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  1. i wanna be passionate about working out too! How did you start?where do i begin?

  2. well I started out at 341lbs 56.7 BMI and am now at 323lbs and 53.7 BMI. Im hungry all the time. I was ok for about the first 5 days after my 2nd fill but now im hungry again. I go back 6/30 for my 3rd fill. Im already at 7.4 ccs in my 14 cc band. Im really trying not to focus on the cc thing. but i just want to see better results. Im sure they are just around the way but I dont wanna be hungry anymore. I wake up and my stomach is already begging for food. GRRRR I hate that feeling. i plan to ask you lots of questions so be ready :P Do you work out? How often? What do you do?

  3. OK WOW!!! U look great! im almost 2 months out and only down 18lbs. I need to know your secrets :) I want success like you :)

    I go for my 3rd fill 6/30. im praying this does the trick.

  4. yea tell me about it! Ilove this site as well! The knowledge ine gained here has helped me the rough patches thats for sure.

    hv they told you if you were going to hv to stay overnight at the hospital? or is it outpatient?

  5. Hi There!

    I was banded on 5/6/2010. i am currently down 18lbs. i hv had 2 fills and go back for my third on the 30th. Congrats on your date!!! Its so exciting and so worth it! Im not at my sweet spot yet but I cant wait to get there and see the weight FALL OFF!!! Let me know if I can help you in anyway:) I dont hv all the answers but we can learn together :)

  6. thanks for accepting! How are things going... ?? how is the journey so far?!?!?!?

  7. Yay! Thank you for accepting. How are things going? You hvnt blogged lately :(

  8. so far so good... im a bit freeked today. I went in for my 2nd fill and I am now @ 7.4 cc's in a 14 cc band. I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Im drinking water a bit slower but nothing too drastic. I have absolutly no restriction right now.. well as of this morning i didnt. Thanks for accepting :)

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