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  1. marykb

    Goodbye 200's

    Congratulations! I just got there myself and it was such a wonderful feeling to see that number again!
  2. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    Thanks, I wish I could always keep myself motivated--esp.at 5 am! :biggrin: How are you doing LilMiss? I've been trying to alternate between all cardio workouts and workouts with cardio and weights. This am I did 30 mins on the bike and then 70 mins for weights and abs. Yesterday it was only 5 mins or so of cardio, and another hour of weights (different ones). Tomorrow the kids are with a friend of ours all day so my hubby and I are going on a long bike ride in the morning--before it gets super hot. GG, I've been thinking about that C25K that you are doing. Was it hard to get started and motivate yourself to begin? I hate running now, but it would be nice if I could like it--it is such good exercise. GG and LilMiss, I hope you have a great weekend!
  3. I've been out of town the last few weeks; going to different time zones and getting up and going to bed at different hours than at home. I've also started getting to the gym at 5:00 am. 3 or 4 times a week I've been pretty tired, but have been trying to get to bed earlier and generally get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. Lately I feel like I've been sabotaging myself. I've been really hungry, even on days when I haven't gone to work out. I am getting really discouraged that I've been eating 2 Snacks a day, sometimes 3 (!!) because I'm so hungry. I feel like I'm a total failure and have just wasted $12,000. I called the Dr. today and am going in for a fill on Wednesday, but she also said that one of the reasons I might be so hungry is because I'm tired. She suggested skipping the workouts for a couple of days so I can sleep in later. She believes that getting more sleep, and also the fill, will really help. Because my kids and husband just went back to school, it is really difficult for me to find any time to exercise after work. Has anyone else noticed a change in their hunger when they are tired? Has it helped to get more sleep? thanks
  4. marykb

    Joint Issues

    I would be interested in this too. I have problems with my knees creaking a lot. It usually happens a lot in the evenings, but I hadn't had that problem before either.
  5. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    I hope everyone is doing well!
  6. marykb

    I will be unbanded August 24th

    I'm so sorry. I too hope your recovery is fast.
  7. marykb

    Half way there...

    Congratulations, that is great!
  8. marykb

    Why can't I use a straw?

    I'm the same. My Dr. told me unless it made me uncomfortable there was no problem with it.
  9. marykb

    failure...were you worried??

    I feel the same way sometimes about paying $14,000 for something that will fail and cause me to feel even worse than I did when I've failed in the past. I just tell myself that I have to keep going the way I am, continue to exercise and, if I do have a day where I'm not as successful as I would like to be, get right back to what I need to do. It helps me too to read posts from people who have succeeded and how they have continued to do well.
  10. I love that feeling too! My sister suggested that I have a bra fitting after I lose the weight I want. I've never done one before and I've heard that a large % of women are wearing the wrong size. When I get those cute new bras they will fit the right way now.
  11. marykb


    I've always taken them whole too and haven't had a problem.
  12. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    GG, that is good news about the labs and it must feel great to get those stitches out! I hope everything is ok on your arm! Were you able to get your run in yesterday am? LilMiss - 3 am?? You are REALLY dedicated! I worked out 1x this weekend. I did spend most of the day Monday at a Water park with 6 kids though. It was on the side of a steep small mountain. So, I went up and down a lot! We also did quite a bit of walking on Wed am. We flew out that afternoon and finally the kids are old enough to walk around NYC. After we saw more family, we were able to walk around for about 4 hours before we had to head to the airport. I was going to get up early on Thursday and go to the gym before work, but we didn't get home until after 9 pm on Wed. night and I had NO energy, so I skipped it. I didn't even do my walk at work because I had over 700 emails to go through! This am I was able to get to the Y by 5 am and did 30 mins on the elliptical and 30 on the bike. Tomorrow I'll see the trainer and I have time to get in some cardio before then. Sunday, we are going to see an exhibit at the museum and the Y opens late, so I don't know if I'll make it or not. But, on Monday I can get into my routine again. I need to start stretching again too. I can really tell that I haven't done it in a while. It has been a week! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
  13. marykb

