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  1. I just down loaded it....THANKS!! :smile2:
  2. Does anyone know what a B-12 nasal spray is for? My surgeon gave me a prescription for it, but I forgot what it is for. Thanks!
  3. sophieownsme

    B-12 nasal spray

    R E A L L Y ? :devil_smile: No one can help me out????
  4. sophieownsme

    Surgery tomorrow

    Good Luck ~ you'll be fine! The first week is tough, but it does get better! What bad press have you read?
  5. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 20 (6/10)-Day 22 (6/12)

    Hi Maggs! Good luck with being banded....I'm sure you'll do great! I was worried about flying, too. My Doc said unless you get lot's of fills and are 'tight', flying wont be a problem. I had absolutely no problems at all! Keep me posted on how you're doing!
  6. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 20 (6/10)-Day 22 (6/12)

    Well, we made it to Minneapolis....absolutely no problems with my band and flying. Normally in the past, eating was always a big part of our vacations. So, it's been difficult trying to figure out what I can eat. I brought everything I need to make my protein shakes and I've been having one everyday. Last night we went to Brit Pub and my husband and I ordered a 3 piece fish and chips and a side of mashed potatoes. I had one piece of cod (batter removed) and some mashed potatoes. I caught myself starting to eat too fast, and had to keep remind myself to slow down. Old habits are hard to break. This process is really harder mentally than physically. How do you change 30 plus years of eating habits over night? One day at a time...one vacation at a time. Everyday is a learning experience.
  7. sophieownsme

    Day 3 post op

    I'm glad you are feel so good! At day 3 I still had lots of gas pain! I totally hear you on the not accepting having had the surgery...I felt, and still do the same way. I'm 3 weeks post-op and I still haven't been able to bring myself to physically feel my port...it would just freak me out! Good luck to you!
  8. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 19 (6/9)

    Is so proud of myself....not a single lick! I'm a baker....custom cakes & cookies. I haven't accepted any order for the past month...I didn't want any distractions (diet wise) and didn't want any commitments in case I wasn't feeling well. Well, last week I got a call for a custom cake and I (in a weak moment) accepted it. It's due tomorrow and I made and finished it today....and not a single lick of icing! Again, I did well on my protein intake. I tried the Strawberry protein mix...not my favorite...I'll stick to the chocolate! Another busy day tomorrow....packing to go to Minneapolis for a week .... first flight with the band....I'm a bit nervous about it! :eek:
  9. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 18 (6/8)

    What a difference a day makes! Had a busy, busy day....but I kept it together! And I'm so happy to say I got all 70 grams of protein in today!! Woo-hoo!! Today was also the first day in a month that I actually made dinner...you know, a proper dinner for my husband and myself. Before today, I would just eat when ever I was hungry/able to and would either have a protein shake or soup. And my poor, supportive husband would fend for himself. Well, not today! I baked some sole and baked pureed broccoli ....it was fantastic! It's great that things are getting back to 'normal'! I bought a new flavor of protein mix ~ Strawberry! I'll give my review tomorrow. Another busy day tomorrow....Goodnight!
  10. Hi Ranger! I hope you are starting to feel better......The first few days are definitely the worse! It will get better (I'm 18 days post-op). I saw that you are from the central valley...I'm from Fresno (although I currently live in Palm Desert). Who was your surgeon?

  11. Just wondering how all of you May bandsters are doing? Please post an update on how you're progressing or any concerns!
  12. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 17 (6/7)

    Tomorrow is a new day...right? Gee, I sure hope so! Let's see, where do I begin? I have a horrible cold, woke up at 4:30 am and realized the electricity was out. Now, maybe to most people this would not be a big deal. But, I live in the desert....they high today was 110 degrees...and the power didn't come back on until 11 o'clock tonight! No protein shakes today....NONE! No meds....NOPE! :eek: All I ate all day was a s/f pudding and a 1/2 cup of soup. But, tomorrow is a new (better and compliant) day!
  13. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 15 (6/5)

    I have to say, this journey is getting better each day. The first week out, I was having a little 'buyers remorse' and didn't ever think I would feel 'good' again.....I was wrong.:thumbup: We had mexican food for lunch...I had refried beans with a little cheese a side of guacamole and some enchilada sauce....delish! This is the first time in a month I had mexican food. We had a pot luck at my Mom & Dad's...I had some home made mac & cheese (blended)...again, it tasted divine! o.k., enough with the food! I'm able to sleep on both my sides with very little to no pain at all! I think this week I will try to sleep on my tummy again....we'll see how that goes.
  14. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 15 (6/5)

