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    4 weeks with Band Question

    I'd agree with a couple posts above...it sounds like you might be a tad too tight as it is right now. I'm 36w5d pregnant and haven't had to have an adjustment...I do have to eat a smaller amount for Breakfast, but a normal (for me) size lunch and dinner, plus a couple Snacks in there too. I've been craving milk, so I'm getting more Protein from milk throughout the day as well. I had decided early on to not worry about weight gain and if I needed an unfill, I'd cross that bridge when I came to it. It's about getting enough nutrients to your baby, BUT as far as "eat an extra 300 calories a day" philosophy...yeah, I haven't done that so much. Still eating what I was eating before, plus some extra milk...and OJ (another craving!) My baby is right on track for how far along I am...not too big or too small. And I've only gained about 15 pounds or so with about 3 weeks to go! I've also been waking up lately at like 3am, hungry! So that's new. Ha! I'll have some milk and a piece of toast and normally that is plenty to make it to breakfast. Good luck, mama!!
  2. After two menstrual cycles (2 months of periods following getting married.) and yes, BAM is just excitement. I'm now 27 weeks pregnant with a little girl and I eat what I want, frankly. I try to eat healthy, but she has me craving sweets!! I limit it, but still haven't gained a ton of weight. I actually lost about 7 pounds and have just put about 10 on so far. If you haven't lost any weight yet, you might need more fills.
  3. maggs79

    NO Fourth Fill!!!

    I did not get a fill this morning. I didn't think I needed one and that was confirmed! I've lost 9 lbs this past month! That's the best weight loss I have experienced in only a month thus far!! My PA was ecstatic!! Maybe even more excited than I am. Ha! I'm hoping I'm in the green zone for a while and continue to shed the weight. I'm sure I could have lost even more had I actually gone to the gym as much as I probably COULD have. (Ok, my gym is 24 hours...I seriously have no excuse! LOL) But I have been TRYING to go more regularly. Work is just exhausting me! Anyway, I still feel pretty tight in the mornings, so breakfast is the most difficult meal to get down, but the rest of the day I normally eat around a cup or so of food...pretty good over all. This morning after my appointment I had half a souffle from Panera (that's all I could eat!) and a fruit cup. I'm sitting in Panera right now, watching the clock for 30 minutes so I can drink my coffee! :smile: Not drinking with meals is sometimes still a challenge as well. But I am DETERMINED to overcome all these challenges! Anyway, that was my quicky update of the day. I'll try to blog a bit more often like I did when I first got the band. Work keeps me going all day! But I enjoy reading all the blogs on here and I SHOULD contribute more often. :redface: Hope you are all well!! xo Maggs
  4. maggs79

    Just some thoughts...

    I called a LAP-BAND® doctor here that takes out of town patients and he has some BIG restrictions for post-op rules! Not like my doc. My surgery was June 14th and I had my first fill on July 19th. His requirement is no first fill for 8 weeks after surgery, so a second fill can't be for at least 90 days after the surgery date. That means the earliest I could get in would be the day before I'm supposed to go on vacation to Florida! They went on to say there is no way I could fly with any liquid in my band. I've never heard THAT before! In fact, my doc in Chicago said I could fly 24 hours after a fill. Who to believe...I think I'll believe the doctor that I KNOW and TRUST already. So, I called another place up here in the Minneapolis area. It's actually a bit closer to me anyway. They require a meeting with a dietician to assess where I am at this point, but I could get in this week! I scheduled an appointment for next Monday afternoon. We'll see what they say, but I already like how much more helpful they were than the other place. I would really hate to have to drive 6 or 7 hours back to Chicago for a fill at the end of the month, but I can not wait until OCTOBER for a second fill! Sheesh! I want to start losing more weight, for cryin' out loud. I've only lost about 5 pounds since my fill. (Right, "only" can be excluded, I know. At least the pounds are going DOWN, not up.) But I also haven't been able to work out at a gym with the move going on. I plan on joining the gym in the next week or so. Waiting for payday! :thumbup: So, loving Minnesota so far! Not looking forward to winter, but I'm prepared as much as I can be for it! Haha! How is everyone else doing out there?? ~ M
  5. maggs79


    ...to Minnesota, that is! In fact, the movers are here as we speak. They were supposed to be here yesterday...no tip for them! 3 nights of sleeping on the floor bites...just sayin'. So, lots of stress and having to eat out for the last 4 days (since my kitchen was packed up!) means I haven't lost any more weight! So I'm down 4 pounds since my first fill. I have to call the local doc today to try to get in for a second fill at the end of the month. On that note, I got my op report and fille report from my surgeon back in Chicago and it was a very interesting read!! Kinda weird how they described in detail everything they did during the surgery...pulling back the liver, cuting here or there...seems unreal! Good thing I'm not too squeamish about that kind of stuff! Ha! Oh, I also found out that since my first fill, I have 3cc in a 10cc band. Good to know! Ok, this was just an "I'm still alive, just busy!" blog. :smile: Now that I'm starting to settle in, I'll be able to get online more often. Blessings, all! xo ~ M :tt2:
  6. maggs79

    Second Runner Up!

