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  1. Happy 42nd Birthday NEWME2011!

  2. Happy 41st Birthday NEWME2011!

  3. Hey All, it's been a while since I have posted anything so here's a little update. I was banded 4/19/10 by Dr. Curry in Cincinnati, Ohio. Everything is good, I'm down about 22 pounds but that could be more, but I'm having a small carb problem. :tongue2: I had my first fill 5/19/10 it was all good, didn't feel a thing. Now this week, all of a sudden I have a mouth full of saliva and I feel like I could puke any second. I keep drinking, eating mints, chewing gum something to get this to subside. I have read the plethora of posts on saliva but I don't think this is the sliming thing everybody talks about. I can eat no problem but I don't know how much longer I can keep this swallowing spit thing up. It is absolutely disgusting! HELP!
  4. I just took the plunge on the 19th. All I can say is be ready. Be ready to be hungry, irritable, frustrated, nauseated, tired from no sleep, in pain, and did I mention hungry? But after all that, I still believe it is worth it and I look forward to re-reading all my posts next year and giggling to myself. :thumbup: I just keep telling myself everyday for example today I said, "This is my very last April 26th shopping in the plus size section. Every April 26th after this one will be better." And that seems to help me. Good luck to all of you and I wish you the best. Keep us all posted! This website is a Godsend seriously.
  5. Hey Everybody! Just wanted to vent a little bit if you guys' don't mind. Thanks a lot... So I was banded on April 19th at 10:30am at the Journeylite Center in Cincinnati, OH by Dr. Curry. I had a huge hernia apparently, so my surgery took a little longer than expected. Of course, I have the gas pain and soreness and hunger, but more importantly, I am having trouble getting passed the mental relationship I have with food. For instance, my husband baked cookies for the kids last night and I was pouting like a little kid because I couldn't have a damn cookie! I mean I was seriously angry, so I went up to our bedroom and stayed there the rest of the night. How pathetic? I just wish that little switch in my head could be turned off so this whole thing isn't done in vain. I have had no vomiting or anything, so I have been able to keep down the mushies I'm on right now. I've eaten scrambled eggs, cream of wheat, refried beans, peanut butter, protein shakes of course, and I have eaten some Wheatables, I have an issue with carbs.:biggrin: I guess I just have to get passed this initial period and think about the goal at hand. Once again, thanks for listening. Have a great Saturday!
  6. Hey Karlzmom and Jalivia! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys, but today is actually the best day I have felt all week. So okay, the surgery was Monday and of course that was hell and Tuesday wasnt great either. But I have actually been doing okay, no vomiting at all, just soreness around the bellybutton area. I have stuck to the mushy diet, I've tried all kinds of things, scrambled eggs, refried beans, peanut butter, cream of wheat, and protein shakes of course. I have even eaten some Wheatables. We took the kids out for ice cream and I had strawberry sorbet but I wanted a turtle sundae! How you feeling Karlzmom?

  7. your are not alone in the sore department! this is rough!! I've done the baby thing, and a hysterectomy..nothing like this LOL! Just trying to stay comfortable, walk a bit and rest....really bored of liquids....but can't even imagine trying to get anything else down. hang in there!

  8. Hey Karlzmom, I'm just able to really get on the computer after Mondays ordeal. How u holding up? I am so incredibly sore! I was up and moving around more after having a baby! I just can't believe this.

  9. Good luck tomorrow! I wish you a safe surgery and a speedy recovery!

  10. Howdy! Are you gearing up for Monday? What time is your surgery? Any last minute jitters? Best of luck!

  11. NEWME2011

    April Bandster Bunnies

    Hello Rubie! I'm glad to hear you are doing relatively well. Seems like walking is the key after surgery. I'll have to remember that next week. I was wondering if the doctor mentioned anything to you about your liver? I recall you saying that you didn't do very well on the pre-op.
  12. Sounds good! I am so excited that my Unjury protein should be delivered today. I never imagined I would be so anxious to receive something in the mail. I must've really been thinking about it alot because I dreamed I was drinking all these shakes just one after another! LOL!

  13. We are all here to learn and support each other! I sent you a friend request, so we can easily keep up with eachothers progress. There are at least two others with our surgery date, so you'll have lots of company to be able to relate in the next couple of weeks. :-)

  14. NEWME2011

    April Bandster Bunnies

    I'm sorry, MsLady. I didn't mean to make you lose your focus, but I felt so bad for not staying on the plan. After reading everyone talk about how they didn't cheat, never thought about it, blah, blah, blah.... I got to thinking if you have so much willpower why are you getting surgery? So I thought I'd confess so those of us out here really having a hard time adjusting wouldn't feel so horrible about it. But please, if you get any ideas on how to make it easier, please pass them along.
  15. NEWME2011

    April Bandster Bunnies

    Hello Everybody! I'm still trying to figure out this forum thing. My surgery is scheduled for Monday, April 19th. I am currently on my Medifast Pre-op diet. I wanted to confess to everyone that I have CHEATED! :thumbup: There I said it. I could not believe how weak I was over the weekend. I was so irritable and in such a pissy mood, all because I couldn't eat what I wanted. Sounds so silly, doesn't it? It just proved to me how much food has taken over my life. It's ridiculous. So I caved. But....reading everyone's posts has re-ignited a fire under my tail and there will be no more of that. I just had to tell it to someone who would understand, not any of these skinny minis at work that will look at you like you were a leper because you couldn't walk away from french fry. Thanks for listening, Guys! Enjoy the rest of your Monday.