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  1. susujohnson

    I actually did it!!

    Congrats April! I was banded on 4-15-10 and I have lost 14 pounds. I am feeling the same way you are....oh so happy and can't wait for more weight to come off. Did you travel to Mexico for your surgery? I did and was very happy with my decision. TTYL, Susan
  2. Hi all, I am traveling to TJ, Mexico to have my band placed. I am a self pay and could not justify paying 17,000 for the band here in Seattle. So off to Mexico I go. Any hints on things I should take with me? Is there anyone out there that lives in the Seattle area that would like to chat? Thanks:rolleyes2:
  3. susujohnson

    First day post op banding

    Thanks for your help Ladies. I have been sticking to my Dr.'s post op diet of clear liquids. I am not feeling any restrictions either, but I am sure that will change when I start on mushies and solids. I a little scared, but yet excited also. Keep me posted on your progress.
  4. susujohnson

    First day post op banding

    Hi Ladies, I was banded on 4-15-10 and am on liquids. I am able to drink at least 4-5 oz slowly at a time. I have yet to feel restricted. I had my sugery in Mexico, because I am a self pay. So, I am not sure that the post op instructions are the best. It says that I am to be on Clear Liquids for the first two weeks and weeks 3-4 move to pureed foods. Then moving to soft foods for weeks 5 and on. Does this sound correct? I have researched some online and have noticed that some people start mushies after day 5. ??????help, I am not sure what to do. Right now, I am sticking with the liquids. Congrats to everyone!:smile:
  5. Thanks for your reply. I was banded on 4-15-10 and doing quite well. I am having some gas pain in my left shoulder, but otherwise really good. TJ was great. I felt very taken care of as well. I am wondering if I can have yougurt this soon. My post op instructions say not until the third week, but I have reached online a little and have found different. Do you know? Thanks
  6. Hi, I am pretty new here. I am super excited, but a little scared too. My surgery date is 4-15-2010 and I will be traveling to TJ for y surgery. I do not have insurance coverage for the procedure, so I have decided to go to TJ and self pay. I am looking for people in my area for support or people here online to swap stories. I live in Washington state, not too far from Seattle. Wish me luck!
  7. susujohnson

    Surgery date in Mexico is 4-15-2010

    Thanks for your message. I am glad things went well for you. I also work 12 hour days and plan to go back to work 4 days after being banded. I am with you as far as keeping it a secret. My husband knows and a few friends. I am sure I will tell more people later, but not right now. If you would like to email each other with our progress my email address is: susujohnson@hotmail.com. Congrats to you.
  8. susujohnson

    Surgery date in Mexico is 4-15-2010

    No, I am not worried at all. There is a place that will take care of me here in Wa about 10 minutes from my house. I have made sure of this.
  9. susujohnson

    1yearlater 1 1

    Wow, what a change! You look great. Thanks for the help today.
  10. susujohnson

    136 lbs Lost 5 lbs From Goal!

    Wow, you look so great. I am having the band placed April 15th. I am so excited, but yet so nervous. Any helpful hints?

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