    Well, I didn't win photographer of the year, but I was second runner up, so I received $2,500! Better than nothing!!! And I'm pretty proud to be number 3 in a company of over 15,000 photographers!! :rolleyes2: Very happy! Next year...$25,000!!! :bye: Tomorrow is my first fill! I'm driving back from Minnesota as we speak. Stopped somewhere in Wisconsin for the night. Probably have about 4 hours to go till I'm back in Chicago. Then two weeks to pack and move!! Busy busy! But I love every moment of it. How have you all been?? xo
  7. maggs79

    The Gym

    So, this has been a productive week! I found a place to live in Minnesota, signed my lease on Tuesday and found a local gym! Called...wait for it.......the Gym. LOL Really original, eh? Hulk Hogan was apparently one of it's very first members in 1979! Crazy! Anyway, it's definitely in my budget--cheap in fact! So as soon as I move up here in 3 weeks, I'm joining! The owner gave me a tour and it's just such a down to earth place. He's also going to set me up for two workouts with a personal trainer! Sweetness! My first fill is this coming Monday! I cannot wait to have some restriction and start losing some weight! I really hope this band works for me. I still have a part of me that says it won't work. I know that I have to work for it too, but, well, ya know. I want to be bragging about some crazy weightloss in a few months! Wish me luck! Tomorrow begins our 3-day summer meeting for work! And I'm up for photographer of the year and the top prize of $25,000! I don't think I'll win it, BUT 2nd or 3rd place would be ok...still get a couple thousand with that! So, if you're the praying type, PRAY that I win! Heading to bed...it's going to be a long day tomorrow! xo
  8. maggs79

    Evil, Demented and Must be Stopped!

    Liquids, that is. Right, ok, I tried to go back to liquids only! Try to re-kickstart some more weightloss before my 1st fill. It worked till lunch. Ha!! I tried, I did! But then I was just too hungry. How on earth did I do this before the surgery for 2 weeks?? Crazy. But anyway, I had some chicken from the Chinese restaurant in the mall and felt SO much better with actual food in me. I'll be walking a lot tonight and a LOT tomorrow in the heat, so that should also help me to lose a pound or too. I have decided to eat till I'm not hungry--not stuffing myself, but just not starve myself! What a silly idea that was. I just have to make good choices. I have unfortunately missed the chance to go to the gym the past few days, so after this weekend I am going to hit it hard! Then next weekend I'm driving up to Minneapolis to look for a place to live! No gym up there. But I am sure I'll be walking much more than 30 minutes per day! And in the evening I'll walk with my friend when she takes her dog out. Every apartment I am looking at has a fitness center in the community! This has to be a MUST for me! I won't be able to do this without constantly working out! Anyway, thank you for your support! I really needed to hear some encouragement today! Have a great weekend all! xo
  9. maggs79

    Back to Basics

    Ok, It has been almost 3 weeks since my surgery. I lost a bit in the first week and a half (about 10 pounds post op), but then pretty much stopped. I keep going back and forth with 1 or 2 pounds. I'm eating protein first and definitely eating less than I would have had before! But 1/2 cup does not fill me up! Not since the swelling has gone, at least! Anyway, I'm just going to have to conciously eat less, stay a little hungry I guess. I don't know what else to do at this point. So, I'm having a protein shake for breakfast. I'll have a cup of tea at work and a protein shake for lunch. And I might bring some light string cheese as well. Or maybe I should just do the full liquid diet again? I don't know. So many people have these amazing success stories...but not me so far! I really hope things get better after my first fill in a couple weeks. I'm TRYING to stay positive here, knowing that my band is empty and I won't feel a whole lot of restriction yet. But there is always this little nagging part that says this won't even work for me. Ugh! Gotta get out of my head sometimes. I'm heading up to a friend's house for the 4th. I'm just hoping they have something I can eat. Maybe a burger or hotdog without the bun. I'll figure out something, I'm sure. Oh well, sorry for being a Debbie Downer today! I'll get happy sooner or later! Off to work!! xo
  10. maggs79

    Busy busy--

    Incisions are basically healed, and they were never itchy! Thank goodness!
  11. maggs79

    SO close to the weekend!!

