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    Cancer/chemo and lap-band?

    I have been banded over 3.5 years....At 43 i was just diagnosed with breast cancer....after 3 lumpectomies I am now cancer free....I start 6 weeks of radiation treatment on Jan 6. not how I had planned starting my new year out! But it is what it is....I am still having a hard time dealing with it all. I have no plans of being unfilled. Love, love my band! Thanks for sharing your stories, Joanne and Shelley.
  2. I did a lot of research on my plastics and I ended up going to Mexico for mine. I had excellent results...I had full lower body lift (tummy and butt), inner thigh lift and lipo on thighs for about $7,000.
  3. Almost 3 years for me....No complications until now!! Band suddenly got super tight along with reflux at night...getting an unfill May 9th...if it doesn't get rid of my problems...Upper GI will be next to rule out a slippage! I love my band and I can't imagine not having it....I have not gained any weight...I Have lost more than half of my beginning weight...whoohoo!!
  4. danielle b

    Possible Slippage?

    I am also having acid reflux at night. Its been on and off for last 5 months or so. I assumed that all the stress in my life was making my band tighter. Some days I can eat and others I cant. Today I had about half of an over easy egg along with about 1/4 cup of hash browns....ate at 9;30....didnt pass through my band until 4:30!! Is my band too tight.....or do I have a slip?? I am getting an unfill next Thursday, to see if it helps. My last fill was a year ago!
  5. danielle b

    first fill today

    Great job....keep it going
  6. danielle b

    collage tummy 4 pics

    Looking good.....I must say, my surgeon put my scar much much lower...right above the pubics...when I wear panties, you see no lbl scar...You look fantastic
  7. danielle b

    How Can I Afford Plastic Surgery?

    I am not sure how they do their tummy tucks, as I had lower body lift. I stayed for 14 days, my choice. The rates for their recovery boutique were cheaper the longer you stayed. I paid $100/day that included all meals, snacks, and 24 hour nurses.
  8. I had inner thighs done and lower body lift....It sounds like you are doing great! i also was never in any pain...it was mostly discomfort....besides i was pretty numb for weeks...lol I can't wait to see your results. I love, love mine!!
  9. danielle b

    Tummy tuck tomorrow ..

    You will do great....I had total lower body lift...my incision was all the way around. I was in discomfort but not in much pain. Most of my incision area was numb, so really couldn't feel the pain. I also wore a binder....in my opinion it helps A LOT!! If I was swelled up during the day...I would throw that on at night and swelling gone in the morning. Also, It helps protect you incision. Good luck and keep us posted
  10. danielle b

    Numbness After Thigh Lift?

    Hi Karen, I had inner thigh lift....been almost 6 months now...I still have numbness and swelling under butt cheek. My stuff still all works
  11. I am a teachers aide for special needs....I did mine over the summer. I didn't feel up to doing anything until after 2 weeks!
  12. danielle b

    Neck Lift Experience?

    It is cosmedclinic.com
  13. danielle b

    Inner Thigh Lift Pre-Op Pic.

    Mine was $2,500 in Mexico
  14. I have been banded since June 2010. I went from 290 lbs to 150 lbs today. I had plastic surgery June 2012....which included inner thigh lift, lower body lift, and lipo. My self esteem and confidence is extremely high. I feel and look great. Only thing is....my husband never complimented me throughout my journey! I have been with him for 15 years....married for 10! He has put me through a lot of bad stuff in the past....things that I cannot forget/forgive! Now that my confidence is built up.....I want a divorce. I told him I was not happy back in Feb. 2012....Things did not get any better since then. We fight all the time, haven't had sex in 10 mths, he always sleeps on the couch, etc, etc. Anyways, last month I told him I wanted to be alone and that he needed to move out. He did, on Sept 18. I have been so much more happier....the house is quiet and peaceful! Now that my wls journey is over.....I am now on a journey to try and find the new ME!! I need to find what makes ME happy!! Am i being selfish?? Anyone else get divorced/separated after losing their weight? I have some guilt for doing it....I could really use some reassurance!
  15. danielle b

    Divorce After Losing Weight!

    Thanks for all the advice. I was starting to feel a little guilty today. He went to my daughters work to talk to her, and he started crying. So a part of me was feeling bad....but I know, if he moved back, the problems would still exist!! I am trying to do what is best for me.......
  16. danielle b

    Divorce After Losing Weight!

    Omg....we use to have sex maybe twice a year....When I noticed all the wrinkly skin, I made a comment to my husband that he would never have to worry about me ever sleeping with anyone else...lol and then I got plastics done....and now, I am not sure I want anyone to see my scars I saw the way my husband looked at my body....and when I told him the look on his face, looked like he was disgusted....he did not deny it! that is when I knew we were done!! And for me....sex is not that important!! I would rather be alone then to be unhappy!! Oh....by the way....I had plastics done in mexico....much cheaper!
  17. I had lbl, inner thigh lift with lipo on June 21. First pic was night before surgery...second pic 6 days post op. I am still currently at the recovery boutique in Mexico. Love my thighs so far!! No pics yet of LBL...still have drains and incisions...and very, very swollen. I will post pics when it looks a little prettier! Right now my behind looks deformed...but doctor told me, it is going to turn out nicely!!
  18. danielle b

    Neck Lift Experience?

    Karen....WOW!! You look fabulous.....
  19. danielle b

    Any June 2010 Banders Still Out There???

    I have amazing results from my plastic surgery. I went to Mexico weighing in at 171, I am now down to 157 I am so happy with my results. I knew exercising was not going to fix my skin. Let me see if I can post a pic for you....Total weight loss, now 133 lbs gone!! Over 2 yrs post op and still losing
  20. danielle b

    Neck Lift Experience?

    Good luck Karen...have a safe trip tomorrow and tell all those beautiful nurses that I said Hi!! Especially the graveyard nurse, Letty!! She is my favorite....You will be in good hands! Get lots of rest...
  21. I just wanted to give you all an updated photo of my inner thigh lift and lower body lift....I am 4 weeks post op and I am loving my results so far!! Just thought I would share......
  22. danielle b

    Inner Thigh Lift And Lower Body Lift

    Oh my gosh Karen....I am getting super excited for you and cannot wait to see pics of your final results Did you take before pics yet?? Don't forget to do that!! I am glad you got a tour and met doctor before hand....everyone there is sooooo friendly! Isn't there building beautiful?? And Doctor is beautiful too lol I am glad you chose Dr Q for your final procedures....and yes, very affordable!! (this the last of your plastics??)
  23. danielle b

    Inner Thigh Lift And Lower Body Lift

    Yes I did....I went to Dr Quiroz from cosmed clinic. I believe he is the only doctor in Mexico that is also licensed in the US! One of the reasons I chose him
  24. danielle b

    How Can I Afford Plastic Surgery?

    You can go to their website cosmedclinic.com and do a virtual consult. You send your naked pics to them and the surgeon will personally call you. Prices vary depending on your procedures being done. I had inner thigh lift, lipo and lower body lift (incision all the way around; tummy tuck, outer thigh lift and butt lift). My before and after pics are in another post...You might be able to click my profile and see if they are there. I paid about $8000 for all that. In the US...I think just a tummy tuck is about $8000!! So yes there is big price difference. Surgeon is also licensed in the US which came in handy when I needed more antibiotics. He called it into my pharmacy which was nice. I had a very good experience at this clinic and highly recommend it!!