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    I have been really enjoying "Love the New Me"'s posts. Thank you for sharing so much of what you have learned with us. I thought it was time for another update from me. I was banded in early November, 2010, and spent a lot of time 'stuck' after a 30 lb weight loss. I suspected that the fact that I was getting no exercise, due to a very bad knee, had a lot to do with this situation, and I believe I was correct.
    On February 16th, I had a total knee replacement (right knee). It hurt for weeks, recovery was tough, but now I am nearing the end of my Physical Therapy sessions and starting to take up the exercise opportunities I have. I have lost an additional 8 lbs. since surgery and expect this to increase as I'm able to walk, stationary bike, do Water aerobics (first time this week) and so on.
    I completely agree with the reality that you have to change your eating habits and let go of the behaviors that drove them. This is an evolving process for me: realizing that, as I walk into the kitchen at 9 PM, I'm really NOT hungry and therefore don't need to be there...finding things that are crunchy to satisfy me, that aren't chips and dip. It all takes practice, and time. But it does happen.
    My husband and I have found that when we go out, it really does work for us to get an appetizer, a salad, and an entree (and maybe a dessert) and share them. I have a few bites, he eats the rest. It works (and saves money, too). When I was thinking about having this surgery I could never believe that such a plan would satisfy me. That a serving of Protein the size of a deck of cards would satisfy me. But it's true, and it does. It takes time.
    But oh, is it worth it!
    Best wishes to all,
    Deb WS

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