    Happy Thursday everyone! I have to go into work a little bit later, then I'm going to the gym! Gonna try to get an hour workout in, shower, then go shoe shopping! (My favorite past time, I think. Ha!) But I really do need shoes to go with that dress! I'm thinking leopard heals. Heehee! Vixon! Ha! My friend and I are taking her 2 girls to Denny's later. I'm sure I can find something to eat! Even it's just some eggs and something else. Even eggs sound good by themselves!! It's finally a beautiful day in the Chicago area after 2 days of thunderstorms. It makes me feel so much better to look outside and see sunshine. :smile: I cannot wait till my first fill! I want to feel some real restriction. I still have had no problems eating anything I've tried so far. I'm guessing that's just because nothing was in the band when it was placed. I hope the pounds drop off quicker when I'm full more quickly! I'm making healthy food choices, just feel like I have to eat too much to be full. It's still less than I was eating before the surgery, but I know it's more than 4oz. Then again, it's mostly mushies still. I'm sure a lot of it is slipping right through. Ok, that's it for now! Talk soon! xo
  12. maggs79

    Little Red Dress

    Super quickie post tonight. I took the famed "mirror shot" of myself in the red dress I bought for a casual cocktail hour at the award ceremony for work. It's two sizes smaller than I would have bought a month ago, but I think I will also shrink even more into it by the time have to wear it for work. (A little less than a month from now.) This is also 9 days post op! So, not much difference from "before," but what do you think of the dress anyway? And (to the ladies) what SHOES should I wear with it?? Ha!! xoxo ~ Maggs
  13. maggs79

    Embarking on this life changing journey!

    Best of luck to you!! It is the best decision I've ever made! (Right, so I'm only post op by one week, but I'm not regretting it one bit so far!)
  14. maggs79

    One more day till Mushies!

    This week has been a roller coaster! Monday morning was my surgery. Everything went well, but of course I had a lot of pain afterwards. It has gotten better every day, though and today feels the best so far. Still sore at the port, but that will pass eventually. I am sleeping better, sitting better and driving a LOT more comfortably than earlier in the week. Tomorrow is one week! And I can start mushy foods! I am SO ready for this. I bought mashed potatoes, oatmeal, refried beans, lowfat cheese, greek yogurt, egg beaters, tuna, salmon....anything that I can make mushy, I'm going to try! LOL It'll just feel so good to have some real food again! Though I'm tempted to stick with a protein shake for breakfast. I've never been a big breakfast person and the protein shake is the perfect amount of "food" for me in the morning. Side question: For anyone that has been "glued" after surgery, how long did it take for the glue to wear off? One of my tiny incisions is barely starting to come off now around the edges, but I was just curious. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!! Blessings! xo
  15. maggs79

    Lots of sleep...

    Last night I felt tired, so I thought I'd take a "nap" around 7:30. Welllll, I woke around 4am! And I figured there was no point in being awake at 4am! So I took some liquid Tylenol (I've stopped taking the Vicadin already), had some water, walked around for a few minutes, then went back to bed! Slept till about 8am! I suppose my body needed it, though. I feel a lot better today! My port incision is still sore and a bit swollen, but it's getting better everyday. Never did have any gas pains. *yay!* And last night I sort of got to sleep on my side a little bit with some pillows behind me. Much more comfortable! I went out briefly yesterday. Just drove to Walgreens a few blocks away for the previously mentioned liquid Tylenol. (Crushed pills are so gross!) Just that little drive took a lot out of me! Not sure I was really ready for that. Perhaps that's why I ended up being so tired so early. Today I am staying in, besides a walk outside. Tomorrow I have to drive over an hour into the city for my follow-up. I hope I've lost something, but if not, I won't stress too much. I'm still swollen and healing. There is plenty of time for losing later. This is still the best decision I think I've ever made regarding my health! I'm so excited to see where this goes! Blessings! xo
  16. maggs79

    1-more day

    Yay!! Happy dance for you!! I am so excited that you're getting close to the surgery! You'll be great! You're already preparing yourself and that's the biggest part.
  17. maggs79

    1st follow up--and great news! (not band related)

    Thanks for the advice!! I don't care so much about the food and drinks up there. I just don't want to try to be searching for a protein shake or something.
  18. maggs79


    The surgery is a relatively simple procedure. Just make sure you follow exactly what the doctor tells you. And WALK. Even more than you think you should or want to! It really takes away the pain quite a bit! You will be fine. And this site is a GREAT source of support! Friend me!
  19. maggs79

    Day five since my surgery

    I'm still pretty sore around my port incision--had my surgery on Monday too. I'll say a prayer for you that you start feeling better fast! Have you tries Gas Ex strips?? They worked wonders for me! I never really had any pain from gas. Plus walking really DOES help. I walked SO much after surgery. ((hugs)) It'll get better.
  20. maggs79

    Friday's the Day!!!

