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  1. Hi everyone, I won't be at the meeting today because I have to fly to Philly tomorrow with a group of teachers and I am not at all ready. To be honest, I am a little freaked out about my first trip away post op and eating all my meals out for 4 days. I am pretty tight after my fill on June 18th, but airplane food and breakfast at the dorms at Temple worry me. I plan on ordering a lot of salad with grilled chicken or steak on top for my dinners and lunches, but any other suggestions would be welcome. I am down 2 pounds from my fill, but need to lose 3 more before July 29. Congrats Ashley! I am hoping to make it to onederland by September. I opted for the lapband before I really knew anything about the sleeve, but in hindsight I probably would have elected to get the sleeve had I known how much work the lapband is. You really have to be dedicated to the band lifestyle and all the medical adjustment appointments are hard living in Sacramento and having to drive to Vacaville or Richmond. The weight is going off though. Just not as quickly as I dreamed it would. I see loose skin on my neck, but am hoping the slower loss will keep the extra skin on my stomach at bay. Have a great "Hot" weekend everyone.
  2. Hi everyone, I know it has been a while since I posted, so I thought I would give everyone an update. I had my second fill on June 18th. I love how Dr. Baggs gives me 5 pound goals between fills. It makes everything seem so doable. Little chunks of weight all add up. I didn't have any restriction until this last fill. Now, I can feel my band and I am lovin' it. I have lost 35 pounds total so far. My surgery was March 22nd. My next fill is July 29th. I have already lost 1.8 of my 5 pound goal. I think the key to my success is that I still go to my weekly Weight Watcher's meeting. I follow the lapband diet, but get support and accountability by continuing my weekly meeting. My WW leader knows about my surgery and has no problem with it. She did some research and helps me stay on track with my special diet needs in mind. It really just makes good nutritional sense anyway and actually there isn't much difference. I just stick to my protein and veggies and restrict my carbs. Water and exercise are my friends. I am happy to know everyone else is doing well. Just stick to the basics, relax and be kind to yourselves. The weight will come off. You are all doing great!
  3. Hi everyone, Hang in there Ali. The first month is the hardest. Congrats Lee. Onederland is only 14 pounds away for me now. I am longing to get there. Congrats on the new house Heather. Painting is a lot of work, but nice when it is all done. Welcome back Tina. Good to hear all is well with you. Chrissy, Ash... not long to wait now. Yahoo! I had my first fill on Friday. Dr. Baggs was great. I got 6cc's in my 10cc band and then was on clear liquids for 48 hours. Unfortunately, I had to take my big 6 hour administrator test on Saturday on clear liquids only. I was light headed around hour 5, but finished thank God. I never want to take that thing again, so I am praying I pass. I am feeling okay now. I can't eat much, but was down 2 pounds today since Friday. Wishing everyone a super week.
  4. Hi everyone, Sorry to be MIA for a while, but all this studying has sucked away my time. Only one week to go before the big test. Pat, congrats on the fill. I am really hoping to get one on Friday because I am struggling now. No significant weight loss for a couple of weeks and I am able to eat far too much. The scale is just inching down and I can't feel my band. Argh...I am upping the protein like Robin said, but I am still hungry all the time. I hate obsessing about food. I knew this would be difficult, but hopefully Dr. Baggs will be sympathetic and give me my first fill. Nicole, glad you made it up there safely. Post some pictures twilight girl. Ali, hang in there with the pain. Getting out really does help and if you are like me the pain just fades away around 12 days or so. I ate a lot of Trader Joe's soups, but found making my own satisfied my need to fuss in the kitchen and they tasted a lot better too. I love to make potato leek soup, but I went easy on the potato and added in asparagus or zucchini. I topped it with Greek yogurt and felt satisfied. Congrats to everyone making progress and getting to goal. I know that if I hang in there, this rough patch will pass.
  5. Ali, glad to hear you are home and that all went well. Hang in there with the pain and don't be afraid to take your meds. Congrats Ash. Time will fly by.
  6. Hi Everyone. Sorry I missed yesterday, but am still in the middle of working on getting my admin credential and class was yesterday. Nicole, best of luck in your new life in Washington. Ali, I was a bundle of nerves before my surgery too. Lots of second thoughts, but I am so glad I went through with it. It is an adjustment, but being thinner and feeling better is so worth it! Post when you are able to so that we know you are okay. Off to the Highland games today. No beer or fish and chips though. I am taking my own snacks. I am a changed girl.. http://www.lapbandtalk.com/images/smilies/modern/laugh.gif
  7. Hi Everyone, I won't be able to make it this Saturday as I have part 2 of my Administrator class to take. Nicole, best of luck in your new venture. Take an umbrella with you! Ali, email me after your surgery. If you need anything holler! Congratulations. Have fun on Saturday everyone!
  8. Ali, I found the chicken broth to be really bland. I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered 2 containers of Wor Wonton Soup broth. It keeps in the fridge pretty well. Much tastier. I also ordered some Miso soup without the tofu from a Japanese restaurant. I ate sugar free popsicles and drank crystal light. Jello seemed to get stuck for me. When I moved onto creamy soups I ate potato leek soup and sugar free chocolate pudding. The pudding is a life saver as you can transport it and it hits the spot. Yogurt barfs me out, but I ate it for the protein. It is really an easier phase than the mushies, so enjoy your two weeks!
