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LAP-BAND Patients
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    paula2468 got a reaction from dee257 in lost a lot of weight post band and put it all back on:-(   
    Each journey starts with a step! Gotta get your mind back in the game and you can do it. Just think how differently we look at food now that before WLS...
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    paula2468 got a reaction from Mimi1980 in 3 Days post op in PAIN!   
    Once I got off the pain meds and walked things seemed to get better!
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    paula2468 got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in Falling Off Of The Wagon   
    I'd recommend getting the diet, exercise and head together and seeing your dr. I did that about a month ago and I feel so much better. Heading back in 2 weeks for another follow up! I'd gained about 25 back of 70 but it's gotta start sometime!
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    paula2468 got a reaction from Grider in Having A Terrible Time!   
    I went through this for almost a year. Fluid in, fluid out. All the co-pays were expensive, so I ended up having my hiatal hernia repaired in Feb (was done during surgery 5/2010). I felt good for about a month, then came the symptoms again! I decided to go to a different Dr and low and behold, 4 tests and a few months later in Sept I had my gallbladder removed. I have never felt so lethargic, I just knew it was something! I feel so much better now just 7 weeks later it's amazing. I hope you find some relief, the puking/reflux/fatigue really started to extinguish my motivation and social life. Amazing what our bodies can take!
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    paula2468 got a reaction from michmcpher31 in Not Happy!!!   
    I only averaged 4-6 pounds per month and lost 70 then gained 25 back. It takes time but like any other life change is very mental. Now I'm focused and ready to get back on track. I spent my whole life battling weight so why would it fall off so easily? I really learned I have to journal, I use myfitnesspal (app or website), watch my carbs and have to work out 5-6 days a week. I know we are all different but it doesn't make it easier. Just keep chugging along!
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    paula2468 got a reaction from rrenicoorlator in New Fill Doctor In Ne Atl Area?   
    I recently moved and it's so far to get to the Dr I used to see. But, when I started calling around NE Atlanta I was told they wouldn't take me on as a patient unless I was basically from out of state! Anyone heard of this? Does your Dr accept patients for just fills? I'm looking for a Dr in Fwinnett
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    paula2468 got a reaction from DesertRose80 in Harder Than I Thought   
    You just had your body wiggled, snipped and jiggled all over. I took the pain meds from doc for the 1st week and tried to sleep a lot. Getting up hourly and walking for 5 mins along with gasx strips should alleviate the gas pains but the pain just takes meds and time. Good luck.

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