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  1. bellaisgreat

    Labor Day Challenge

    so far ive been jumping on it every day too. I was just wondering if that was a good hting or a bad thing. It hasnt discouraged me or anything.. it helps me stay on track. I was just wondering.
  2. bellaisgreat

    Labor Day Challenge

    ok...so this is prob not a ? i should ask on this thread.... but what is everyone doing to keep the weight loss steady...fitness wise.
  3. Im at 10cc right now. I go for my 4th fill tomorrow. I think im almost there but i can still definetly eat more than 4oz. I hope i dont get too tight. I experience tightness when i eat and smtimes i experience the tightness with water. But there are sometimes I feel like i can eat and eat and eat. I too would like someone to explain in detail what the 'sweet spot' is all about. am I there and just dont know it? I know that sounds dumb but.. really am I?
  4. bellaisgreat

    before pics

  5. bellaisgreat

    H-Ween '08 i think i was at 325

    From the album: before pics

  6. Ok! Back from my fill! It was a piece if cake! They gv me 3ccs. Which makes it a grand total of 4.4ccs. The doc put in 1.4 at surgery. But what sucks is that NOW I hv to be on a liquid diet for 5 days! There r way to many graduation partys the weekend! Oh well its all. My pouch hasn't stretched, got my first fill, lost 3lbs! Life Is Good!! I get my next fill on 6/15! Woohoo. I'm getting a fill every two weeks till I hit my sweetspot! Ok I'm off to drink a shake! Best of luck to u guys!
  7. bellaisgreat

    Has anyone had there port flip???

    I think this is one of my biggest fears with my band!!! how did you know it was flipped or tilted? Did the doc say is there was anyway you could hv prevented it? what are the signs?
  8. I feel like I dont hv a lot of restriction I cant wait till I get my fill! I know Felix... I named my band Felix :frown:... isnt 'turned on' yet but sheeeesh. there are sm days where I feel so hungry and sm days I dont even want to look at food. I'm scared that im going to jump on a scale and it be PLUS again :w00t: You guys, Im totally bummed. :wink: Am I alone on this? Please share!
  9. bellaisgreat

    Pre-op diet

    I'm on day 2 and hvnt lost anything!! Lol.. I know that this maybe too soon but I've been really watching my calories and my protien in take... My hubby says I'm obsessed. Maybe he is right :thumbup:
  10. bellaisgreat

    New and Nervous!

    I have a surgery date!!!! I:eek:ts May 6th!:drool: AHHHHH i swear i almost fell out of my chair when the nurse said May 6th! My pre-op diet starts May 1st!! but i was thinking of starting it on April 29th... just so that I can get a head start and if I wanna cheat I can do it the first 3 days (which will technically not be the first 3 days of the mandatory pre-op diet) LOL Oh MyLanta you guys I cant believe Im actually doing this!!! I cant believe Im actually going to take control of my body! For so long food has been my master and my best friend. And believe me I have been loyal!!!! So May 6.... any advise?!?!?!?!?!?!? All is welcome,needed, and appreciated! :smile:
  11. bellaisgreat

    Need Advice Re: Co-workers

    I started to tell sm folks about the surgery and got sm really unwanted 'support'... ' bel- you dont need that all you need to do is go to the gym and eat better ...' :biggrin: :blink:WELL DUH!!!:mad: if it was just that easy dont you think I would have done that ages ago! THE NERVE!! So I decided to keep it to myelf and just told the ppl that had to know... My SR REP and my BOSS. Im sure ill be so excited after the surgery that I will tell the whole company! but for now.. its a hush hush operation. Everything will be on a need to know basis. '.... gym and eat better.' SERIOUSLY! lol
  12. bellaisgreat

    New and Nervous!

    :smile2:im going to see Dr. Snow. he is located across the hall from TR. I just fugured it was more convinient to do it that way and my friend told had her surgery with him as well. :mad: I dont meet him until 4/28. I cant wait though! I wish I could meet him sooner. Im getting nervous just thinking about it. whats the first surgeon visit like... from what i hv heard you meet with the surgeon and they explain more about the surgery. I think i will be able to schedule my surgery that day too!!! I hoping now for mid May!:biggrin: AHHHHH I can hardly contain myself:lol:
  13. bellaisgreat

    New and Nervous!

    so..... It went better than expected! I see my surgeon on the 28th. Im shooting for a surgery date of May 26. Id really like to hv my surgery earlier than that but Id like to get my $$$ situation all good before i hv my surgery. Right now im doing cash and sm care credit. Id like not to do the care credit at all if possible. I do hv a question though... Has anyone ever gone through a place like true results and they told you that you had to have a pysch eval or a sleep test for clearance. What happens if you dont do them? is it up to the center to clear you or is up to the doctor? Im just asking because I was asked to do a psych but a friend of mine told me i didnt hv to do it cause the doc doesnt require it. Im confused... :smile2:

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