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  1. thiklips

    Week 6: 30lbs of weight gone

    Keep your responses short, if the folks aren't idiots they'll get the pic that you don't wanna talk about it and keep it moving. The ones that are idiots just say to those folks, i dont wanna talk about it but thanks. Lol, congrats on the weight loss, it's alot better than mine so be proud of it!!
  2. thiklips

    Not losing weight

    I've been on a stall also. Surgery on 1/10, 18 and lost no weight in February at all. Kept going back and forth from 198, 199, 200, 201, 202. But I've noticed lots of inches going off. I often try on clothes that were too small to gauge myself , the scale isn't friendly sometimes but trying on clothes that you couldn't get on and fitting them will keep you motivated until the scale decides to move again lol.
  3. I am having a good bit of success and it's really early, I had GBP on January 10, 2018. SW 222, CW 199 GW 155ish. I am type 2 diabetic and have stopped taking metformin so thats a blessing. However my weigh stalled all of February. Today I'm starting a strict low carb diet to try to make the scale move again. Just a bit disappointed because I had the notion I'd never have to diet again to lose weight after the surgery. I could be jumping the gun as they say but its such a tease to be right at the door of Onederland only to teeter back and forth from 198, 199, 200 all month long. I must take action now!
  4. thiklips

    Pre-op appointment question

    Surgeons must comply with the insurance companies rules, regs and requirements. If they require you to be at a certain weight prior to surgery or if the surgeon requires it ,then they will postpone your surgery until the requirements are met. I had wls, due to diabetes not weight ,therefore losing weight wasn't a requirement.
  5. Id say by week 2 everything was normal, still some pain here and there in my incision area but nothing pain medication worthy.
  6. We were told No swimming for a full week following surgery. Incisions heal generally in about 2 good weeks but each person's healing will very as I'm sure you realize. I'm 7 days from being 2 months out and feel fully healed.
  7. I'm almost 2 months out and not alot of restriction either. The only time I know when I've eaten too much is after I've eaten too much and the pains come. So you learn how much you can eat and then stop prior to becoming too full. I honestly felt the same way you feel, i thought after surgery I wouldn't be able to eat and initially for about a week I couldn't however seems like I can eat more and more as time goes on.
  8. thiklips

    Gastric Bypass after Lap Band

    I had my lapband done in 2010 and revised on 8/2017 and GBP on 1/10/2018. One surgery doesn't have much to do with the other, other than they're both wls's,. Once the band is removed your stomache pretty much goes back to normal and my surgeon just had me wait a few months for my revision. I honestly had little success with the band, however I honestly felt more restriction with the band than this gastric. But vomiting at every other meal for 7 years was no fun and then sometimes I could eat a hog with no restrictions so needless to say I had to have it removed and try something new. The malabsortion factors are the main reasons for me getting GBP, not so much weight loss. I have diabetes and trying to reverse it. Considering the amount of weight you have to lose, you would most likely have great success. I think my weight loss is slower because I don't have much to loss to be at a normal BMI. I have lost 20 pounds since my preop weight on 12/27/2018.
  9. thiklips

    Sleeve or Bypass with GERD?

    From all info. I've heard both professional and patient info. The sleeve is the worst wls you could possibly have if you already have gerd. So many people get revised to GBP from the sleeve due to gerd! Not sure why a doctor would give you such poor advice.
  10. Thank you so much, and you are correct it is not a race but after having diabetes for over 20 years and trying to stop the damage to my organs, well it kinda is a race. Losing weight is really more about my health than looking slim. I already look slim if truth be told, I'm 5'9 and wear a size 8. Being slim was not why I got the surgery, reversing my diabetes was my reason. I just want to get to a good number so that my sugar levels are as normal as a person without diabetes. I will eat some carbs but I guess when I say strict I really mean cutting out things that I absolutely should not be eating any way. I have low carbed, low cal, fast, you name it and you are correct, too strict only leads to quick loses and quicker gains. So allow me to rephrase that, get on a lower carb regiment to see better weight lose results, lol. Thanks again for your response its greatly appreciated!
  11. thiklips

    Searching [emoji4]

    Hi Brimm, that's VERY thoughtful of you and I'm surprised you haven't any responses! I am an original bandster 2010 but had it removed 8/15/17. Now I'm on this GBP journey. Attended my first support meeting tonight and loved it. You would be good to go to support meetings in your area, people love seeing post ops success and ask many questions. Well I also had my initial bariatric visit today and received my check off list, which only had 5 requirements, my huaband is retired military so no insurance requirements to meet, only medical test for health and safety reasons. I am type 2 diabetic so that's my main reason for the surgery and also never being able to lose those extra pounds that probably keeps my diabetes around. Well enough about me for now but I'd love to be pen pals through my process and beyond!
  12. thiklips

