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    Week 10 Post Op

    I’m 5 weeks post op from lap band conversion to gastric bypass and my hunger has already returned. I wish it hadn’t. I can eat without problems. I haven’t had any dumping problems. Is it weird that I wished I had dumping so it might deter me from eating. I’m good with my portions but I feel like I get hungry too soon. I get my water, protein and vitamins like I’m supposed to. Just thought I’d have more problems with eating. Maybe because my stomach wasn’t a virgin stomach. I had the lap band for 11 years. Who knows.
  2. Warning: TMI. Hi all. I had my gastric bypass on 10/6 so I am 16 days post op. I am having diarrhea to the point of incontinence and have resorted to wearing a pad to prevent any accidents. I’m so mortified. My diet has advanced to soft foods like scrambled eggs, yogurts cottage cheeses, etc. My surgeon is very liberal on advancing the post op diet. I don’t have dumping because it happens at random times. This is completely new for me. Before the surgery I had just the opposite issue and dealt with constipation occasionally. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thankfully my diarrhea has ended!!! It lasted another 5 days. I think once I transitioned to mostly solid foods that made the difference. Sooooo happy about that!!
  4. Yes. I agree. I pray it isn’t long term. Thanks for your support! Best wishes to you as well.
  5. I pray it’s temporary. I started taking lactase when I eat dairy because of the potential lactose intolerance. But still no change. My surgeon tested me for c-diff and it was negative. I would definitely prefer constipation then what aim dealing with. Today was my first day back at work and I felt like I lived in the bathroom. I even took an Imodium. Ugh
  6. I saw the nurse at my surgeon’s office. It definitely is an allergic reaction. I’ve peeled off a lot of the adhesive surrounding the incision but will try to remove the stuff that’s on the forming “scab”. She said to try that in the shower. I’m just worried I’ll pull the scab off and the incision will open. Ugh.
  7. Thanks!! I hope it’s just that. I took Benadryl at bedtime last night and it definitely helped the itching but the redness is still there. I’m going to call my surgeon this morning just to be safe because of course it’s Friday and don’t want to have to go to the ED on the weekend if the redness gets worse.
  8. I have the same clear film over my incisions. Just last night they started itching. I rubbed my belly gently allllll night (didnt scratch but definitely rubbed a lot). I woke up and out of the blue every one of my incisions had a reddened area around them like infection. I took an antihistamine and it helped dull the itch but I can’t decide if I’m having an allergic reaction to the clear stuff or an infection? I’m 8 days post op. Pain has improved immensely since surgery. How long did your itching last? Did you have any redness?
  9. I actually bought a few bariatric books when making my decision. I’m reading Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies right now. Losing weight and keeping it off is definitely in our head. The surgery is only a tool. If we don’t follow the expected guidelines that come with the surgery then we set ourselves up for failure. Those books are perfect to help us on our journey to become healthier. Thank you.
  10. Hi. I have had a lap band for 11 and half years. I lost around 100 lbs with it but it turned me into a bulimic because I could eat whatever I wanted and just "regurgitate" it back up. It was a bad cycle to be in, but it kept my weight off. Finally last year I went to my bariatric surgeon and confessed up. He did some tests and realized my esophagus was "floppy" and dilated. He did a complete unfill of my band at the time. I was able to maintain my original weight loss on the keto diet, but after 10 months I fell off the keto wagon and the weight QUICKLY returned. I gained around 50 lbs in 4 months!! I went back to my surgeon a year later and we have decided to remove my lap band and switch to the gastric bypass. He is not a fan of the lap band surgery anymore and is not recommending them to his patients. I have my surgery next week on October 6th. I am nervous because I am 52 now and postmenopausal. Im definitely not as active as I was when I first had my lap band surgery almost 12 years ago. How many people on this forum have had the lap band to bypass? How was their weight loss compared to the first surgery? What differences do you notice with restriction? Anyone having the surgery soon? or recently? Thanks in advance!

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