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  1. my day off lots o shyt got done now time to chillax...lol

  2. worked from 8am-9pm....i hate satudays...always my long day...BUTT NEXT 3DAYS OFF...YEAAAA:)

  3. wasnt very well behaved today...ate to much sweets...lol...o well im only human...:)

  4. i had my 1yr app. ... and it went GREAT!!!doc said i am way ahead of schedule and he asked me to speak at his patients teching patients seminar...FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE I AM ACTUALY PROUD OF MYSELF AND I LOOK GOOD DOING IT...LMFAO

  5. my 1yr app. comin up on the 9...wish me luck...only 13lbs from my goal...not bad for 1yr out...lol

  6. hey ty u for the posting...things sure do change fast w this band...lol... :)

  7. ty u for the posting...things sure do change quick...lol ;0


  9. HELP?!?....Since the site change i cant find my pics or upload any???...HELP?!?

  10. Hey grl jsut got ur friend request....and of course i accepted...by the wayy u ook phat....now keep that straight grl i didnt say fat i said phat....lmao....hope to hear from ya soon....

  11. Hey girl if u ever log in again get a hold of me.....so how have u been "swagger girl"i am doin pretty good w everything i am now 7 months out and down 97lbs i hope to hear from u soon honey...:)

  12. hey grl how the hell r u?I went today for my first fill,it went well.Well kinda,dr.hill had trouble finding the wall of my port.But thank god in the end he found it!!!So how the hell have u ben lately?I hope everything is going well for u.And i hope to hear from u soon!Plus u ned to log on more often...lol....byyyyy swagger girl

  13. Heres a shout out to those who know me and know me well....And to those who dont can go to hell.....

  14. hey swagger girl how u doin today.Wat movie did yall go to c yesterday?I am so tired of the liquid diet!!!Last nite i decided that i was gonna find something i can eat that has a lil substance to it.So i had some cream o mushr soup and i was scared to eat it but it was so dam good and it actualy went down eaiser than the water or shakes do.Well i hope to hear from you tonight in the lb chat room