    Gastric Bypass and Diabetes

    Wow this is scary because all doc reports and testimonies are that no more diabetic meds after surgery. I too an only getting it because of type 2 diabetes. But for some weird reason I had my band removed and my a1c has now dropped to 6.5. Of course 5. Is the magic number so I'm working to get there even before surgery. I only take 500 mg of metformin daily and my doc only put me on that because my a1c had creeped to 7.0! Our bodies are weird so hang in there and pray that it goes in reverse. I'm like you, I refuse to go any further down the diabetic rd of meds, in my opinion it's a dead end road!!
  13. thiklips

    Work functions: eating and drinking

    Making a lifestyle change, getting in shape and eating healthier always works, then when they see the weight coming off they will know why. Which isn't a lie! Drinking is always easy because when your trying to lose weight alcohol is unwanted calories that have no benefits. Good luck!
  14. thiklips

    My 600lb life

    I've always watched it even before ever considering GBP, it is informative and definitely shows you what not to do. I find though in my area only 1 out of all the preop's I've met ,only 1 is that size and he's really not 500to600, probably more like 400. So I was glad to see people that was closer to my size getting it, it made me see that people are trying to get it now before they get that size.
  15. thiklips

    Hello Everyone

    @Sosewsue61 Firstly, this person seemed to need a response and I felt pretty bad that no one cared enough to even respond to his post, so I did. Now it's not your place to say whether what I said helped or hurt this person, who died and made you forum boss! I speak the truth from the info. given. People aren't here because people have always been kind to them but I'm a kind person and I'm an honest person and if I can't speak the truth or at least my truth, I say nothing at all. Instead of you criticing my post, Focus your energy on the person in need of a response and deliver some helpful information!
  16. thiklips

    Hello Everyone

    I had this issue when I'deat things I wasn't supposed to eat and with a 40 pound weight gain that's probably your issue as well. The best solution is to change your eating habits back to day 1 if you can and go from there. If you never got in to exercise or physically unable tt hat would also help. Good luck.
  17. All the things you're eating are terrible for a healthy lifestyle after gbs. You're eating pork, bacon etc and wonder why grease is in your throat 🤔🤔that's all pork and bacon is, grease dear! Going to the doctor is only going to be a waste of time and money because you already know what to do and what not to do and you know you're not doing what you're supposed to do so all he's going to tell you is what you already know! Try eating right, (less fatty greasy foods) take your supplements, drink your h2o and then see how you feel.
  18. thiklips

    Rate of weight loss?

    I'm basically having the wls surgery (I'm in the same dlimea as you are that I'm not sure which one) I have co-morbites, I have type 2 diabetes, slightly high cholesterol and hypertension. I weigh 210 standing at 5'9, most people would look at me and laugh about me having any type of wls but it's more about my health concerns and finally getting rid of diabetes to preserve my life. I had the lap band for 7 years and i may have lost 20 pounds over that time period, so needles to say it wasn't as successful as I thought it would be and now I'm hearing that it's not being used much anymore becauseof it's poor results. I had it removed on 8/15/2017. I am going on 9/12/17 to discuss revision. I vomiting sooo much over the years with the band and am afraid of getting the gastric bypass which can not be reversed and the same issues. However I know the best option for making my health concerns go away is the gastric bypass. I did read somewhere that doctors are trying to develop something called bypass the bypass and address people that have more of health issues than weight issues. I still would love to see 160-170 pounds again so wls will be twofold for me.
  19. I just had my band removed (placed in 2010) and my doctors want to convert to gastric bypass but were currently going through ivf. If we weren't doing that the doctors said it would be about a 3 month waiting period for the revision. Were military retired all procedures are free except off. We have tricare.
  20. Im in for 10 that would put me at 217 and make 21 pounds lost since my surgery on march 25th 2010!!!
  21. I was nauseated about a week after but i had used some pain meds and i believe that was the cause of it so i just stayed in bed until the drugs wore off then i felt a lot better.
  22. thiklips

    Problem throwing away food

    Don't worry about the left over food,we were all raised by our parents to clean our plates and that is a life time of habitual over eating not realizing it and we began teaching our kids the same thing. No more!!!! It's better in the trash than on your ...well you know the rest...
  23. ok if i rub over my tummy i feel it because i know its there. i will have to actually press in to feel the hardness. its not very visible and i have a tummy tuck and my tummy is very tight but how it will look after im 50 pounds lighter is anybodies guess but i will keep you posted. if you want i will send you a side pic to your personal email, if that will help you see the difference.
  24. i haven't heard of having that done but the way you say it sounds painful..lol..but i would guess if your going to keep it in forever you may need it to stay in an easy access place. i love working out and being active, my main reason for getting the band was to get a quick handle on my comorbides that were damaging my organs and get healthy. therefore i am confident that over time i will no longer need this intrusion in my body and especially if it is going to be pretruding out of my otherwise flat tummy....at ardelia, you can probably google ports and see some pics,however are you sure you want this procedure done because you seem more concerned about the port being intrusive than the value of the whole procedure. usually most people are so happy to get rid of the weight they don't even care..
  25. Thank you, yes it feels great,im just as exciting about my improving health as the weight loss because that is the most important thing really. Plus as time goes on if it becomes to intrusive i will have it removed.because i feel with renewed knowledge of eating i will be able to control my weight on my own at some point.

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