    Round 2 with Thyroid cancer

    I am so sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  14. marykb


    The trampoline is great! It is esp. good for my daughter because she is a bad sleeper. Jumping on that for a few hours a day really knocks her out. Plus, it is good exercise for me.
  15. I hadn't really noticed that much of a change in my endurance or stamina yet, even though I'm getting close to my goal, until this afternoon. My daughter will jump on the trampoline for hours and always asks me to jump with her. Typically I would jump for a couple of minutes, be breathless and have to run to the bathroom. Tonight I got on with her, for the first time since surgery, and jumped for about 15 minutes and didn't get breathless or have to go to the bathroom. I felt like I could have jumped for hours! I was sorry that we had to go inside and before, I would have been counting the minutes. It was great! Mary
  16. marykb

    Arc trainers vs. Ellipticals?

    I've seen it at the gym but never tried it before. If it burns twice the calories, I'm going to check it out! :redface:
  17. I asked my Dr. this question today actually. He told me between 400 and 900 calories a day. I have gone over 900 once or twice, but am mainly around the 600-800 calorie range.
  18. marykb

    woo hoo 1st NSV

    Congratulations to both of you! It is great that you are starting exercise.
  19. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    How is everyone doing? Yesterday I did 10 mins on the stair climber and then 45 mins of weights. Today I did 30 min walk (at work), then 20 on the elliptical and 30 on the bike doing hills. I'm going to go to the Y before work tomorrow--5 am!! (i'm not as good at getting up early like you are LilMiss ). I'm going to try the spinning workout they have. I was going to do it today, but there were a lot of people there and I have no idea how to adjust the bike! I'm going to try it in the am when there is no one around. Then, I'll do a few weights, squats and lunges. I need to get home after work and start packing for our trip. I don't know why my husband can get by with one little backpack and the kids and I can take a HUGE suitcase of clothes and still run out! According to the condo information, where we are staying, they have some kind of gym there, but no description of it. I'll bring my workout clothes in case I get ambitious. That 2 hour time difference on the East Coast kills me though. I'm thinking if I have time to work out--I have time to sleep. :smile2: I hope everyone is having a good week and has a great weekend! Mary
  20. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    Hi NicVio and Ebony! I am being a good girl and abiding, lol. My hubby is a sweetie....he's looking out for me. I go back Aug. 10th to get the stitches out and I should have my lab results by then. Hopefully everything comes back normal. LilMiss, setting small goals is really smart. I think that's what I need to do. I just completed day 2 of no sweets. So far so good. I have had a little sugar in certain foods (yogurt, cereal, etc.), but not much refined sugar....that's the stuff that gets me in trouble. I'm getting a much needed fill tomorrow and they are still measuring my fluids every 2 weeks and documenting how much is missing. Hopefully they can get what they need and fix it soon! Hope everyone has a great week! GG, I hope you are able to get your stitches out on 8/10. That is so great to do days with no sugar! I need a lot more willpower than I have now to do that, although I need to. :cool2: I hope that your fill goes well and they are able to fix the issue soon. LilMiss, Working out less and having more time for a life sounds good to me. :blushing: You are still doing great! I just got back from my family reunion. I didn't do well eating wise, although not as bad as I had feared. I didn't track any of my food, even though I brought a notebook to do it. I did go on a 30 min (27 minute, my sister corrected me) power walk with my sister one day. Other than that, there was a lot of wandering around, sitting around and playing in the pool with the kids. I lost 3 lbs in the last week, so I was pretty happy about that. I"m back to working out tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I Can get through my hundreds of emails quickly and finish up so I can get to the gym fairly early. I'm leaving again on Sat. am to NJ to visit my BIL and family. I'll be there until next Wed, and I know I won't be doing much exercise there either. I'll have to cram it all in, in 3 days!:tt2:
  21. I was told that I should be checked whenever I lose approximately 20 lbs; to see if my dosage would changed. I did get checked around the 50 lb mark and my dosage decreased. I'll get checked again when I reach my goal to see if I need it adjusted again. I've been losing pretty steadily since my surgery in April.

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