. A couple of things come to mind. Even though you are taking vitamins with iron it may not be enough. My dr. has me on vitamins with iron(but it's such a low dose) and also an iron supplement. So you might want to run that by him. Also, with the missed periods and cravings- girlfriend I'm thinking perimenopause. I was in my late 30's when mine started. And I'm still going through it. Just more symptoms now that I am 44. lol But those sound just like my signs.
  13. speck

    Do you miss fast food?

    I have saved tons of $$$$$ from not eating fast food. The only place I eat fast food is Wendys. And that's for a large chili. I don't miss it at all.
  14. I remember that awful pain. The thing that got rid of my pain was a huge ice pack that I purchased from a chiropractor for $12.00. My dr. told me that most people use a heating pad because it helps a little but the trick is ice. He said the heating pad only mask the problem the ice gets rid of the problem. I used it constantly and it did go away.
  15. speck

    Disappointed, discourated and sad...

    I just want to add that you have two more people in the same boat as you. My dear friend who I met on this board and I are going through the same thing. I just called her tonight. My surgery was 9-10 and I started pre-op on August 25th. I've lost 36lbs since the 25th but in the past several weeks I find myself wanting to eat more, checking out the kitchen more than I need to, etc. etc. I had my first fill two weeks ago and nothing. So we hang in there until we get the proper restriction. It will happen. I believe that. Sandra
  16. If you find the chewable iron, please let me know. I'm having to crush mine and put on a teaspoon with yogurt. Pretty bad tasting honestly but I put up with it.
  17. When you had the operation, did they have to cut you like regular surgeries or did they do it laparosscopically? Just curious.
  18. I like your question. Are WE ready for a black president? Honestly, I'm just ready for a change regardless of what the color of the skin is. I think racism exist. It exist with both blacks and whites. (and of course with any other ethnic group) One thing that concerns me is- at work I have a really good friend who is a black male. He and I can discuss open and honest issues with blacks and whites. Last week we both got our feathers ruffled. (lol) He told me that he believes that Obama will get enough black votes and will win this election. I came back and said you don't seriously think that the only people who are voting for him and will get him elected into the White House is black do you? He then said, "well I'm telling you that "we" will get him elected. I told him he needs to go back and look at the Convention and look at all the people in the background and get back with me. :smile2: I'm for any American who is true to this country. Period.
  19. speck

    Diagnose Me Please

    Good Early Morning. I appreciate the responses. This morning when I first woke up and was lying in bed, my chest felt better. However, upon getting up the old feeling came back. My chest still feels tight and slightly painful. Just enough to bother me. I'm going to do liquids today for sure. I'm just curious- will whatever it is eventually go down or come up. And again, no sliming or anything unusual like that.
  20. since being banded. I caught myself saying tonight that I might as well just not care because the time I finished my salmon I was exhausted from chewing and it got cold and it was like maybe I just shouldn't care what I eat and just eat something for nutrition purposes only instead of enjoyment. And when I say enjoyment I mean healthy food decisions. (not the old behavior of half a gallon of ice cream) I haven't even had a fill yet so I can only imagine it getting worse. Amy I making sense?
  21. speck

    FREE- protein supplements

    I would be happy to get the shakes from you and pay the shipping. PM me and let me know how you want to handle it. Thanks
  22. speck

    Post Something POSTIVE Thread

    Positive thought for the day------ I will get my water in!!!! lol
  23. Good Morning, I had my 1 month follow-up yesterday and all was well. I asked about the Realize Band- why he decided on that at last minute. I was told I didn't have much fat and the realize band has a little less chance of eroding. He explained to me about the eroding also. He said the band is surrounded by fat and once the fat is gone, the band has to have something to "cling" to so to speak. That's when(and it's rare) that it will attach and erode into the stomach. So that helped me to understand that better. I go for my first fill Oct. 29th. That will put me at 7 weeks for my first fill. I'm happy about that. I'm still learning my eating behaviors so it gives me the opportunity to make some more changes. I hope everyone is band happy!!!
  24. speck

    Post Something POSTIVE Thread

    I haven't had the "crazies" with food since I started pre-op!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such peace of mind.
  25. speck

    Post Something POSTIVE Thread


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