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  1. KathyM

    How long did you wait to drive?

    I drove an hour home from the airport 4 days after surgery, then went everywhere like usual after that without any problems. I didnt have to take any pain meds from the second post-op day on, so you will want to consider if you are medicated before getting behind the wheel.
  2. How fun that they didn't remember the old you! I do feel like sometimes I wish my weightloss/change were not the focus for other people so much. I have pretty much plateued for the last 2 months, yet almost every day at work someone will say to me "you just keep getting skinnier and skinnier!" even though I am not changing. I'm kind of tired of it.
  3. Preop diets are all over the place depending on the surgeon. I have seen them anywhere from a month before to no preop diet at all except nothing to eat or drink before midnight the night before surgery. Try your best to stick to the guidelines that your surgeon has outlined for you and if you just can't do it and have to cheat a little, make sure it is with a little Protein and not so much fat or carbs. The goal of the preop diet isn't to see how much weight you can lose, that will all happen after surgery . Just try your best and keep your eye on the prize - it is hard, but you can do it!!
  4. KathyM

    I want a scrambled egg!

    I was eating scrambled eggs by the 5th week. In fact, I still eat one almost every day. They are a good source of protein and I have always found them easy to digest. One scrambled egg with a little salsa on it is my usual for breakfast. I bought a tiny skillet and sometimes I will saute a few chopped up mushrooms and green peppers and make a one egg omelot too!
  5. You look so awesome!!! I had been wondering how you had been doing. Isn't shopping the bomb? At first it is so intimidating when you realize you can shop in just about any store......and then....it's crazy fun!!!
  6. KathyM


    How awesome is that!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  7. KathyM

    Sleeved June 30

    Why are you sleeping girl? Get up and move! If you want to start to feel more normal, you need to start getting back to a normal routine. Your bowels are pretty empty, I wouldn't worry too much about no BM just yet. For me, anything that was really sweet would usually help with that. Being active will also help, general anesthesia slows the gut down and you haven't really had any food yet. Try maybe only taking a short nap in the afternoon if you have to but then being up, doing low key things around the house the rest of the day. Good luck!
  8. I think you will do just fine. Your biggest hurdle will be creatively planning ahead for what you are going to eat while there. Have fun!!
  9. Isn't it crazy how you notice all those food commercials post-op and you just want to eat all of it? I can remember that as well. When you are to the point where you are eating soft foods, go ahead and try eating the topping from a piece of cheese pizza - a little cheese, a little sauce - a lot of flavor. You will probably be happy with just that much for now and you will get to feed your craving. I think I was 3 or 4 months out before I actually tried eating a whole piece and I made sure it was thin crust. The first time I didn't do too well with it, later I was fine. I only eat one piece when I do and it is always thin crust. I haven't even considered trying a thick crust. Kathy
  10. I am from Newton, 30 min from Wichita
  11. I agree with Rootman, you are off to a good start. Kudos to you for getting in your liquids, that is really hard to do. I usually eat a scrambled egg or a one-egg omelot with cilantro, a sprinkle of veggies or cheese in it for breakfast. I haven't been a big fan of any of the Protein drinks. I eat whatever I want, but always make sure that I start the meal with protein and then eat whatever else after that so if I get full, at least it I got the protein in. I also agree with Rootman about the carbs, I don't count them at all, I pay more attention to the calories for the day. I average anywhere from 800 on a low day to 1200 on a big eating day. I love, love, love MyFitnessPal.com too! They have an app you can put on your phone and it is so great. My phone can actually scan the bar-codes of things and will find the exact food that way. You will do fine, it takes a bit, but you will find the things that you like to eat and pretty soon you won't worry so much about it. You said that you were worried because you can't eat very much at a time. That is still the old you thinking that way, where we were so hungry if we didn't just plow through and inhale everything. Eat slow, and listen to your tummy. When it feels full, stop. You can eat more later if you want, don't try to finish things just because that is what we are programmed to do. Kathy
  12. KathyM

    4 month pic updates

    You look great...and happy!!!
  13. Yaaay!! You look super cute!! If you keep getting smaller, you will be able to climb right inside that big ole bag you are carrying lol. Seriously, you look great- and soooo happy!! Kathy
  14. Passport is a whole nother story. Train. wreck. Giant pink bowling ball for a face/head. Awful LOL my passport photo is a WRECK! I had it taken just before I went to Mexico so I was sooo big plus I had the scaredd "I'm goin to Mexico" look on my face!
  15. KathyM

    Success by the dozens

    Awwww...girl, you are so beautiful!!
  16. Tiff You look super cute!!!! I am so happy for you and have thought about how your pregnancy is going often! You were an enormous source of support for me when I was getting started and I will never forget that. I'm with you on the wrinkly skin, I look like a sharpei puppy on my legs and tummy and if I don't keep my arms at my sides in a stiff wind, I might take off like a flying squirrel, but it is do damn worth every wrinkle! My life is so wonderful and I have done so many things in the last year that I wouldn't have even dreamed of pre-sleeve - go karts, river float trips, climbing rediculous numbers of stairs to Water slides, not to mention the zip line adventure and hot air balloons coming up in September. Heck I wasn't wearing a bikini at 300lbs, I don't care if I wear one now. I will take my wrinkles, I love them much more than where I was. Luv ya! Pat that baby bump for me! Kathy
  17. Good info to know! I can't imagine how you could stuff yourself that full! I hate the uncomfortable feeling from eating a few bites too many, but this will for sure be added incentive not to try to squeeze in those last few bites!
  18. KathyM

