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  1. Darnit has this place changed!! Wow!!

  2. I'm soooo glad you updated!! Been missing you and hoping things were going better! You've lost 9lbs more then me!! LOL I keep popping it back on :P..hugss and chat you soon!


  3. Real good! I haven't lost anything either :( My doc won't give me another fill. I have to wait until Aug. to see if he will then. I've been having a bit of trouble this month w/getting stuck and all that happy icky stuff. Dunno what that means, but I don't think it's the sweet spot cuz I still get the munchies at odd times. Thanx for writing back!


  4. Hey hun!! Hope things are well! Big hugs!


  5. Hope you're doing well!!


  6. Just checking in!! Hope you're well and happy!

    Hugs! Tina

  7. Doesn't hurt to get another opinion. I would if things just aren't going right with this surgeon. Hugs to ya and keep your spirits up!

  8. Hey girl!! Hope you're well! Thinking of you!


  9. Hi!! Hope you're doing well. Thinking of you!


  10. Hi Bubba! Hope you're doing well and things are smoothing out the best they can right now! Thinking of you, hugss!

  11. Hey Sammy! Checking to see how your appointment went on Monday! Hope it went well and got some answers from Doctor! Hugs

  12. Ohhh...yeah let me know!! I mean if you have to go for another type of surgery by all means!! Whatever you need to be better!! When I started this last summer, I said I wanted Banding first (because it's reversable and less invasive) but will do RNY if needed to be healthy! Now that I know more about the Gastric Sleeve I may choose that if needed! So you go for it Hun!! Find out all your options from here on out!! Hugsss!

  13. Big hugs!! I've had that same feeling about things in the past and for better or worse I got through it! I know you will too! I'm waiting for fill #3, but that won't be until July 12...in the mean time Special K Protein Bars are my best friend!! I've got them everywhere: my purse, at work, at home and in the car!! (although they kinda get icky and melted in the car :P) I'm still struggling with the exercise increase ...meaning I don't wanna do it!! LOL

  14. Just read your last blog...:crying:sorry you've had a crummy week! Hugs and thinking of you!


  15. Hey Bama!! Just checking in with ya to see how you're doing?? Hope things are good!


  16. Thank you hun! You keep on hanging in there! It'll all work out one way or the other!

  17. Sure Bama!! Go ahead!! We could all use that extra shoulder to lean on!!


  18. Hi Sammy! Just a note to say that we are all still thinking of you and hoping that you are alright. Give us a nod to let us know you're ok!! Good thoughts to you!!


  19. How you doing, Bubba? I've been feeling the Bandster Hell the last week or so. Back on my blood pressure/water pills. :( I think I'm more hungry now then before my fill. Could be just the water bloat (I hope). Can't wait until my 2nd fill in June!! Hope you're well! Chat ya soon! Tina

  20. Awsome blog!! And YAY YOU!!! I feel the same way, I didn't put it on overnight so I'm willing to wait. It's a fabulous feeling that the scale isn't going up right now and clothes feel great albeit baggy!! LOL I still refuse to go and buy new stuff right now tho!! :tongue2: I may have to give in and get new scrubs for work...don't need my pants slipping off while running to the emergency room!! LOL The boyfriend keeps saying he's going to buy me rainbow colored suspenders to keep the pants up!!:rolleyes2:

  21. Thankyouthankyou!! I'm really happy! How's things going with you? I haven't seen anyone on here in awhile, so I've been wondering.

  22. Welcome to my profile!!!

  23. Just checking in with you! Hope you're doing well! When you get a chance pop us a line just so we know how things are!! Hugs and thinking of you!

  24. Hi Sammy! Hoping this note is finding you much better and things are well!! Thinking of you!


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