    Thanks for the advice blossoming. After being on liquids only for the past 4 weeks....I guess I just got a little too excited. I just figured that since I'm only eating about 2-3 oz....a little mac and cheese would be o.k. And no, so far no nausea! Could you give me some suggestions as what I should be introducing into my 'new' mushie diet? Thanks
  15. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 16 (6/6)

    well, I have a full blown cold! Not only do I feel like crap, but I had to endure the 5 hour drive home...ugh! I have such a busy week ahead I can't be sick! Still having a problem with the dang protein shakes! With all the medication I have to put in them, they taste horrible. I have nothing else to write. I'm going to take some nitequil and going to bed. Good night!:thumbup:
  16. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 14 (6/4)

    Woo-hoo! 2 weeks post-op! I'm so happy I'm starting to feel like myself again!! I weighed this morning....[drum roll please]....I lost 6 lbs last week, which bring to to a grand total of 24lbs! Yeah me! First (official) day eating mushies! Lunch: We had lunch at Mimi's Cafe and I had some mashed potatoes!! Yummy! But I have to say, I'm really scared to 'over-eat'. I don't know what that feeling will be like, and I definitely don't want to throw up! Dinner: We had dinner at my parents...I had some of my left over mashed potatoes, some pureed lasagna and a little mashed yam! I'm off to bed...I feel like I'm getting a cold!:smile2:
  17. sophieownsme

    Post-Op Day 13 (6/3)

    So tired! Drove 5 hours to attend my nephews high school graduation! O.k. I cheated.... a little....well, more like just a few hours before I should have. I was cleared to start 'mushies' tomorrow, but after such a long drive and sitting through the graduation ceremony, I was starving! My brother had some left over lasagna, so I heated it up and used my hand blender.....it was heaven! So yummy!!
  18. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 12 (6/2)

    I give up on trying to get two protein shakes in....I just can't do it. I really hope my hair doesn't start to fall out! I wonder If they make a protein shot the Doctor can give you? My incisions look like they are finally healing....they are starting to look pretty good. While I was sleeping last night, I tried sleeping on my tummy...ouch! That did not feel good....gee, I really hope in time I can sleep on my stomach. I did a little 'fashion show' tonight for my husband. My clothes are starting to fit loose, and some of the clothes that haven't fit me a long, long time are finally starting to look good on me! It was fantastic.....I can't wait to see which 'old' clothes fit me in a month!
  19. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 12 (6/2)

    Thanks Lucy for the tip! I do have the vials from Walmart....I just haven't tried them yet. I'm only 2 weeks post op....Do you think it's o.k. to try them? And the taste? Is that why you mix in grape juice?
  20. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I too, will be doing 'mushies' starting Friday....AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
  21. I'm glad you are feeling better!:biggrin:
  22. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 11 (6/1)

    I failed....o.k., not really 'failed'. Let's just say I didn't reach my goal of two protein shakes today! I only drank one. But, tomorrow is another day and I will try again!! Starting today, I will keep a food journal and write down everything that goes into my mouth. I'm still wondering when I will be able to sleep on my tummy....gosh how I miss that. I've also endured my first R E A L stress since surgery....our cat was hit by a car. He was really a great cat....I already miss him...my heart is broken, and this time I can't mend it with food. I'm just going to have to 'feel' these feeling for a while. RIP Beckham...I love you!
  23. sophieownsme

    Any May 2010 Bandsters?

    H E L L O! Where are all the May bandsters???? ....post an update on how far out you are and how you are doing!
  24. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 10 (5/31)

    What a weekend! Disneyland was a blast! I really think going to Disneyland 8 days post-op was a good idea. I really felt like I was 'living' again! Well, I'm disappointed to say I didn't even drink a drop of my protein shake today. :frown: But, now that we are back home, and things will settle down a little.....I've made it my goal this week to drink two protein shakes each and every day! I know I will do it.....I will do it!
  25. sophieownsme

    Post-op Day 9 (5/30)

    oh what a difference a day makes! After all the walking I did yesterday....I woke up this morning so sore! Maybe I over did it...just a little! Because I was so sore we decided not to head to Disneyland and instead, relax and take it easy in the hotel room. In the afternoon, we decided to do a bit of shopping at South Coast Plaza in New Port Beach. I had my very first PinkBerry frozen yogurt! Yum!! What a great treat!

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