    You have my support, fully!! My surgery was Monday and it wasn't too bad. Yes, there is pain. Obviously, but it's manageable with the meds. Don't try to be a hero, first of all--if you are in pain, take the medicine. A hurting body is not a healing body. When they say you should walk, DO it! Even if you don't feel like you can or want to. That helped me tremendously. I have had ZERO gas pains and I think it's because I walked SO much right away. They will probably give you little medicine cups of water to drink every 15 minutes--it's the perfect amount to sip at first. Don't gulp it down. It took me about 3 sips to drink the whole thing each time. But I've had no problems keeping anything down this week. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted and let us know how you're doing!!! You will be fine. I'll say a prayer for you too.
  21. Yay!! Congrats on losing!! And I love your attitude!
  22. maggs79

    My BFF...

    ...is currently an ice pack. Ha!! I can hold it perfectly with my left arm against my belly while I type on the computer. Couldn't have planned it better myself. :tt1: Still doing ok--no gas or nausea to speak of. Just sore and a little tired, but that's fine with me! Oh, and today I really want a piece of pizza. Haha! Not gonna happen of course, but living in Chicago, it's like a LAW to always be up for pizza. LOL Full liquids tomorrow! And that protein shake is calling my name! (I never thought I'd ever be saying that sentence in my lifetime!) My follow up is Friday! I hope my doc thinks I'm doing ok. I took a shower today--best feeling!! I just stood there like....yeah... Ok, this blog was kinda random. And I haven't even had any vicadin yet!! Haha! I think I'll keep it short tonight. Hope everyone else out there is doing well!! xo
  23. maggs79

    I'm alive! ALIVE!!! *muwahahahaaa!!*

    And officially a Bandster!! This will be long, I apologize in advance. :tt1: Surgery went REALLY well. I went to Day One Health in Chicago and everyone there is phenomenal! I got there are 5:00am (half hour earlier than scheduled) and NO ONE was there! The place was dark! Ha! But not for long. We got let in a few minutes later and completed the rest of the paperwork, then went back to prep for surgery. Again, I cannot stress how awesome everyone is there! I think I am going to get them a thank you card and bring it Friday for my follow-up. ANYWHO--once they wheeled me back into the O.R., another nurse came in singing a Michael Jackson song-- "You are not alone...I am here with you." I said, oh that's good! They started to "strap" my arms onto the boards and I said "and this the part when I'm asking myself 'what the heck am I doing here?'" My anesthesiologist (sp?) said "one time I actually had someone jump off the table and say 'forget this' and leave!" That made me laugh. Then he gave me something to "relax" and I woke up in recovery! I was very sore, but asked for some pain meds and that was NICE. Once I got the thing out of my nose, I decided to walk--a LOT. And this really does help! I lapped the area countless times. Started very slowly, but was jogging a while late. J/K! Yeah right! But I was walking at nearly "normal" speed. Everytime I would pass the nurse's station they would ask if I was ok and if I was nauseous. I NEVER got nauseous (yay!) and haven't had any gas pains yet either. (Hopefully I can avoid the majority of that.) Didn't get to leave until about 2:30 because I was waiting for the doctor to do my swallow test--which tastes like butt, by the way! Ha! They gave me a little can of apple juice to get the taste out of my mouth. That juice could have been a steak dinner! It was amazing!! Got back home around 4 and had a little chicken broth, SF popsicle and liquid Vicadin. Called my parents and they were really surprised how good I sounded. I may have talked their ears off. LOL But my dad is considering the surgery as well, so I talked in depth about everything! Finally took a nap from about 6:30 till 9. Will go back to bed soon, but was able to have a jello cup and TWO cups of hot tea (no milk!) And some Vicadin for dessert! Who knows how I will feel tomorrow, but I do not regret this so far! Even with the pain in the incisions. That will pass and I'll be on my way to a new life. The name of the clinic is very fitting...Day One. I feel like it's my birthday!! Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and well wishes! I will post again tomorrow--hopefully as upbeat as I am right now! xoxo Maggs

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