    Full liquids

    I did alot of the campbells chunky soups through the blender, I really loved the chicken corn chowder. At first I didn't think I would like that texture, but the flavor was so good that I loved it.
  19. KathyM

    starting soft/mushy foods this week

    Yaaaaay for you!!!! I remember how awesome it was to actually have some food with TEXTURE again! Here are some of the things that I did when I got to the soft/mushy stage - hope these ideas help. Also, if you try something on the list and it doesn't set well, don't stress about it, just wait a few days and then try it again. Scrambled eggs (still eat one every day - great protein) hard boiled egg chopped up with a little fat free mayo, relish, salt & pepper makes a tiny egg salad mashed potatoes & gravy (KFC, my first dining out experience and it was heaven!) baked fish cottage cheese tuna or chicken salad deli sliced turkey with a little laughing cow cheese spread on & rolled up (also good with garden veggie cream cheese) any of the campbells chunky Soups put through the blender, divide into 1/4 c servings (loved chicken corn chowder!) boiled shrimp (not sure if actually considered soft food, but I did it and it is a great source of protein) Yoplait whips yogurt frozen taste just like ice cream chili - Wendy's chili is awesome refried Beans - another awesome I know there are more - it's all I can think of at the moment, hope it gives you some ideas - happy eating!!! Kathy
  20. You look great, way to go!! I found in my early stalls, that usually I needed to eat a little more, not less and that would usually break the stall.
  21. KathyM

    NSV shout outs

    Ok - this is a silly one.....I love going into public bathroom stalls and not having to do all these contortions to be able to fit in the stall, turn around and shut the door at the same time.
  22. I am 9 months out from surgery and I don't ever experience physical hunger. However, I do still have cravings to eat, old habits still lurk - wanting to snack when I am bored or watching tv, etc. If I find something to do then I stop thinking about it and if I do happen to give in and eat, then I don't get too freaked out about it because my tummy won't let me eat too much. A few bites of chips and salsa are way better than the entire bag of chips and container of salsa that I used to eat. One thing that did surprise me after I had surgery was that before if I didn't eat, I would get all shaky. That doesn't ever happen to me anymore. I could go an entire 24 hrs without putting one thing in my mouth and wouldn't feel that way. Not sure why that is. I average about 800-1000 cal/day. My weightloss has slowed quite a bit but I am not exercising much at all. I only have about another 40 to lose, and know that if I really buckled down it would probably come off pretty easy. I am extremely happy with my new body and new way of eating and living so I am not in a hurry at this point to get to goal. I am hoping to be there by my one year surgiversary. The sleeeve continues to be the best gift I have ever given myself. Kathy
  23. I'm not gonna lie, shopping kind of freaks me out now. Forever I have wished that I could just go into a store and buy all those cute things off the rack. Now I am so overwhelmed that I can hardly stay in the store and look at everything. I just bought some new addidas shorts and a cute top from Gordman's. I stuffed it in my cart thinking I know this won't fit me right now but maybe later it will......got home and tried it on and it fit! Just can't wrap my mind around sizes without an X in front of them!
  24. KathyM

    NSV shout outs

    I was having lunch the other day with a friend who is an apartment property manager. While we were eating, her maintenance person came in to eat and he texted her that I was hot (totally makes me laugh) I am 43. He is 24. So silly, but made me smile all day - A 24 year old thought I was hot hahaha :heh:
  25. Look at my tracker!! 45 pounds and I will be at goal!! 45 pounds!!! Do you have any idea how long it has been since I only had 45 pounds to lose??? I can't even remember that! I will get there in a few short months! I continue to feel blessed every day that I did this. Every pound that melts away will be a number on the scale that I won't ever see again. I can hardly wrap my mind around that. I can shop in any store, shopping is soooo hard lol. My brain has not caught up to my body, still scared to try those clothes on thinking that they won't fit.....but you know what? THEY DO! I have a whole new relationship with food, no more am I living to eat, now I am truly eating to live. I eat what I want and when I am full, I get up and walk away. How cool is that???? I am no longer ignored in stores, people smile and ask me what they can do for me - I am not invisible anymore. I get my hair done, my nails done, a massage...I take care of myself! I am learing to love myself again and it feels so amazing. For anyone contemplating this surgery, it is a scary thing. It is permanent, it's not like a diet where you lose the weight and then you go back to doing whatever you were doing. It's a forever change. And it is worth every butterfly in your tummy and every tear you will shed. It will give you your life back! Ok - whew! I will stop babbling on. :blah: I just want everyone who has ever struggled, ever failed, ever felt like they were worthless and weak to feel the same way that I do.

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