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  1. Dblex

    14 CC Bandsters

    Im at 11.5cc and finally at my sweet spot. Feeling full for a while and eating about a cup of food and feel full.......
  2. 10.3 here in a 14CC, finally feeling full for a longtime now after eating, portions have reduced, but I think its one more fill for me and Im there! Eating about 1.5 to 1.75 cups to get full, so Im looking for that magic number! Whats going to get me to a 1/2 cup. Definately a learning process, but a good one. Maybe another .3 fill? dunno....But Im almost there!
  3. Dblex

    Severe Leg Pains

    Need to have this looked at and tell your dr. I just had a circulation study done because I had similiar pain after a heavy charly horse. My calcium was down and Creatinine was up, way above normal...so everyone will be different. But I would get this looked at.
  4. The only problem you need to realize is that if your using an insurance to pay for it, they may have limitations on Lapro procedures. I know my insurance allowed only one procedure, so if I didnt follow my diet and the liver was too fatty, and they couldnt safely move the liver during surgery, then that was it. So, it is important....
  5. your a fellow Texan! Awesome! Im in Corpus!
  6. You know you got stuck! FLEM Fest 2010 for July 4th weekend!! POST YOUR STORY's!
  7. Banded May 5th and have lost 47 so far. 32 was preop though... I stay in touch with a few May 5th bandsters, if ya wanna join, lemme know!~
  8. Mine is below port about 6 inches...Dr told me it is most likely scar tissue
  9. I understand the diet process, trust me. but you will notice I have just been filled and I am back to following Dr's Orders of 36 hours of liquids, then mushies, then back to normal dieting. This was a question on qty consumption and the mushie process.... thanks for your awnser though
  10. Ok, had my first fill and I have 5cc in my band. But please help me understand.... Do mushies pass through the band? If not, then how big is the pouch prior to the green zone? I find that I can eat about a cup of cottage cheese and a cup of refried fat free Beans and Im full finally.... It just seems too easy to eat that much.... So is it passing through? or sitting in my pouch?
  11. Oh I know your there now buddy..... Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the Water.... BAM! Toasted whole wheat with lemon pepper tuna...stuck and slowly passed after a drink.... Felt it slowly lube up and pass on through with the liquids..... I am 31 days post op and testing the waters now....and it just didnt work for me today...... ME----- 0 BAND-- 1 Note to self, toasted bread is a challenge. (for me) Oh yeah, the pain....the scared thought of tightness and well.....I just dont want that to happen again. Didnt throw up....so does that count for 1/2 point? LOL
  12. Dblex

    Isopure Protein Drink

    Yep, just shake it! :tongue2:
  13. Dblex

    What to eat for mushy stage?

  14. Holy cow! you have to be kidding me! Took a bite of my sons Jello pudding from his lunchable.... Been sugar free for so long that I almost spit out the pudding it was so sweet!!! DANG YOU EATING RIGHT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??!?!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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