  9. I am wondering what the pouch test is exactly. It sounds like whatever it is that it is working for you Tamra. Great job! I am just making steady slow progress down. I wish it would go away faster, but I am only about 15 pounds down since surgery on the 22nd. Slow and steady wins the race right? I am not sure what I expected, but I am still hungry a lot and mushies just aren't very exciting. Oh well, it is still all about what I put into my mouth. I just need to remember that this is a journey and not a sprint. Have a great Sunday everyone!
  10. Hi everyone, Ali is correct in that I wrote to Member Services to request that we get a fill center here in Sacramento. My request was denied. They stated that Vacaville was close enough for Sacramento patients and that they had not had enough patients requesting that service. If more people wrote to ask perhaps that would make a difference. I don't know, but it is worth a try. I have to take a whole day off work to drive to Richmond and a half day off to drive to Vacaville. Just finishing up week 3 post op. I am not feeling much restriction so am keeping my calories way down and praying that I lose enough weight to earn a fill on May 7th. I need to start really exercising again, but have been so tired this first week back to work. I have been walking, but that's about it. This is a lot of work isn't it? Have a good weekend everyone. I will be sitting in class preparing for my administrative principal exam.
  11. Hi everyone, Sorry to be missing in action, but my husband had a scary heart episode over the weekend and that has taken all my energy. Congrats on your date Ali. I am so happy for you. Great work on the weight loss John. I am doing good so far too. I am down 14 pounds since surgery. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it does feel pretty good. Enjoy your week!
  12. Good morning everyone! John, I did have to leave early as just being out for an hour wore me out. I saw you talking privately with someone as I was leaving and didn't want to interrupt to introduce myself. Next time for sure. Mo, I hadn't heard that the band gets tight when you are ill. Good information to know. Hope you feel better soon. Drum roll... I am down 10.6 pounds since surgery on the 22nd. Who knew that not eating had such a direct connection to weight loss??? LOL Obviously not me, but I think I am catching on now. Nicole, I can't feel my port. Do you think Baggs forgot to put one in???? I am sure it will make an appearance soon. So, today I believe I will start with a protein shake and a walk on the treadmill. Maybe only 10 minutes or so, but it will be a start. Have a great day everyone.
  13. Good morning everyone, Pat, things started off way rough today. I had this sore on my wrist and after hearing Nicole's story of the bug bite gone crazy, I decided to go have my doctor look at it. He doesn't think it is a bug bite, but it is definitely infected so I am on these horse sized antibiotics now that I have to cut into tiny pieces and chew up. Blech. He also checked my asthma and sure enough I was at a low oxygen level so back on 2 more meds. Then just to be totally anal, he checked my foot that I hurt last year in Paris and sure enough he thinks he may have misdiagnosed the problem so 3 xrays later I have an appointment with a podiatrist on Thursday. The only good news was that I stepped on the scale there and even with shoes and jeans on I am 8.4 pounds down since last Monday's surgery. So yay for me! I think the horse pills may weigh a pound a piece though so I will have to watch it. I think I will have my hubby build me a fire this afternoon. I may start a good book and take a nap. I am not feeling especially ambitious. Ashley, keep up the low carb good work. All the practice eating low carb will really help you for after your surgery. John, 30 pounds! You shed a toddler! Great work. Have a good afternoon everyone.
  14. It was great seeing everyone yesterday even though I had to go home, take some pain medication and take a long nap. LOL. I am feeling really good today though. Nicole, I tried the pudding and voila... it stayed down and didn't hurt. Yippee!! Thanks for the advice. I will also ease into working out again. I was frustrated with how slow I am getting my strength back. Donna, your "stripping" away the layers was so funny. I remember thinking... why is she wearing such a huge top? And then it made perfect sense. Hope everyone has a great week.
  15. Happy Friday everyone. Feeling a lot better today. I can feel my band and now I understand why Candra calls hers Rambo. The band is a very powerful tool. I am still having trouble taking deep breaths. It catches me by surprise sometimes. Ali, May will be here before you know it and by that time you will be really ready. One thing I have learned from my journey is that you really can't be too prepared for this. It is not an easy solution and definitely not for wimps. You have to be strong and determined to get through the rough patches. Thanks for your offer to drive me tomorrow, but I think I will be okay to drive myself. I want to have my car in case I poop out and need to leave early. I get so tired so quickly these days. Lee, those shrimp you ate have made my mouth water. Good information about Baja Fresh. I probably wouldn't have thought I could eat at Mexican restaurants again. Good to know there are some choices out there. I have chatting with other people online and it is amazing how different all the eating directions are. Some are on a liquid pre op diet for 2 weeks before and then clears 2 weeks after. I guess we are lucky that Kaiser is more lenient with us. Creamy soups are so very yummy right now. Enjoy the sunshine everyone. Weather is supposed to change next week. Wah...

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