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  1. spirit4@rochester.rr.com

    Looking for May 12th band buddy

    Good Morning Angie, How did things go? I am finally back to the computer. It has been less than a month and I am down 30 lbs. I was in the hospital 3 days. Woke up with Vertigo so for a week and 1/2 I took meds that made me sleep A LOT. Slow and steady...been trying to overcome the blues. I have cried more in a month then I have in years. I am getting back to work bit by bit. Have made lots of changes but I still feel like I am doing this alone. I am hoping to find a lap band buddy I can walk and talk with. Someone who understands how hard and challanging this whole experience is. Underneath the blues....I am happy?? And excited to feel better each day. Hope you are well. ~Robin
  2. Hello There,

    I did well. Yes I stayed in that room and was treated GREAT. I was there 3 days. Had vertigo from the meds? Everytime I moved I got pretty sick for about a week. The meds for this made me sleep a lot. I am having the blues. Cry daily. And I have been trying to do this alone. And that part is hard. In less than a month down 30 lbs. Slow and steady. Worried about the fill part. Does it hurt? I am so tender where the port is. It hurts to even touch it. Still can't sleep on my stomach and on my side it pulls that area 0 ; However, I did manage to take a NICE BUBBLE bath yesterday! That felt more....back to normal. I tried to get right back to work. But was so tired I couldn't. Walking more now. So day by day....

    I wish I had someone to walk with and talk with about this. Maybe it would help.

  3. Hi Mitilda,

    I am in Rochester NY at Rochester General Hospital. Blood sugars are finally leveling out. I stopped all diabetes meds and insullin. Felt much better once I did. What's up with all the horror stories? I think people want to scare me from doing it? :unsure:A friend called today to tell me of someone I know that almost died from laproscopic surgery when they cut/hit her liver. I just about hung up on her! Not a buddy I will count on for support.:thumbdown: Clean out is Sun 2:00 PM and hospital check in is Mon 5:30 AM. Planning on a nice bubble bath to relax me for Mother's Day. Have a good one! ~Robin:smile2:

  4. spirit4@rochester.rr.com

    Type 1 Diabetes??

    Help! I have stopped my pills and cut my Lantus in half because I keep having low blood sugars on pre-op liquid fast. Last night I needed to take to gloucose tabs to bring me up to at least 100. Is this something you have experienced? :thumbup: I called my Dr's office and no one returned my call! Thanks! ~Robin
  5. Hello Matilda,

    So my surgery is Mon May 10th. I am excited, scared and just realized I am registered here for support, maybe it was time to use it! Seems you doing well. Any tips to share? I am getting my bag packed, and getting things ready for after hospital stay. I am having trouble with my blood sugars, stopped meds, cut insullin in half and still crashing! Akins shakes 3 times a day pre-op is causing it to all go haywire! Trying to keep working around the hunger is rough. But 1 step at a time. Keeping my mind busy helps. Happy Friday! ~Robin

  6. spirit4@rochester.rr.com

    Looking for May 12th band buddy

    Hello There. My name is Robin. I am having my lap band put in on Mon May 10th. I am on the liquid fast now. Really hard but I am doing ok. :thumbup: I am new to this whole chat stuff. So you are my first buddy! I really should have started this search ealier. But better late than never...right? lol So I guess I ask if you would like to be on my team? I would be happy to return the favor! I am scared, excited and HUNGRY all at once. :thumbup: Trying to sort out my feelings one minute at a time. I am past the point of changing my mind. Deep breath, my head up, eyes straight ahead. We can do this!! Making plans for when I return home and stuff. Let me know if you are interested! ~Robin
  7. Hello! I am new at this. Trying to find my way thru this site.

  8. spirit4@rochester.rr.com

    New here and more....

    Hello I am Robin. I finally got my insurance approval last Friday. Found out today my surgery date is set for Mon April 12. I am excited and wasn't a bit nervous until I opened that letter :thumbup: Now I guess I need to find others out there who are "walking their talk" and doing it with grace. That is what we all need from each other right? So I am looking for some friendly words of advice, shake tips and overall strength and survival techniques! Yes, I am feeling a bit of a lump in my throat. But I am so ready to begin the journey of finding ME again....

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