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  1. Seriously....I'm 43 years old and they now decide they need to remove my tonsils! Band doctor's nurse said no, they wouldn't need to remove fill. Tonsil doctor didn't feel comfortable after talking to anesthesiologist so they called and spoke to Band doctor and he said absolutely have to remove fill and his nurse shouldn't have said that. I understand it is for my own safety and understand why. Said he would put fill back in after the surgery, as soon as possible. Anyone know how long it should be before I get fill back in and do they have to do it 1 cc at a time like originally? I'm kind of disappointed as I just hit 95 pound loss. It's not like I am getting an unfill and going crazy eating things because really....having tonsils removed is going to be liquids for two weeks. Just curious if anyone knows. Thanks for any advise.
  2. I have fairly long hair and have always shed but ever since the surgery I have noticed it getting worse. When I am washing my hair, I pull a handful, when I am blowing dry I pull out another handful. Throughout the day I can run my fingers through and it does the same thing. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?
  3. breesue

    food stuck what do do? Help!

    Burp.. Try and make yourself burp and usually it makes me gag and it comes right out. Do not drink any liquid, that will NOT make it better, only worse.
  4. Not sure if anyone had seen this website before but thought I would share. Seems to be some good recipes on there I would like to try but also don't need to be a professional chef. Let me know if you try any of the recipes and your feedback. Or share any links/recipes you might have. BariatricEating.com Health & Nutrition - Bariatric Recipes
  5. Okay, I have seen others mention the "slime" effect. In the morning I have the hardest time getting anything down. I have to go spit up usually about 2 times while trying to get things such as yogurt down and all it is is what I call "slime". Once I get that up I am able to get down what I am eating. Any reason what that is from? It's not just Breakfast, it's when I eat any meal. This didn't start until I got my 2nd fill on 5/27.... I am at 4.1 now. Thanks for any comments!
  6. breesue

    Day 1!!!

    I was banded this week as well (Monday). I keep telling myself that is not hunger pains, it's gas moving around! haha I have been doing broth, Jello, popsicles.... nothing more exciting than you are having! Hang in there...it gets better every day!
  7. I had my surgery this past Monday (3/29) day after my birthday! I had surgery at 7:30am and was home by 3pm. I have rested in a recliner laying on a heating pad. They say it helps the gas pains. I have been walking all around the house. Tomorrow I am going to walk around outside with my husband's help. I am still eating broth and getting a few sips of my Protein shake down. I was planning on going back to work tomorrow but they said to relax rest of week and work from home on my laptop. Yay! Glad to hear everyone's doing good. I did gain from the surgery but I see it coming off in the past 2 days....
  8. My insurance improved my surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago and I went to Dr. for pre-op visit a week and half ago and they are suppose to call me Monday with my surgery date. They had me start my pre-op diet week and half ago at pre-op visit. They are projecting a surgery date the week of 3/15 or 3/22 so that is essentially 4 weeks on the pre-op diet and I have to tell you I thought at first I wouldn't be able to do this for four weeks!!! Tell me you had success on the pre-op diet and it was worth it. And tell me if you cheated during the pre-op... Encouragement please :cursing:

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