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  1. I am five months out and fifty pounds down! I feel great, and I think I look pretty good too =p
  2. erh92


    thank you, thank you for all the compliments! I feel great
  3. Hello all, So I am five months post op. Down 50 pounds I feel great! I have literally had zero side effects since surgery date. I didn't even take my pain pills. It was a very easy recovery and a pretty easy lifestyle change. However, a few days ago... I began having issues while/after eating dinner. I will eat very little (like a single bite of chicken or two bites of black beans) and I will all of a sudden get really full from just that bite. It's uncomfortable, and I get what some people have described as the "foamies," although I had never experienced this before. It's weird... I'm not trying to eat any more than usual. I was wondering what could be causing this? Thanks in advance for any responses
  4. What are the symptoms for acid reflux? I think I am having a little bit of a problem with acid and may need to speak with my doctor about it at my post op appointment.
  5. So, last night I had sex for the first time since my surgery. I had a bit of an issue. I was very, very dry down there. I've never had that problem before. I am getting in all of my fluids... but I was wondering if anyone else had that issue? If so, did it get better or did you have to use lubricant?
  6. erh92

    Hungry hungry hungry

    Christy me too! I'm hungry and I can eat a lot. (I mean, it's definitely less than before surgery, but I am not feeling a whole hell of a lot of restriction... definitely not as much as I thought I would). It's frustrating. I'm still losing weight but not near as fast as I expected to. =(
  7. I was wondering if you guys think that my goal to lose thirty pounds in 2.5 months is attainable? I was 257 before my preop diet, 243 the day of surgery (exactly one week ago), and am 230 today. I would LOVE to be under 200 by the time I start college, which is around August 15th... but I don't want to set an unachievable goal.
  8. My surgery is in less than a week, and it still isn't real to me. I am having a hard time grasping how different everything is going to be. Did anyone else go through this?
  9. erh92

    this is tmi... just be warned.

    This has literally been my worst side effect (should probably count myself lucky!) I feel like I am more hydrated than I have ever been in my life. If it persists, I'll ask my doctor about it. Oh, that will be a fun thing to discuss with him =p
  10. erh92

    Update on my sucess!

    Christie... that's too funny! I am actually in a wedding too at the end of July, and I got my dress back in January. I know it's only going to get bigger on me. hahahah
  11. I've never had trouble swallowing pills before. But now, I am having issues. I can swallow other things just fine. I take 150 mg which means I have to take one tablet and a half. I chop my whole tablet in half and then take each of the three pieces separately. It takes me about 20 minutes per piece... I swallow it and then I sit down because I can feel it go down, and it is very painful. Will this get any easier? Any suggestions? I have been swallowing everything else just fine.
  12. erh92

    Bikini waxing

    I have experience with laser hair removal. I had my underarms done a few years ago... I went through 10 treatments (as opposed to the normal five treatments), and I can't notice a difference. It's expensive... but just know, it does not work for everybody!!! The hair never went away and my dermatologist doesn't really have an explanation for it. Maybe because of my PCOS? Oh waxing... I work at Ulta (it's a cosmetics/ fragrance store and salon) and I get waxed there. I get my eyebrows done and my bikini area. It really isn't that bad. The lady who does it is extremely professional. And, I just go ahead and do the whole area rather than just the bikini line. It looks/ feels better to me.
  13. erh92

    April 2010 ~ 311 lbs

    this is a very pretty picture of you two!
  14. Haha, I didn't see your post! Good luck!
  15. erh92

    Surgeons in North Carolina

    I'm pretty sure my surgeon... Ryan Heider in Mooresville, NC has actually performed the most VSGs of any North Carolina bariatric surgeon. That's the biggest reason I chose him. He's fantastic! He is one of the nicest and most down to earth doctors I have ever met. He works out of Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. My experience with him has been great so far! The before care, surgery, and aftercare have all been really wonderful. They also have an excellent nutritionist and nurse that you get to work with along the way. Highly recommend him and the Center for Surgical Weight Loss! Their website is: Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Lake Norman
  16. I know that is an oxymoron... sexy shape wear. But, I was wondering if anybody had found any sort of shape wear that was remotely attractive? It does make you look pretty good with clothes on, but it looks horrible by itself!
  17. I'm from the south, and we love our sweet tea down here! I've been drinking a lot of decaffeinated unsweetened (even before surgery, I always preferred my iced tea to be unsweet) iced tea. It has to be almost as good as water because it has no caffeine and nothing unnatural. If you need more flavor, add truvia to sweeten it and lemon or mint leaves to flavor it.
  18. Can you stretch your pouch early on when you are on full liquids?
  19. I had that exact same feeling when I realized no more eating copious amounts of brooklyn style pepperoni pizza! It's my favorite!!
  20. I am trying to drink 8 ounces in an hour. Does that sound like too much? Im 2 days post op.
  21. Haha, I didn't mean you! My surgeon just told me that age was one of the biggest factors in recovery.
  22. Yeah... I'm thinking about starting exercising tomorrow. I just did not expect it to be this easy (knock on wood). Ouroborous, I'm glad you've had an easy recovery too Hope your woozy feeling goes away!
  23. Thanks! I am so glad I did this why I am still young! I think my age has been the biggest factor in my easy recovery.
  24. Okay, thank you. I am literally in no pain and I just had the surgery a few days ago. I am getting in all of my liquids and the required amounts of protein by my nutritionist (10 grams yesterday, 20 today, 30 tomorrow, and so on). I haven't taken a pain pill since the day after surgery and today I feel pretty amazing. I am having no problem with fluids, and I feel like I should be having a problem because everyone else seems to.
  25. I just drank 10 oz of protein shake in probably thirty minutes!!! That sounds crazy!

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